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Chapter 6 - The Imperial Princess Kidnapped[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Bouncy. Bouncy.

"Mmm, hmm...?"

Kamito woke up to find himself surrounded by a soft and comfortable sensation.

His hazy field of view gradually expanded. This was apparently the interior of a tent.

(Right, I lost consciousness after the blade dance against the Four Gods...)

He was presumably carried back by Claire and the girls. In his hazy state of consciousness, Kamito thanked the girls in his heart.

As a result of using unfamiliar sword skills, his entire body's muscles became so stiff that he could not even lift his finger.

Bouncy. Bouncy.

Kamito was lying on something that resembled a luxurious sofa... Very comfortable.

(It feels like my head is being wrapped by something gently...)

Closing his eyes, a question suddenly arose in Kamito's mind.

(Wait a minute, did my tent ever have a sofa?)

Besides, that sort of thing could not possibly have been brought into the Blade Dance grounds.

(This sensation is actually...)

Kamito turned his body in puzzlement.


Immediately, the sweet scream brought his mind to full wakefulness.

"F-Fianna!? Woah..."

Due to his surprise, Kamito rolled off the bed, striking his elbow hard against the ground.


"A-Are you okay, Kamito-kun?"

Fianna opened her dusk-colored eyes wide and examined Kamito with a worried expression.


Before his eyes was a Divine Ritual Institute uniform with a bold low-cut design.

Kamito could not tear his gaze from the cleavage between those quivering breasts.

"Y-You, w-w-what were you doing..."

"What was I doing? Just a simple bosom pillow, To take care of Kamito-kun."

"What the heck is a bosom pillow? Isn't it normally a lap pillow!?"

"Because the bosom is softer than the lap, of course. Besides, Kamito-kun, you found it more comfortable too, right?"


Kamito instantly became speechless. Indeed, the feeling just now was very comfortable. That soft bouncy sensation surely could not be experienced if it were simply someone's lap.

"Ara, do you have a fever? Your face is very red, you know♪"

"It's all your fault, Fianna, okay..."

Faced with the naughty imperial princess, Kamito replied stiffly.

Fianna smiled and stood up.

"I've already applied healing magic to the wound on your right arm, but the muscle pain probably will last for quite a while."

"I see..."

Kamito tried clenching both fists and relaxing. Immediately, he felt sharp pain. In his current state, he was probably still unsuited to using the sword skills from his Ren Ashbell days.

"Fianna, thank you for everything all this time."

Hearing Kamito's thanks, Fianna blushed.

"W-What are you saying? I'm the one who's been protected by you all this time, Kamito-kun. Just now, wasn't it you who protected everyone in the team?"

"It goes both ways. We are a team after all."

"But, I..."

Fianna bit her lip hard and lowered her gaze.

She seemed to be still upset about the blade dance earlier. For her trump card the ritual dance performance to be defeated, she must have suffered quite a blow as a result.

"Are you still concerned about just now--"


Fianna spoke softly, then she suddenly leaned herself tightly against Kamito.


"I'm sorry, could you let me lean against you like this for a while?"


Looks like she's not teasing me as usual. Although Kamito could feel his heart racing nervously, he nodded silently.

Then Fianna leaned against him as if entrusting her entire body weight to Kamito.

Unique to girls' bodies, she felt very soft and gentle to touch. As her hair lightly brushed against Kamito's skin, it felt a little ticklish.

"There's an injury here too."


Kamito suddenly felt a sense of pleasure that made his body tremble.

Fianna was using the tip of her tongue to lick Kamito's collarbone.

"Th-This kind of wound only needs two licks of saliva, okay!"

"Then allow me to help you... Hmm, smooch..."

Fianna licked the wound as if sucking away while she chanted a spirit language incantation.

Her teeth lightly brushed against his skin, causing ticklishness. It almost felt like she was taking a gentle bite.

"...Mmm, don't, move... Smooch..."

"W-Wait, wait a minute! What if someone sees us doing this--"

Just as Kamito yelled out--

...Clonk. Tumble tumble tumble tumble.

A can rolled before Kamito's eyes.

...A can of peaches.

Kamito frantically looked up.

Standing at the tent entrance was Claire with canned food in her arms.

"Y-You, y-y-y-you, what are you two doing?"

Rumble rumble rumble...!

The twintails stood up vertically like blazing flames as the surrounding temperature rapidly rose.

"C-Claire, it's not what you think, this is--"

"Ara, I am treating Kamito-kun's wounds. I hope you won't disturb us."

Fianna answered rather defiantly.

