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Chapter 9 - The Awakening of the Demon King[edit]

Part 1[edit]

—Kamito. Hey, Kamito.

It was that voice again... The voice very similar to hers.

His consciousness enshrouded in darkness, Kamito found himself surrounded gently by the voice.

The way her arms embraced Kamito when he was young.

(...Me—did I fail to protect again?)

The leather glove covering his left hand had been burned away by fire, revealing the spirit seal.

On it was written his regrets from three years ago.

This hand had failed to save her who had been devoured by darkness.

Then Kamito had failed again to protect his precious comrade—Claire Rouge.

Despite possessing enough power to be called the Strongest Blade Dancer, when it came to truly precious people, he always—

—It is still not too late, Kamito.


In his hazy consciousness, Kamito asked with dependency.

—Really. If you thirst for power, simply form a contract with me.


Just as Kamito was about to follow the voice that surrounded him, as he was about to nod—

(Who are you...?)

He gathered his little remaining willpower and resisted.

Then the voice laughed lightly—

—My name is Ren Ashdoll. The existence you people call the Darkness Elemental Lord.

(...What did... you say!?)

Suddenly, Kamito felt soft feathers against his face.

Before his eyes, the black-winged darkness spirit stood smiling.

A being very similar to Restia, but not Restia.

(...You are the Darkness Elemental Lord, Ren Ashdoll?)

Kamito asked with a hoarse voice.

—Indeed, this darkness spirit is the vessel where my will inhabits.

—The being that guides towards awakening the Demon King who carries my power.

The being with Restia's appearance extended a hand towards Kamito.

—Come on, take my hand, Ren Ashbell.

—If you form a contract with me, your Wishes will all be realized.

(...My wish?)

namely the power to protect precious comrades—The power to not lose anything ever again.

(I... want...)

Kamito's final rationality was devoured by darkness.

Thus, the Demon King took the Darkness Elemental Lord's hand.

The being with Restia's appearance melted into a mass and turned into a single-edged sword.

A jet black demon sword exuding ominous miasma.

His sanity devoured by darkness, Kamito's throat let loose a roar.

Part 2[edit]


Faced with Claire who was dressed in a ritual outfit colored like darkness, Fianna stood rooted to one spot in shock.

With her red hair untied, Claire resembled her older sister greatly.

The only difference lay in the characteristic of the Elstein sisters, the crystal-clear eyes of ruby.

Claire's eyes were completely empty without any light at all.

"...Who are you?"

Claire asked again. Her expression was as cold as ice.

"Did you forget me?"

Feeling a shock that frightened her, Fianna spoke up.

...It went without saying, her mind already understood. Claire most likely had her memories wiped by Rubia Elstein's magic.

However, Fianna felt a stinging pain in her heart.

Back during her days at the Divine Ritual Institute, the only people Fianna could call friends were her junior Reicha Alminas who would later become the Fire Queen and her senior Rubia.

After Fianna lost the power of the spirit contract and became the Lost Queen, everyone either mocked her secretly or treated her with caution.

However, on their first meeting—Claire had treated Fianna as an equal.

Even with circumstances imposed upon her as the Calamity Queen's younger sister, Claire still moved forward with resolute will.

Claire's steadfast figure, pursuing her own Wish relentlessly, seemed extraordinarily dazzling from Fianna's perspective.

Fianna gazed into Claire's empty stares and spoke:

"I am Fianna Ray Ordesia—Your teammate."


Claire inclined her head in puzzlement.

"Yes. Your comrade."

"Com... rade..."

She muttered with a sluggish voice... But soon after, she shook her head.

"—Liar. I have always been alone. I have no comrades."


Fianna clenched her fist tightly before her chest.

...She really has forgotten.

Not only Fianna but also Ellis and Rinslet, even Kamito as well—


At their feet, Scarlet cried mournfully.

"Claire, have you even forgotten your own contracted spirit?"

"...Contracted spirit?"

"Scarlet. You've been saved by her countless times."


Confusion appeared on Claire's face for the first time.

Watching her, Fianna felt a little hopeful.

(...She still hasn't lost her memories completely!)

"Scarlet... That name... I know it..."

"Yes, it's the name of your contracted spirit!"

