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Chapter 5 - Invader[edit]

Part 1[edit]


"Hmm... Mmm..."

...Nibble nibble.


Feeling a numb sensation on his fingertip, Kamito woke up.

"...What's happening?"

Rubbing his sleepy eyes, he lifted the blanket, only to see...

A cat in his bed under the covers.

A flaming hell cat. Claire Rouge's spirit.

It was biting Kamito's finger lightly.

"What are you doing?"

Just as he asked with a frown, the hell cat leaned its body against him in an intimate manner.

Carrying flames of divine power, it felt very warm.

"...Could it be that you're warming my bed?"


The hell cat spirit seemed to be meowing affirmatively. It kept licking Kamito's fingers.


Contracted spirits did not get affectionate with anyone apart from their own contractors.

This common sense knowledge was overturned a second time.

(Other people's contracted spirits are acting affectionately with me huh...)

What kind of person was he before losing his memory—

"...~S-Scarlet, what are you doing!?"

Suddenly, the bathroom door opened and Claire appeared in her uniform.

The hell cat spirit jumped down from bed and frantically ran over.

"...Seriously, Scarlet, you like playing pranks too much."

Rubbing her wet hair, Claire approached.

"...No, the spirit only seemed to be helping to warm me up."


Wavering signs appeared on Claire's face.

"...~Th-That child, when did she start getting so affectionate..."

"Who knows..."

Scratching his head, Kamito took his time getting up.

...Sleeping for who knows how long after that. The morning sun's rays streamed into the room.

"After a night's sleep, is your mind awake now?"

"...I guess."

But the blank in his memories remained.

"Next, there's class. Come along as well, Kamito."


Part 2[edit]

"How do you remember this kind of path?"

"You get used to it very quickly if you walk along it every day."

Her twintails swaying, Claire answered without looking back.

Changed into the Academy's uniform, Kamito was walking in a long hallway following after Claire.

Claire had effortlessly passed through the place where Kamito had gotten lost yesterday.

"Today's class is continental history. Compared to spirit studies, I guess it's a class you're relatively good at."

"Yeah. I have been taught continental history to a certain extent."

The Instructional School's assassins did not need to learn nonessential knowledge.

However, knowledge necessary for infiltration missions were taught after all.

"...That said, the stuff I know are just on the level of common sense."

At this moment, Claire stopped walking and looked back.

"Speaking of which, could you stop using boku as a first person pronoun?"[1]

"...What do you mean?"

"Kamito, you've always been using ore to refer to yourself."

"I see."

"Yeah. It'll be troublesome if other people noticed, so you'd better change it back."

Kamito's memory loss was apparently kept a secret from the Academy's students.

Suddenly changing first person pronouns could raise suspicions in the other students.

"Got it. I'll start using ore to refer to myself."

Despite finding the use of an unfamiliar term of self-address a bit troubling, Kamito still nodded.

After walking a while, they reached a large classroom.

As soon as they opened the door, all the students sitting at their seats looked at Kamito together.

Most of the gazes expressed puzzlement. Signs of curiosity and wariness were also obvious to see.

Among them, there were quite a few enthusiastic gazes mixed in.

"It's Kamito the king of lust." "I heard that he holds blade dance of the night every night." "Is it really true that he calls himself the Sex Elemental Lord?" "Oh no, that's blasphemy to the great elemental lords." "A girl from Fox Class was apparently accosted and asked, allow me to become your contracted sex spirit." "What, that's deplorable!"

Kamito was able to hear these whispers.

(B-Before losing my memory, how much of a fiend was I?)

Suddenly, the lectern was tapped loudly.

"Private talk is not allowed. Kazehaya Kamito and Claire Rouge, hurry and sit down."

As the teacher in the suit gave a shout, the whispering voices gradually subsided.

Together with Claire, Kamito frantically took a seat in the last row.

"She's the homeroom teacher, Freya. A shadow elementalist."

Claire whispered quietly.

"Kamito-san, are you okay already?"

A greeting came from behind. Hearing it, he turned his head back...

Only to see the platinum-blonde young lady whom he had taken hostage yesterday.