Moosh. Kamito found his face suddenly pressed between those soft breasts.

"Uwah... Fugu... Fianna, I-I can't breathe..."

"W-What are you doing!? H-How could you be so shameless!?"

"Oh dear, I am quite embarrassed about this too. But there's no other way. Because of Kamito-kun's body, magic cannot take effect unless this kind of method is used."


Although the reason was unclear, it was a known fact that Kamito's body repelled holy magic and required unusual methods -- namely, ritual magic for healing had to be performed while their bodies were pressed tightly together.

Because Claire also knew about this condition, she could not scold them without good reason.

Filled with chagrin, Claire howled.

"I-In that case then let me perform the healing magic! Because Kamito is my slave spirit!"

...Claire was not making any sense.

"Healing magic whatever... I thought you only knew how to use fire type spirit magic?"

Other than simple spells like illumination, in principle, spirit magic could only be used if it belonged to the same category as the contracted spirit's attribute.

...If my memory serves me right, the fire type category should not have any healing spells.

"Cauterization of wounds is still possible!"

"Isn't that emergency treatment for the battlefield -- anyway, you're going to incinerate me into charcoal for sure!"

Kamito retorted without any hesitation.

"Claire, you should know that Kamito-kun is injured. If you're just going to interfere with my taking care of Kamito-kun, then please leave."


Reprimanded by Fianna, Claire's eyes began to fill with tears.

"I-I know, okay, jerk--!"

...Crying, Claire ran away noisily.

At the tent entrance, a large number of canned peaches lay fallen, rolling about on the ground.

Kamito picked up the cans as he softly muttered to himself.

"Did she come here to visit me..."

The imperial princess sighed.

"...Just now, maybe I bullied her too much?"

"Oh well, I'm glad to be saved from being burned into charcoal."

"Kamito-san, dinner is ready!"

Presently, Rinslet's voice was heard coming from outside the tent.

Part 2[edit]

Night was falling as the sun began to set. The sound of cutlery colliding could be heard.

Kamito tried to speak to Claire as he helped lay the table.

"U-Umm, Claire..."

"What's the matter, perverted slave?"

"Well, thank you for worrying about me just now."

As Kamito scratched his head and spoke, Claire's hair jumped slightly.

"Hmph, I wasn't worrying about you, jerk..."

Claire seemed to be blushing out of embarrassment.

"Fufu, today is quite a feast."

Rinslet plopped the pot onto the table with a thud, while her bosom shook from the impact.

This was Rinslet's specialty, Laurenfrost style hot pot cuisine.

Everyone gathered around and sat on the tree stumps around the table. The bubbling and boiling pot was heated by a burning red-hot spirit crystal under it. Beside the pot were large amounts of vegetables gathered from the forest, diced and quartered fish, as well as meat from hunted prey.

"...Hot pot eh. Looks really tasty."

Because the soup was already boiling, Kamito intended to put the meat in, but at this moment--

"Kamito-san, what are you doing!?"

Rinslet smacked Kamito's arm soundly with a spoon.

"Ouch... W-What's wrong, we can't put it in yet?"

"Slower cooking ingredients like root vegetables should be added first. A hot pot requires balance."

Rinslet glared severely at Kamito with her adorable eyes of emerald.

Kamito discreetly spoke to Claire beside him.

"S-Somehow it feels like Rinslet's personality changed?"

"She's always been like this, as soon as it's hot pot time, she likes to show off..."

"Hot pot is indeed a simple method of cooking, but exactly because it is simple, it is profound. Do not look down on the Laurenfrost's traditional hot pot cuisine!"

Lady Rinslet crossed her arms and stared at everyone.

...In that posture, she resembled some kind of hot pot guardian.

"Kamito, I want to eat fish soon."

Est tugged at Kamito's sleeve and said.

"Well, just leave it to Rinslet."

Kamito smiled wryly as he rubbed Est's head.

Rinslet added meat and vegetables to the pot with well-trained motions.

Kamito and the rest swallowed their drool as they watched Rinslet in action.

"Okay everyone, let's start!"

Finally receiving the okay from the guardian, Kamito reached out to the pot with his chopsticks.

The soup base was not made from ordinary water but Rinslet's specially concocted medicinal soup.

The delicious aroma helped stimulate appetites. As Kamito bit into a piece of cooked meat, delicious juices filled his mouth, producing an indescribable sense of happiness that began spreading from his heart.

"Wow, this is really tasty!"

"Hmph, naturally!"

Rinslet puffed her chest out with pride.