"—let... Scarlet... Ooh..."

Claire held her hand against her head and groaned.

At this moment, the wall of fire blocking Fianna's advance began to flicker and waver as if being blown by wind.

In that instant, Fianna ran towards the altar.

"...Don't come over!"

Claire released crimson flames from her hand.


Fianna hastily laid herself flat against the floor.

The flames swept over Fianna's head, forming an intense pillar of fire behind her.

"...I am the Darkness Queen. —The princess maiden who serves the Demon King."

Claire's red hair fluttered like flames.

From atop the altar, she gazed down coldly at Fianna.

"...Ooh, to think she could still command flames even though she has clearly lost Scarlet already."

The power of spirit magic originated from one's own contracted spirit. Commanding flames of this level when she had already lost her contracted spirit was supposed to be impossible.

(...So these are the flames of Elstein.)

Before these flames, even the flame spirit Scarlet had to be wary of them.

Because the flames of Elstein were flames that incinerated other flames.

"...Retreat. Or else I will turn you into charcoal."

Lifting up the skirt hem of her ritual attire, Claire slowly began to walk.

"...Where are you planning to go?"

"By the side of the Demon King I am supposed to serve—"

"...! I won't let you go. Definitely."

Fianna glared at Claire and stood up.

"—Then if you are going to hinder me, disappear!"

Claire produced flames once more—

The flames were serious this time. A direct hit would mean death.

"Claire, I don't mind your frankness—"

In that instant, Fianna took out a spirit crystal from her bosom and threw it out.

Immediately, a bright flash filled the great hall.


With Claire's aim disrupted, the flames spread and began burning the surroundings.

With her eyes covered, Fianna instantly rushed up the steps to the altar.

—This was Fianna's gamble.

(Claire can't possibly have lost her memories completely.)

Even though she was swallowed by darkness, the fire in her heart still gave off smoke.

Claire still remembered Scarlet's name. Furthermore—

(The primordial flames had gone off mark on purpose.)

Supposing Claire was really completely devoured by darkness, that could not possibly happen.

(It's too early to despair!)

As the spirit crystal's effects ran out, the flash dissipated.

There were still six or seven steps left—the altar was farther than imagined. Perhaps Fianna had misjudged the distance visually.

However, stopping was not an option. Surrounding by spreading flames, Fianna sprinted.


Wavering, Claire released especially large flames.

Fianna found herself surrounded by flames completely without any escape—!


Fianna ran as she closed her eyes. Just as she prepared herself for death, something red flashed before her.


Opening her jaws to swallow the flames that incinerated other flames, she then disappeared.


In that instant, Claire's eyes truly opened for the first time.

Fianna did not stop running. Understanding Scarlet's intentions, she charged.

"Why, why won't you stop!?"

"Because I believe in you!"

(...Four more steps... Three...—)

Fianna released divine power from her entire body and passed through the burning flames.

So hot. So hot. So hot. The billowing heat wave almost made her lose consciousness.

Mustering the last of her strength, Fianna reached out towards Claire who stood there stupefied.

"Wake up! Kamito-kun is waiting for you—"


Hearing the name, Claire's expression froze.

(I made it—)

Fianna smiled with relief—

And grabbed Claire's right hand.


"By the name of the Ordesia imperial family! Your flames, your soul—Hereby returned!"

The spirit seal carved on Fianna's right hand disappeared and the crimson crest was emblazoned on Claire's hand.

"...Ah... Guu...!"

Claire began to cry out in pain.

(...I'll leave the rest to you, Scarlet!)

Part 3[edit]


Rinslet's mournful screams resounded through the forest.

Before her eyes, the demon spirit swallowed Fenrir.


Displaying despair on her face, Rinslet stood motionless in shock.

The spirit seal carved on her hand disappeared silently.

"Rinslet, what are you doing!?"

Ellis cried out acutely.

In front of the dazed Rinslet, the massive white sphere opened its jaws.


However, Rinslet remained in a daze, collapsed sitting on the ground.

The gigantic tongue that had swallowed Fenrir licked its lips—


At the very last second, Ellis rushed from the side and took to the sky with Rinslet in her arms.

Then she landed some distance away and put down Rinslet.

"...How could this be possible, to devour a contracted spirit?"