...He recalled her name to be Rinslet.

"...Yeah. Uh, sorry about yesterday."

"No, don't mind that, it could not be helped. We are the ones who ought to apologize for chasing you relentlessly."

Rinslet bowed her head deeply and apologized.

Kamito had expected her to be an arrogant and spoilt young lady but she turned out to be surprisingly upfront and gentle.

"Before your memory recovers, we will assist you. Please don't be shy. O-Of course, perverted things excepted!"

"...? Y-Yeah, got it."

Faced with the blushing young lady, Kamito nodded in puzzlement.

"Kamito-sama, what milady meant just now was please do not hold back on asking about adult things."

"Carol, w-what are you talking about!?"


Rinslet hammered her fists on the back of the giggling maid.

...That said, why was there a maid in the classroom in the first place?

"Hold on, you're being too noisy!"

Claire glared back at the two.

"As expected, Rinslet-san has already fallen into his fiendish grasp..."

"Including the maid for a sandwich situation."

The girls' cold stares pierced Kamito.

Part 3[edit]

After the lecture on continental history, Kamito's entourage went for a late breakfast.

"Kamito, does this bore you?"

"No, it's quite interesting although there's a lot that I don't get."

Quite interesting. This was not a lie.

Kamito found things in this area quite refreshing because he had little contact with outside knowledge. Furthermore, Freya's lecture was clear and easy to understand without requiring prerequisite knowledge.

"Perhaps she specially made it easier to understand for your sake, Kamito."

Saying that, Claire halted in a large round hall.

"...Is this place the dining hall? As expected of the high-class ladies' world. Quite luxurious."

The hall contained many wooden chairs and tables. Girls were sitting there chatting amiably. The tables even had baskets filled with bread.

"Kamito-sama, this is not a dining hall but a cafeteria."

Carol informed.

"What's the difference?"

"The dining hall is at another building, it's a formal restaurant. This place only provides all-you-can-eat refreshments such as baked bread and coffee."

While taking a seat at a nearby table, Claire explained.


Kamito was shocked... It was inconceivable that all this tasty looking bread was all-you-can-eat. Unbelievable.

"This is an academy for the children of nobles after all. It's perfectly natural."

Rinslet also sat down next to Carol.

"I like the bread here a lot. This bread here with the jam filling is very delicious."

Saying that, Claire tore a piece of bread in half and handed it to Kamito.

"...This is good!"

"I know right... Yumm♪"

"Yeah. I've never eaten any bread this good at the place where I used to live."

Kamito chewed his bread while speaking.


"...Hmm, what's the matter?"

It felt like the surrounding atmosphere had frozen.

"Ah, yeah... G-Good point..."

"M-M-Mere bread, I could make it every day for you."

"Yes, spoken like a true marriage proposal, milady."

"Carol! Th-That's not right!"

Rinslet screamed, blushing intensely.

Seeing the way Kamito's group acted, girls sitting nearby began to whisper again.

At this moment, abundant cheers could be heard coming from outside the building.

"What's going on?"

"Her Highness the Imperial Princess is getting ready for the gate opening ritual."

"The imperial princess?"

Kamito looked out the window.

On a gentle hill side, a girl was performing a dance. She seemed familiar.

It was the girl who gave him the cookie yesterday.

"Fianna Ray Ordesia. Her Highness the Empire's second princess."

"...Her Highness the princess!?"

Kamito recalled what he had done to the girl yesterday.

Gruffly pushing her down in the corridor, he had intended to take her hostage.

"Uh, will I be sentenced to death—"

"Normally speaking, yes. Oh well, but since it's Fianna, don't worry about it."


Kamito muttered, not entirely convinced.

"The ritual's preparations seem to be going very smoothly."

"What kind of preparations?"

"Preparations for the Gate that the spirits will use for the Great Festival of the Spirits tomorrow."

"...Great Festival of the Spirits?"

Hearing the unfamiliar term, Kamito frowned.

"A day where the entire Academy expresses gratitude to the spirits. Simply stated, it's the school festival."

"Because there's the Blade Dance this year, it was rescheduled."