All the young ladies were enjoying the delicacies as they blew on their food to avoid burning their mouths.

"Wait, Claire, I was planning on giving Scarlet that piece of meat!"

"Hey, stop deciding on your own to feed my contracted spirit!"

Ellis and Claire squabbled as their chopsticks engaged in a blade dance over the pot. Beneath the table, their contracted spirits were waiting for scraps.

"Hey, hey, what's this?"

Fianna frowned as she poked a mysterious bouncy ingredient sitting at the bottom of the pot.

Kamito was also very intrigued.

"This is called beancurd. It's like pudding that's made from coagulated soybeans. I heard that it comes from Kamito's homeland, so I researched it in books and tried making it."

"This is a specialty from my homeland...?"

Kamito's childhood memories were very hazy. Because ever since he could remember, he was receiving assassin training at the Instructional School.

All he knew was that his homeland was an island country on the eastern border, one that did not even have a name.

But no matter what, simply from her well intentions in making this dish specially for Kamito were extremely gratifying for him.

"Rinslet, thank you."

Kamito scooped out what appeared to be very elastic pudding as he thanked Rinslet.

"I-It's not like I made it specially for you alone, Kamito-san!"

Trying to hide her embarrassment, Rinslet looked especially cute as she curled her hair around her finger repeatedly.


Kamito tried a bite slightly nervously.

"Woah, this is really good!"

With a smooth texture and rich taste, it really was quite delicious.

"I will try it too... Ah, it really is!"

"...What amazing texture. I've never had anything like it even in the imperial capital."

Est seemed to be enjoying it particularly, expressionlessly mumbling to herself "bean~curd, bean~curd..." as she ate the beancurd with relish.

"Come on people, th-this was made for Kamito-san!"


Ellis, who had been eating the beancurd silently, suddenly widened her eyes in surprise.

"What's wrong, Ellis?"

"N-No, umm, I just suddenly noticed..."

Faced with Kamito's question, Ellis blushed and stuttered.


"E-Eating hot pot together, umm... D-Does it not constitute as indirect kissing?"

STnBD V07 141.JPG


Faced with Ellis' sudden statement--

All the girls around the table instantly froze.

"Hey hey, what are you talking about, that kind of thing--"

Kamito made a wry expression as he waved his hand and spoke.

"Y-Yeah, y-yes that's right, th-this level, i-i-indirect kiss whatever...!"

"R-Really, r-really, you're over thinking things!"

...But everyone's face had gone bright red as they frantically avoided eye contact with Kamito.

(I-I see. Since all the girls are pure and innocent high-class ladies, they are very concerned about that...)

...Kamito felt his feelings being slightly hurt.

--After this, the lively meal came to a close.

Claire quietly put down her spoon, cleared her throat and spoke up.

"Everyone should already know, there are only two days left in the Blade Dance. If you don't want any regrets, then let's fight by giving it all we've got."

"Hmm, yes."

"Yeah, we definitely won't give up on winning."

Indeed, the endgame was about to begin. In order to seize the initiative in the competition for the few remaining magic stones, they needed to attack teams who were holing up defensively in their strongholds.

Furthermore, this applied to other teams as well.

Very likely, an even more intense blade dance was imminent.


Kamito suddenly noticed the gloom in Fianna's expression.

"Fianna, are you okay?"

"Uh yeah, well enough... I just seem slightly tired."

"Well, ritual dancing is very exhausting."

"You should lie down on the bed and rest."

Despite quarreling with Fianna earlier, Claire now offered care and concern.

On further thought, Fianna's exhaustion was only natural. After the ritual dance performance at the blade dance against the Four Gods, she had to use up divine power to heal Kamito.

Magic for recovering fatigue did indeed exist, but it was only a temporary effect obtained from the blessing of spirits. Hence, the fundamental solution was still restful sleep.

"...Yeah. I should go rest as you all suggested. I'm done with my meal."

Fianna stood up quietly and headed to the tent.

Part 3[edit]

After dinner, Kamito was helping Rinslet wash the utensils and cutlery at the riverside.

Claire and Ellis had gone off for patrols while Est was playing with Scarlet.

"Since you're injured, Kamito-san, you can go take a break, it's fine."

"It's just dish washing so it won't be a problem at all. As for you, Rinslet, wouldn't a classy lady like you get your beautiful hands wrinkled if you keep washing dishes like this?"

"Fufu, don't worry. My skin won't be wrinkling. Do know that I am Rinslet the Ice Demon, the one with great relations with water spirits."