Ellis moaned with a terrified expression.

Ahead of her gaze, the sphere acted restless, its appearance undergoing a massive transformation.

Expanding and contracting repeatedly, it gradually took on the form of a four-legged beast.

The simple limbs grew sharp claws and teeth appeared in the gaping jaws.

It looked like some sort of farce in mockery of proud Fenrir.

"It assimilated Fenrir...!"

"How... could..."

"Fufu, I already said so, right? Bandersnatch takes everything by force."

Sjora Kahn giggled and sneered.

"Well then, I'm not holding back against the Fahrengart spirit next."

Bandersnatch opened its massive jaws and exhaled a blizzard.

Its breath instantly froze the ground, pinning down the two girls.

—Its power was now vastly superior to earlier.

"...Take, this—"

Readying Ray Hawk, Ellis aimed at the demon spirit.

However, Rinslet grabbed her arm with the intent of stopping her.

"Rinslet, what are you—"

"Captain, Fenrir is inside there!"

Rinslet cried and lamented. Her emerald eyes were tearful.


Gripping Ellis' arm tightly, she sobbed.

Never shedding a single tear normally, she was now crying like a child.


Amidst the howling blizzard, Ellis gritted her teeth.

She could sympathize deeply with Rinslet's feelings. For an elementalist, the contracted spirit was a special existence. These bonds were comparable to family ties.

However, if she did not counterattack, they were going to be frozen to death helplessly.

The witch's jeering laughter was heard again. She probably figured out they were unable to counterattack.

"Damn... it...!"

Legs frozen to the ground, they were going to be completely immobile very soon.

"Is this the end..."

Faced with the blizzard blowing forth, Ellis fell to her knees. Just at this moment—

"—What a truly ugly monster."



Suddenly, a great sword descended from the heavens and pierced Bandersnatch's head.


The demon spirit instantly changed into a spherical form, howling as it rolled about on the ground.


Sjora Kahn exclaimed with her eyes wide open.

Swiftly pulling out the great sword and landing on the plains of snow was—

The lovely knight dressed in the military uniform of the country of dragons.

Leader of the Knights of the Dragon Emperor—Leonora Lancaster.

Having retrieved the great sword that stood as tall as her, she embedded it into the ground.


Ellis exclaimed with surprise. Why would she be here—

Leonora turned towards Ellis' side.

"Kazehaya Kamito requested that I assist you two. Although I can't use my full power, I should still have strength to spare for driving the witch away."


At this moment, the Bandersnatch that had been rolling on the snowy plain got up once again.

The open cut rapidly regenerated and the original ball shape was restored.

"I see, its endurance is commendable."

Leonora remarked in admiration and took up the Dragon Slayer.

"You still have the strength to spare for driving the witch away? Interesting words you said there, Dragon Girl."

Sjora Kahn's lips separated in a cruel expression.

"Your dragon spirit, I want to eat it too."

"What could a mere demon spirit do to my Nidhogg?"

Leonora released the sword's aura, shaking the atmosphere.

(So this is the strongest elementalist from the Knights of the Dragon Emperor with their longstanding victorious renown...)

Ellis gulped while Rinslet stared with her eyes wide.

The Theocracy's witch and Dracunia's Dragon Princess.

As the two faced off, tension levels rose to a maximum, at that very instant—

"...How!?" "What is happening!?"

Suddenly, the Lost Cathedral shook as the sound of an earthquake was heard.

"—Hmph, so it finally started."

Sjora Kahn cast her gaze towards the tower and smirked.

The sudden change in the witch's tone felt quite jarring to Ellis—

"Started? ...What is going on?"

"—The Demon King awakened. Darkness Elemental Lord Ren Ashdoll."


"...Demon King?"

Ellis was dumbfounded while Leonora frowned with surprise.

Sjora gazed up at the tower as if she had lost interest in these girls. Then—

"Feel grateful for the Demon King's awakening. I'll play with you girls some other time."

Together with Bandersnatch, the witch disappeared into the magic circle on the ground.

Part 4[edit]

(...Ooh, mmm...)

Claire woke up in the darkness that locked her consciousness away.

...So hot. It felt almost like the inside of a furnace.

Her memories were a mess. Currently, where was she—

(...In any case, I must leave this place.)