"School festival..."

For Kamito who grew up in the Instructional School, school festivals were completely foreign as well. On the other hand, bloody celebratory events such as the Festival of the Death Dance and the Festival of Blood Splattering Battles did take place.

"Raven Class is preparing for a cafe imitation shop."

"Well, although it's slightly different from a normal cafe..."

Claire sighed. —At this moment...

"Kamito, so you are here!"

At the hall's entrance, a ponytailed girl was speaking.


Hearing her, Kamito could not help but stand up from his chair.

It was Ellis Fahrengart, the knight's captain who intended to capture Kamito yesterday.

Ellis approached the table where Kamito's group was at.

"...S-Sorry about yesterday."

Unexpectedly, she bowed her head and apologized.

"As the leader of the Sylphid Knights, I had no choice yesterday."

"...Y-Yeah, I got it. I should be the one to say sorry."

Kamito bowed his head as well.

He was the one who escaped after all. She was simply fulfilling her duties.

"Ellis, you came for breakfast too?"

"No, I came to find Kamito."

"...W-What for?"

Claire's eyebrow rose in response.

"Kamito, you are a member of the Sylphid Knights. You have to assist with security for the Great Festival of the Spirits."

"Hold on, Kamito still hasn't recovered his memory."

"It cannot be helped. The Knights are shorthanded as well."

"...~Th-That won't do. Kamito must stay with me—"

"—No, I get it."

Kamito interrupted.


"I want to work as much as possible. Also, I owe her a favor for the trouble I caused yesterday."

"I-I see!" "W-Wait up!"

Ellis's face relaxed while Claire grew frantic.

"Well then, I shall borrow Kamito for now."

Taking Kamito arm in arm, Ellis actively leaned against him.

"H-Hey, your chest is touching me..."

"...~I hate this, Kamito is such a jerk!"

"Captain, that's so unfair!"

The two girls' voices could be heard from behind.

Part 4[edit]

The Academy town was located at the foot of the mountain where Areishia Spirit Academy was located.

At its gates, a pair of strangely dressed people were standing there.

Gray overcoats covering the entire body. Hoods that covered their heads and faces completely.

"—The Empire's premier institution for nurturing elementalists. It's been a long time since I last visited."

"Oh dear, how unexpected."

"After all, we spend most of our time outside the Empire."

The shorter of the pair answered and walked towards the entrance.

"Hold on, Virrey, entering requires proper procedures."

"What a pain. Also—"

"I'd like to test this Academy's security level—"

"Name yourself, visitors—"

Suddenly, the space above the door distorted and a giant metal knight appeared.

Made entirely of steel and clad in armor, carrying a double-edged blade as big as a log.

This was the guardian spirit contracted to the Academy city.

"Hmph, a knight spirit huh. Another straitlaced—"

The girl grumbled with annoyance.

"Warning. Unauthorized persons are prohibited from entering—"

"Shut up."

Instantly, numerous flashes of light were released from under the gray overcoat.

"Oh... Oh... Ohhhh, you... bastard..."

Pierced with many holes all over, the knight spirit left final words of chagrin before vanishing.

This all happened in an instant.

"How could their level be so low? This makes it evident how capable these Sylphid Knights actually are."

"Virrey, come on..."

The other person sighed helplessly.

"Do you think this will cause Kazehaya Kamito to appear?"

"Who knows? He is listed under the Sylphid Knights, but whether he is on duty or not, no idea."

"...Hmm, is there a need to cause an even greater commotion?"

"Ah, h-hold on, stop it!"

Ignoring her companion's efforts to stop her, the girl entered the Academy town.

Part 5[edit]


Dragged by the arm by Ellis, Kamito was walking through the Academy's courtyard.

Ellis was silent all along. Perhaps it was his imagination, but her face looked a little red.


Finally, she spoke up.

"U-Umm, how is your memory? Have you recalled anything?"

Kamito shook his head.

"...Nothing. I've heard about recent events from Claire but my memory still hasn't recovered... Sorry."

"I see. If there is anything you are unclear, please feel free to ask me. I will surely assist you."

Her stern dark-brown eyes stared straight at him.

Although it felt a little forceful sometimes, surely it ultimately stemmed from her righteous and honest personality, right?

"Speaking of which..."

Kamito suddenly recalled and asked:

"I remember you calling yourself my fiancée. What do you mean by that?"


Ellis instantly went bright red in the face.

"N-No! Th-That is a misunderstanding!"

In a panic, she shook her head forcefully.

"I-It was my grandfather who decided on his own, i-ignoring your opinion, sorry..."

Her voice grew more and more quiet.

"Ellis, your grandfather, could it be..."

The Empire's chief advisor on military affairs—Duke Cygnus Fahrengart.

A person whom Kamito had heard of despite his meager knowledge of the continent.

"Hmm. After witnessing your blade dancing at the Blade Dance festival, my grandfather decided to make you my fiancée. O-Of course, this does not sit too well with me..."

"...I see."

Ellis's grandfather had apparently ignored her will and decided on the engagement. A decision based on swordsmanship without worrying about status or origins—This was quite in line with a military family's style. But from Ellis's perspective, it was probably difficult to accept lightly.

If the claim of an engagement were true, Kamito originally considered the possibility of taking responsibility or something like that.

"Th-This sort of thing should respect both people's wishes. So..."

Ellis awkwardly twiddled with her fingers.

"...I understand."


"Let's meet the Duke next time. I will try to convince your grandfather."

"...Wha! R-Really!?"

"Yeah. Once my memory recovers, I'll do my best not to give you any trouble."


Ellis's eyes turned moist and her face went red.

"Ah, ooh... E-Entrusted to you... Eternally."


Was there some sort of great misunderstanding on his part—

Instantly, this disturbing notion flashed across his mind—

At this moment, two girls in armor hurried over.

"Oh, it's the captain—"

"Oh dear, are you on a date with Kazehaya Kamito?"

"N-No, you fools!"

Ellis frantically released Kamito's arm and distanced herself.

Then her gaze fell upon their hands.

Both girls had released their elemental waffen.

"...Hmm, has something happened?"

"Just now, the guardian spirit at the Academy town's main entrance stopped reacting."

"Guardian spirit?"

"Although it's possible that the spirit returned temporarily to Astral Zero because the contract became unstable due to the approaching Great Festival of the Spirits. But just to be safe, it's better to check out the situation."

"I see. Perhaps the contract medium has been damaged. Investigate thoroughly."

"Orders received!"

The two girls nodded slightly and ran again.

—Suddenly, the short-haired girl stopped and turned towards Ellis.

"Oh, captain. What was mentioned previously is already prepared in the wardrobe at headquarters."

"I-Is that so? Got it."

Cough cough, Ellis coughed and nodded.

"...Those two just now are Rakka and Reishia, my friends."

"You're quite respected, Ellis."

"...H-Hmph, okay, let us be on our way."

Grabbing Kamito's arm again, Ellis set off again.

Part 6[edit]

The Sylphid Knights' headquarters was an ancient building modified from an old church.

Kamito opened the entrance's heavy iron door to see a vast sky-blue ceiling with many conference tables beneath. This was a boring place that prioritized practicality.

"No one's here?"

"It's the day before the Great Festival of the Spirits after all. Everybody is out on duty."

Ellis explained while walking into the church.

"Not enough manpower?"

"It is already much better. Thanks to you."


"Yes. You defeated my adopted elder sister in the school competition, led Team Scarlet to emerge victorious at the Blade Dance, thereby increasing the number of volunteers joining the Knights. Of course, no matter how shorthanded we are, we cannot accept everyone without scrutiny."

Saying that, Ellis stopped before a wardrobe by the wall and opened the lock.

"This is your equipment."

Ellis handed over the same kind of sword belt and sword she was wearing at her waist.

"Perhaps this might be a little redundant for those who are capable of using elemental waffen, but it is equivalent to a symbol proving membership in the Knights. Made of mithril after all, it is capable of fighting spirits once you inject divine power into it."

Kamito took the sword and swung it lightly.