Someone important was waiting for her... That was the only thing she could remember.

Feeling her way around and sweeping away the mud-like darkness, she discovered faint firelight in the distance.

Rather than burning conflagration, this was a warm flame that somehow felt nostalgic.

—ter... Master, where are you...?

Someone's voice could be heard. A dream-like and worried voice.



As Claire reached out towards the flickering flame, the flame instantly burned intensely and transformed into a petite hell cat.

The hell cat called out happily and pounced into Claire's bosom.

"Ah, hot...!"

Claire could not help but cry out.

However, the fiery hell cat kept rubbing its face against her affectionately.

(...This feeling... I have an impression.)

A hole was broken in her heart. The heat from the burning flame seemed to be awakening memories from inside.

(...I have forgotten? Something important—)

Looking down at the hell cat she held in her arms against her chest, Claire desperately tried to recall.

The daughter of the Elstein family in charge of flames.

Blessing the Demon King's awakening, the Darkness Queen.

(No, I am—!)

—Master, please remember! Master's precious comrades!

The flames began to burn intensely in her bosom, scorching Claire's chest.

(...I know this... I know these flames!)

Indeed, these were the flames that had guarded Claire since childhood.

Always by her side—


With trembling lips, Claire called out that name.

—Yes, Master!

(...You have returned, Scarlet!)

Claire hugged the burning hell cat tightly.

Instantly, the hell cat dissipated into the air as particles of light—

The spirit seal, symbolizing flames, was instantly branded upon Claire's right hand.

As the power of flames filled her body, the false memories were instantly destroyed.


"...Princess, you have woken up?"


Claire opened her eyes and—

Her gaze met with the pair of dusk-colored eyes watching her from above.

Fianna's uniform was burned full of holes.

Her gorgeous black hair was in an utter mess.

"Looking like that... What happened to you?"

"...It's actually all your doing, seriously."

Sighing with exasperation, Fianna held Claire's arm and pulled her to her feet.

"Uh... I was taken here by Nee-sama—"

Claire tried to recall what happened after she came here... Then her head began to hurt.

Speaking of which, why am I dressed in this type of ritual outfit?

"No time to talk now. We must hurry over to Kamito-kun."


Claire opened her eyes wide suddenly. Just at this very moment—

A frightening noise came from downstairs.

Part 5[edit]

"...Ah... Gah... Ahhh... Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!"

A howling roar like a warcry—

The awakened Demon King rushed into the madly dancing flames.

The weapon he held with both hands was a jet black demon sword that reflected no light. Surpassing the Vorpal Sword of the past, it was enshrouded in an ominous aura.

All sanity consumed by darkness, the Demon King simply rampaged, driven by hatred and the impulse to destroy.

—Indeed, you are the one to lead the world towards destruction.

—Devour these flames of the archnemesis and slaughter mine enemies!

From the demon sword's blade, jet black lightning burst out and smashed the great hall's pillar.

His hair stood up on end as his eyes burned with intense hatred.

"Finally awakened huh—Demon King Kamito."

Rubia Elstein readied her stance with Laevateinn.

The body of its blade was wrapped in blazing flames as it attacked Kamito.

The strongest flames of Astral Zero that could burn the whole world down.

However, the black miasma exuded from the Demon King's body devoured the conflagration within the blink of an eye, transforming them into burning jet-black demonic flames.

"So this is the Demon King's power—capable of devouring Laevateinn's god-slaying flames even in a half-awakened state huh?"

"...Gah... Oh... Ahhhhhhhh!"

Roaring, the Demon King swung the demon sword enveloped in jet-black flames.

The flames of darkness clashed with the crimson flames, resulting in a massive pillar of fire—!

"...Gah... Oh... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh—!"

"—Yes. This is good."

Swinging Laevateinn, flames burned in Rubia's eyes.

"This power is indeed—the Demon King's power for destroying the Elemental Lords!"

Demon King and Sacred Maiden—as their powers resisted each other, the pillar of fire disappeared.

—Kill them... Take our enemies, kill them...!

Following the guidance of the voice, the Demon King brandished the jet-black demon sword.

Every time the blades met, the miasma released by the demon sword continued to shave away Laevateinn's flames.

This could not even count as a blade dance—Simply the clash between overwhelming powers.


In the magnificent battle, Rubia was gradually getting suppressed. Even though they were perfectly matched, the Demon King's demon sword was slightly more powerful than the strongest flames.

"Not even time can escape a frozen fate—Frost Blaze!"

Rubia chanted. The blue flames of absolute zero covered Laevateinn's blade and spread to the Demon King's arm via the demon sword of darkness.

The Demon King's right arm was frozen. However—


The loud and angry roar even caused an earthquake.

As dark black miasma spread from his body, the flames of absolute zero were shattered within the blink of an eye.

"Are you going to destroy me, Demon King?"

Hoho—Rubia smiled at this time.

"So be it. My will shall be inherited by Claire—"

The demon sword of darkness was swung to decapitate the Sacred Maiden—

—In that instant, a crimson slash flashed.

Part 6[edit]

...Momentary silence dominated the great hall.

In that instant, even the burning flames stopped moving.


Opposite the flickering flames—

The figure of Claire Rouge appeared, Flametongue in hand.

The flaming whip extending from Claire's hand was wrapped around Kamito's arm.

Given the Demon King's power, shaking off the whip should have been an easy matter, but for some reason, Kamito did not do that.

"...Oh... Ohhh... Ohhhhhhhh..."

His eyes, filled with hatred and the impulse to destroy, turned towards Claire.

He looked towards the Darkness Queen who had lightened the burden of her clothing by burning off the lower hem of the ritual outfit.

"...Could it be possible, she recovered her memory?"

Jumping back to create some distance just as the blade was about to make contact with her neck, Rubia whispered in amazement.

Holding the whip, Claire walked directly over to Kamito who had stopped moving.

"—Hold it! It is not Kazehaya Kamito—You'll be killed!"

Rubia warned. However—

"No, this is Kamito. I know very well."

Claire simply shook her head.

"...Ohhh... Oh..."

Kamito—ignored Rubia and gazed unerringly at Claire who approached.

The fiery whip lost its heat, melting away and falling from Kamito's arm.


Approaching within arm's reach, Claire gazed into Kamito's eyes with her crystal-clear eyes of ruby.


"...Thank you for coming to save me. I am right here."

A soft thud—Flying into Kamito's arms and leaning against his chest, she whispered.

Dark miasma surrounded Claire but quickly dissipated.


"So, it's fine now."

Then blushing slightly, she tiptoed to reach forward.

"Turn back into the Kamito I love—"


Lips were lightly brought together.

Kamito's dull and life-less eyes suddenly opened wide.

"...W-Wait a minute, what are you doing!?"

Peering out from behind a pillar, Fianna protested with displeasure.

STnBD V10 247.jpg

Claire separated their lips lightly and continued to blush as she gazed up at Kamito.

"...Has what possessed you been exorcised?"


Kamito stood there in a daze, muttering in a stupor.

Claire gazed directly into Kamito's eyes.

"That day, what I hoped for, was not that kind of blade dance."


As Kamito's mind was filled with puzzlement, Claire reached out with a finger and poked him in the chest.

"What I hoped for was an even more magnificent and wonderful blade dance... Wouldn't you agree, Mr. Ren Ashbell?"

Claire made a slightly shy and awkward but attractive smile.

"Claire, y-you...!"

As Kamito was rendered speechless, the demon sword of darkness slid and fell from his hand.

Part 7[edit]

The endless darkness of imprisonment began to show cracks.

Locked away and tightly sealed in the depths of consciousness, the darkness spirit girl awakened.

(I, why...)

Her self and ego should have vanished completely, devoured by the Ren Ashdoll tainted by the Wish. Once Kamito awakened as the Demon King, he was not going to recall her anymore—that was what was supposed to happen.

However, why did she awaken once more?

...Incomprehensible. One could only attribute it to a miracle.

A miracle that did not happen three years ago.

(...He is calling for me.)

In the darkness, she spread her wings out slowly.

Then she extended her hand towards the air.

To grasp the hand of the young man who needed her.

Part 8[edit]

...Those mutterings could no longer be heard.

Clearly he had been swallowed by the Darkness Elemental Lord Ren Ashdoll's voice, and fallen into darkness.