"Uh, can I go without stuff like armor?"

"Regrettably, there are no male versions. If there is a need, it could be custom made."

"...No, I don't have any need for it."

"I see."

Nodding, Ellis reached towards Kamito's chest.

"Okay, here is the Knight's crest."

She pinned a crest, shining with golden luster.

"...Suits you great, Kamito."

The crest seemed to be infused with some kind of magic. Kamito could feel a slight amount of divine power from it.

"B-By the way, I have a favor to ask of you..."

"A favor?"

"H-Hmmm... I would like your help in taking a look at the ornamental armor I will be wearing at the Great Festival of the Spirits."

Ellis coughed and spoke.

"Ornamental, so it's different from your current equipment?"

"Yes. After all, it is the Great Festival of the Spirits, held only once a year. As customarily in past years, the captain has to wear special attire."

"...I see. I understand that part, but why ask me?"

"W-Well, uh..."

Ellis's face went bright red instantly.

But soon, she glared at Kamito—

"Captain's orders. A-Any objections?"


Feeling signs that she was about to draw her sword, Kamito frantically nodded.

"Okay. Then wait here a moment."

Saying that, Ellis turned her heels and went through a small door deeper inside.

(...What's going on?)

He could hear the friction of clothing from inside the room.

Then after waiting like this for a while—

"Ah, ooh... W-What, is this...!?"

Suddenly, he heard a scream from inside.

"What's the matter?"

"Ah, ooh... Uh... This is too embarrassing..."


Did she mean the ornamental armor she was wearing?

Just as questions surfaced in Kamito's mind—

Ellis timidly opened the room's door.


Ellis's current getup forced Kamito to hold his breath.

"...Ah... Oohhhh..."

Hiding behind the door in the shadows, Ellis was rubbing her smooth thighs together.

Clear white complexion. Covering her lower body, the armor was no different from underwear. Her massive bust was covered by nothing more than a breastplate consisting of a small piece of metal.

Although it was ritual attire, in terms of armor, this design was excessively impractical.

"T-To think that such shameless armor existed... D-Does this not make me an exhibitionist..."

Blushing to her ears, Ellis placed her arms over her breasts that looked like they were about to pop out.

"You didn't pick it yourself?"

"A-Assuredly not! I-I was deceived by Rakka and Reishia!"

Shouting, Ellis swung her sword.


Seeing that, Kamito turned and evaded—

Losing balance and falling forwards, Ellis pounced on him.



Pinned down by the large and soft bosom, Kamito was about to suffocate.

"K-Kamito!? S-Sorry..."

Ellis frantically tried to get up, but could not stand steadily, apparently unaccustomed to the armor.

Boing. Boing boing.

"Ah... Ooh♪ K-Kamito... Where are you touching... Ah♪"

Tears welled up in her dark-brown eyes as Ellis moaned in suffering.


Kamito's face began to burn hot.

(W-What is this feeling...!?)

Confronted with the sight of Ellis's unsuited apparel, his heart was pounding hard.


Ellis looked at Kamito with a serious expression.

"...N-No way, your heart is racing?"

Ellis touched the location of Kamito's heart with her fingers.

...The heart's intense beating apparently transmitted to her.


Kamito answered honestly.

"Seeing me dressed in such an unsightly manner, y-you're getting excited?"

"Uh, no, umm..."

Seeing Kamito shake his head frantically—

"I am not reprimanding you. Rather, I feel relieved."

Ellis showed a gentle gaze and smiled.


"Because you still retain your emotions even after losing your memory."

Kamito realized with surprise.

(...That really is true.)

After being abducted by the Instructional School, Kamito's memory and heart had been thoroughly destroyed.

He was educated that emotions were useless.

Then why was he feeling the turbulence of emotions now—?

Throb, throb, throb—

(...Guh... My head...)

"Kamito, a-are you okay?"


Just as he held his temples and stood up...

An explosion was heard from outside the church.


Part 7[edit]

Ellis kicked the church's door open.


As soon as she spoke, the air shook.

The trees of the Spirit Forest extending out from the school building's surroundings were being uprooted together with a great amount of soil and dirt.

Appearing amidst the swirling dust storm was a giant all covered in rock.

"...That's an earth spirit?"

"It's Rakka's Cabracan—"

Rakka. Kamito recalled it was the girl from the Knights he had met just earlier.

"What's going on? Who is that spirit fighting?"

"No idea. However, it should not be a conflict between students. Duels on campus are prohibited by the school rules."

Ellis spoke in an urgent voice.

"Stand by here."

"...? I'll go too."

"It is dangerous. Right now, you are incapable of using your elemental waffe, right?"

"I have a sword. Plus I'm also a member of the Knights, right?"

Kamito tapped the sword at his waist.

In that instant, the giant roared.

An impact shook the atmosphere and the giant's rock-covered body was shattered.

"...Impossible, Rakka's Cabracan was!?"

Ellis exclaimed in shock. Kamito stared wide-eyed.

Earth spirits were particularly durable, to be crushed so easily—

(...Who on earth?)

Ellis still looked hesitant—

"...I understand. Please assist me."

But finally, she still nodded. Holding Kamito's hand...

"O wind, grant me protection—Fly!"

Chanting an incantation of spirit magic, a howling whirlwind began to blow.

Ellis kicked the ground lightly and the two of them flew high into the air.


"Hold on tight. Do not fall down."

She kicked a wall of air to accelerate. The two of them flew straight towards the Spirit Forest.

Arriving above the forest, she stopped nimbly and landed in one flowing motion.


Collapsed on the ground, Rakka could not help but moan.

"Rakka, what on earth happened...!?"

They were surrounded by fallen trees, probably the aftermath of the rock spirit's destruction.

"That bastard. That bastard did this to... me and Reishia..."


Rakka's gaze was directed to another collapsed girl in front.


Ellis could not help but cry out.

At this moment—

"Oh my oh my, to think that it would be this poor. The power of the Sylphid Knights guarding the Academy."

Thud—The sound of a boot striking the ground.


A petite hooded figure landed next to Reishia.

"...Who goes there!?"

Ellis yelled acutely.

"Trespassers in the Academy will be punished accordingly."

"Heh, who are the ones who watched helplessly as a third-rate character like Jio Inzagi invaded?"

"...How did you know—"


The hooded figure glared coldly at Ellis.

"What's with that getup? Have the Knights started wearing such shameless armor recently?"

"Ugh... Th-This is a misunderstanding!"

Blushing to her ears, Ellis pressed her legs together.

"I-In any case, I will make you regret hurting my companions—Come, Simorgh!"

With a yell, Ellis summoned her elemental waffe, a spear, readying herself for battle.

"Kamito, I will arrest the intruder. I will count on you to cover me."


Kamito drew the sword at his waist and took a leap opposite to Ellis.

(...Although it's not a dagger like I'm used to, whatever—)

While running rapidly in a wide arc, he infused divine power into the blade.

With an eruption of blue-white lightning, the blade glowed faintly.


Ellis swung Ray Hawk horizontally.

An invisible blade flew out, instantly slicing through the forest's trees.

"I see, a powerful elemental waffe. However—"

The attacker kicked a fallen tree into the air to locate the wind blade and evaded.


The gray overcoat fluttered.

She instantly landed in front of Ellis and released a power knee strike without any delay.

Ellis blocked the attack with her spear's shaft but losing balance severely, she slipped.

Seizing this opening, the attacker made an overarm stroke at her throat.

"That's not gonna happen!"

With explosive leg strength, Kamito jumped. Closing in instantly, he swung his sword.

—However, his actions were read. The enemy retreated nimbly and evaded the slash, then took a backstep to create distance and faced off against Kamito.

"Able to close in on such a distance in an instant, not too shabby at all—"


Kamito mentally clicked his tongue.

Even the Empire's top spirit knights should not be able to see through his motions.

Although this was partially due to his not being in peak condition, still...

"—Kamito, dodge!"

Ellis cried out from behind. Kamito instantly jumped sideways.

A giant wind storm gouged the ground as the impact advanced.