Clearly he had awakened as the Demon King who brought destruction to the world.

However, Kamito was able to recall his consciousness. As well as the soft sensation lingering on his lips.


Rubia Elstein was so surprised her voice was trembling.

"Seeing as you had already awakened as the Demon King, why would you..."

"I'm sure you can understand that point best, Nee-sama."

Claire was the one who answered.

She stared straight at Rubia with her fiery eyes of ruby.

"The Darkness Queen is the queen who serves the Demon King. And my wish as queen was delivered to Kamito."

"Refusing to fall into darkness, and yet you obtained the Darkness Queen's rights...?"

"Don't underestimate me. After all, I am Nee-sama's sister."

Facing Rubia whose expression was filled with disbelief, Claire pointed Flametongue at her.

"Nee-sama, your plan has failed. Kamito won't become the Demon King anymore."


Rubia spoke coldly.

"The genes of the Demon King remain in Kazehaya Kamito's body still."

She readied the incandescent Laevateinn.

"If it sleeps again, I shall simply awaken it once more."


Flames burst forth from the crimson blade, destroying Lost Cathedral's ceiling.

"—Pick up your sword, Demon King Kamito. Let us continue to blade dance."

"Nee-sama, stop it... Please stop...!"

"Take cover and hide on the side. If you don't want to become a liability."


Holding the intensely burning crimson sword, Rubia stepped forward slowly.

Intimidated by that overwhelming presence, Claire held her breath.

...No way. In his current state, Kamito cannot defeat Nee-sama for sure.

"—Claire, it'll be fine."


Kamito tapped her on the shoulder.

Pushing Claire to the back, he stepped up.

"N-No way! Once you fight Nee-sama, again you will—"

"Don't worry. I'm not going to rely on the Demon King's power."

Kamito smiled fearlessly and picked up the demon sword of darkness that had fallen on the floor.

"—Considering the title of the Demon King, having one title as the Demon King of the Night is enough."

Kamito had faith for some reason. That she was present.

"Kamito, that hand..."

Claire's eyes widened suddenly.

"Yes, the one I will rely on is—"

Instantly, the spirit seal carved on his left hand gave off dazzling brilliance.

What appeared was proof of the Strongest Blade Dancer, the seal of the darkness spirit.

The pain of what he lost three years ago. The nostalgic feeling of souls linked deeply.

"...Hey, can you hear my voice?"

Kamito whispered intimately to the demon sword in his hand.

The brightness of the darkness seal instantly intensified. Blood dripped from the seal, flowing along the demon sword's hilt to gradually dye the jet-black blade red. Then—

"Please! Lend your power to me once more—Restia!"

—I've been waiting all this time for you to say that, Kamito.

In his mind, her voice resounded.

It was not the voice of the Darkness Elemental Lord, Ren Ashdoll. Kamito was certain he had not heard wrong, this was her voice.

Intense sparks flew from the seal on his left hand and the demon sword of darkness instantly changed its form in his hand.

A familiar sense of balanced weight. In his hand was the feeling of the sword he was well accustomed to.

The original appearance of the demon sword of darkness—the elemental waffe, the Vorpal Sword.


Kamito's sword which had finally returned after three years.

The cold gleaming body of the black blade was beautiful to a breathtaking degree.


—Kamito, let's save the talking for later. First we must figure out how to defeat her.

"Yeah, you're right."

Reminded by Restia's voice, Kamito's attention returned to Rubia before him.


Wielding Laevateinn, Rubia closed in.

The heat from the madly dancing flames mercilessly roasted Kamito's skin.

"That sword you hold there cannot defeat me, the Sacred Maiden."

"...Yes, you are right."

Kamito nodded frankly and admitted the fact.

It was just as she said. Even if he retrieved his power from his Ren Ashbell days completely, it was still not enough to defeat the Sacred Maiden who wielded Laevateinn's god-slaying flames.

Ren Ashbell's power alone was not enough.


"Come forth, Est!"

Kamito summoned his other partner.

The Demon Slayer that Rubia's Laevateinn had shattered.

—Yes, Kamito. I am your sword, your wish is my command.

An adorable voice resounded in his mind.

As the spirit seal on his right hand glowed, Terminus Est's blade was reconstituting itself in Kamito's hand.

"What!?" "No way...!"

Rubia stared with her eyes wide open as Claire exclaimed in surprise.

The Vorpal Sword with its jet-black darkness as well as the Demon Slayer with its silver-white brilliance.

Two legendary swords of equal standing were now gathered in Kamito's hands.

"Thanks, Est."

Kamito expressed his gratitude to the sacred sword that appeared in his right hand.

At this time, the blade of the demon sword in his left hand shook slightly.

—Miss Sacred Sword, please don't drag me down.

—The same goes for you, please don't get in my way.

In response to Restia's taunting, Est displayed a rare moment of oppositional defiance.

"You two, please don't talk in my mind at the same time..."

Smiling wryly, Kamito crossed his twin swords and entered a stance.

Perhaps intimidated by the wind produced by the swords, Rubia quietly halted her steps.

"Claire, watch carefully."


Kamito declared boldly to Claire behind him.

It seemed like Claire had already figured out Kamito's true identity.

Then there was no need to hide his past from her anymore.

"—I am the Strongest Blade Dancer, Ren Ashbell."


Hearing her gasp behind him, Kamito sprang into action.

Wielding the two strongest swords, he ran forward all at once—!

"Foolish. Elemental waffen cannot be used under conditions of dual contracts."

Rubia's Laevateinn swept horizontally all space before him.

The crimson flames bursting forth instantly vaporized a stone pillar and flew towards Kamito.

"Kamito!" "Kamito-kun!"

Claire and Fianna's screams echoed within the floor. However—

"I've heard that the Demon King in the past was able to use seventy-two spirits all by himself!"

Kamito kicked the ground to take a flying leap, stepping decisively into the flames.

"—O darkness, devour the flames to become my strength!"

The horizontally sweeping Vorpal Sword cleared away the crimson flames. Taking advantage of Rubia's instant of wavering, Kamito proceeded to swing the Demon Slayer wielded in his right hand.


Rubia barely blocked the sword. In the instant the blades clashed, intense flames exploded from Laevateinn's body.

Kamito did not stop his series of attacks. Still crossing blades with Laevateinn using the Demon Slayer, Kamito added on top of it a strike from his left hand's Vorpal Sword.

The spewing flames were suppressed entirely by the demon sword of darkness while the shining Demon Slayer gradually pressed near Rubia.

"Impossible... Why!?"

Rubia Elstein's eyes displayed signs of fear.

Faced against the consecutive strikes of the twin swords, Laevateinn was subdued despite the fact that it was supposed to be the strongest flame spirit.


Pushing against Laevateinn, Kamito hammered the Demon Slayer again. Repeatedly, again and again, it was as though he were forging a long sword in a fiery furnace.

"...I cannot lose, in order to save this world."

"Your way of doing things is not going to save the world!"

Yelling, Kamito swung down the twin swords infused with divine power.

The elemental waffe Laevateinn's crimson blade began to show cracks.

Kamito was overwhelming the opponent, purely through sword skills rather than the Demon King's power.

"Sacrificing the weak and using your younger sister is wrong!"

"Shut up. You have never tasted true despair, that's all."

"I understand despair very well. Three years ago, when I failed to protect her—!"

As the twin swords of light and darkness danced, the flames of purgatory were swept away. Realizing her disadvantage in a close range combat, Rubia distanced herself and raised Laevateinn up high overhead.

Intense, burning, gigantic flames formed a vortex with the crimson blade as the center.

This was the Calamity Queen—Rubia Elstein's full powered special move of the sword.

That was exactly what Kamito targeted.

STnBD V10 258-259.jpg

(Est, Restia—I'm relying on you!)

The Demon Slayer gave off dazzling brightness while the Vorpal Sword became enveloped in jet-black lightning.

This next attack was infused with all of his remaining divine power. Failure meant death.

"Magical equipment release—Muspelheim!"

Rubia Elstein unleashed the greatest and most powerful flames.

"—Let this strike decide the victor!"

Yelling that, Kamito leaped at the intensely burning purgatory.


"Absolute Blade Arts, Final Form—Last Strike・Dual!"

Using dual wielding to perform the secret technique, Kamito smashed apart Rubia's Laevateinn.