This massive attack was probably going to be dodged. However, the enemy only had limited space to do so—

"Do not underestimate the Sylphid Knights!"

Ellis opened her hand. Instantly, the wind storm exploded.

The attacker was blown away by the astounding gale and rolled on the ground.

Ellis instantly closed in and mercilessly attacked her opponent with a thrust.

Her attack brushed the edge of the hood.

A lock of severed black hair scattered in the wind.

"—As expected of the captain. Looks like you're different from the rest."

The attacker praised. Kamito also secretly counted his good fortune.

Evidently, Ellis had not gone all out when trying to catch Kamito yesterday.

Ellis's blade dancing skills were far beyond a typical student's level.


Kamito's gaze turned back to the hooded attacker.

The opponent was still confident and had effort to spare. This was proven by the fact that no weapon had been drawn yet.

(...The level of the Instructional School's high rankers? No, even superior to that—?)

"Okay, just surrender obediently—"

Pulling her spear from the ground, Ellis readied it in a renewed stance.

"—Like I said, you're too inexperienced!"

The attacker swiftly turned, catching Ellis by the ankle and flooring her.


Kamito turned his sword to a reverse grip and leaped, kicking the ground.

(Assassination technique—Snakes and Scorpions!)

Keeping a low stance, he zoomed across the ground, aiming at the enemy's feet.

The opponent jumped straight up to evade and his blade pierced the ground.

However, that first strike was bait. The key was—

(Assassination technique—Flying Snake!)

Swinging the blade, embedded in the ground, upwards all at once, he unleashed a slash with godly speed.

The slash traced out a vertical line, severing the hood and the overcoat in one cut.


The overcoat covering the attacker's entire body fluttered to the ground.

Revealed was a young girl with a cute face, dressed in a magnificent battle outfit.

Her hair, cut short like a boy's, silently scattered.

Her eyes of amethyst, glinting brightly, glared sharply at Kamito.

"The unorthodox sword huh. How unsightly, Kazehaya Kamito—"


Instantly, Kamito found himself being pointed at by a weapon.

An unadorned weapon crafted from black iron.

(No way—)

Kamito had witnessed identical objects at the Instructional School.

Manufactured in the factories of the Kingdom of Balstan, this was the pinnacle of spirit engineering.

This was a destructive weapon that shot out spirit crystals at high speed through a reaction between pyromatter and divine power.

A handgun.

(—An Artificer huh!?)

An elementalist who used artifacts to fight instead of contracted spirits.

The muzzle flashed. Kamito hastily dodged—

However, upon striking the ground, the spirit crystal shattered. Howling, cold wind surrounded Kamito.

(...An ice spirit bullet!)


Ellis yelled. However, Kamito's figure was being covered entirely by the blizzard—

"...It's my win, Demon King Kamito!"[2]

The girl reloaded her gun.

This time, she loaded a bullet that was meant to defeat the enemy instead of merely immobilizing them.



The girl frowned in surprise.

Amidst the howling blizzard, an explosive flash of light appeared.


Kamito's right hand's crest of the sword and moon was glowing.

"Stop it, Kamito! Dangerous—!"

Ellis's voice was heard beyond the blizzard.

(...I know, but... I can't control it...!)

This was not Kamito's own will.

In response to Kamito's crisis, a reverse flow of divine power was pouring back into him.

The massive divine power was expanding instantly within Kamito's body.


The rampant divine power erupted from his swinging right hand.

Part 8[edit]

"Kamito... Kamito, are you okay...!?"

"Ugh... Gah..."

Feeling someone shaking his shoulder, Kamito slowly opened his eyes.

Only to see Ellis's greatly worried face.

"...That girl?"

"After the Knights arrived, she fled... But she's likely still within the Academy."

"I see..."

Enduring the pain all over his body, Kamito pushed himself up.

Intense signs of burning were left on his right hand at the location of the spirit seal.

Translator's References and Notes[edit]

  1. The Japanese language has many pronouns for different contexts. Compared to using boku, ore would be more informal or manly depending on context.
  2. Note: the attacker uses the boku first person pronoun despite being a girl.