So that was what was going on. The wooden bucket where she immersed her hands was filled with purified light while an elastic gel-like spirit was washing the utensils thoroughly.

"How's Fianna's condition?"

"Just now, Claire went to pick some herbs which are very effective for eliminating fatigue."

"That girl seems to become inexplicably hardworking whenever someone gets sick or injured."

Claire was clearly ordering Kamito around like a slave all the time, but whenever he got hurt in school matches or anything like that, she always visited him and brought canned peaches.

"Hmm, she's actually good at taking care of others in certain ways. Back in the Academy, she often took care of stray cats in the neighborhood. It probably stemmed from her childhood when she had to frequently take care of Rubia-sama who was always chronically sick in bed."

"I see..."

...Oh well, that was not surprising.

Kamito also knew that Claire was a benevolent child at heart despite her lack of forthright honesty.

"...By the way, aren't you childhood friends with Claire, Rinslet?"

"Well, even though we often played together when we were young... H-However, we simply share inseparable fates that intersected a long time ago."

"Did you two quarrel a lot when you were small?"

"No... Back then, she was a shy crybaby."

Kamito pressed his finger against his temple.

"...I can't picture it at all."

"She began to change after Rubia-sama's incident."

Rinslet explained as she directed her gaze towards the bucket.

"Rubia Elstein."

The Calamity Queen who betrayed the Fire Elemental Lord and disappeared without trace.

Claire hoped to realize through the Blade Dance festival her Wish to find out the truth of what happened four years ago.

Also, there was the question of where her elder sister had vanished to--

"That girl is actually suffering from many things..."

Kamito muttered to himself as he looked down at the moon's reflection in the river.


In the middle of doing the dishes, Rinslet suddenly released a cute sounding scream.

"What happened!?"

"Yah... Ah... Th-The water spirit, it went into my clothes...!"


Kamito's eyes widened with surprise.

The rubbery elastic water spirit was crawling over Rinslet's arm, squirming into her uniform.

"Yah, so ticklish, ah..."

Inside the wet uniform, the water spirit was twisting around randomly.

It looked like it meant no harm but was simply trying to act friendly with Rinslet.

"It seems to like you."

"E-Enough of this, Kamito-san, stop staring and help me instead... Uwah!"

Rinslet pleaded to Kamito with tears in her eyes.

"G-Got it!"

(...Oh well, in this kind of situation it must be tough for her to attempt to control the spirit.)

Kamito frantically reached out and tried to grab the squirming spirit.

Boing boing. Boing.

"O-Okay, I caught it!"

"Mmm, uwah!"

Just as Kamito felt something soft against his fingertips, Rinslet made a sweet sounding scream.

The water spirit wriggled in Kamito's hand, going boing boing.

"Seriously, stop moving randomly!"

Boing boing.

"Fuah... K-Kamito-san, not that!"

Instantly, the water spirit jumped out from Rinslet's chest.

...Then bouncing on the ground, it fled towards the river.

"Sigh, what a naughty spirit..."

Kamito shrugged wryly--

Then he immediately noticed a serious problem.

(...Hmm? Then what am I currently grabbing in my hand?)

Boing boing.

"...Mmm, ah!"


...Kamito finally realized what he was grabbing and frantically withdrew his hand.

"I-I didn't do it on purpose, really -- uwah!"

Something icy cold flew past Kamito's neck.

...An arrow of ice.


Freezing wind was blowing at Kamito who felt like his skin was about to be frozen.

"Fu, fufu, fu... Kamito-san, have you prepared yourself?"

Smiling, Rinslet aimed her magic bow of ice towards the dead center of Kamito's brow.

Part 4[edit]

Beneath the moonlit forest, Fianna was standing all alone.

Recalling the blade dance against the Four Gods this morning, Fianna could not help but sigh.

(...I must become stronger. I don't want to be everyone's burden any longer.)

If her current state persisted, she was unworthy of participating in blade dance with her teammates.

Fianna felt spurred by such anxiety.

(Today's unsightliness will never repeat a second time. For no reason other than the fact that I shall not permit myself to make the same mistake...!)

Fianna mentally shook her head to clear her thoughts, then reached towards the ground with both hands.

Her face did not display her usual composure.

"Thou, servant of the king of the child of man, knight and master swordsman! By the contract of the old blood, become the sword that protects me, come forth and do my bidding--"

Fianna quietly exhaled and solemnly chanted the ritual to summon her contracted spirit.

Immediately, the knight spirit's figure appeared in the magic circle drawn on the ground.

Bathed under moonlight, the silver-white armor shone brilliantly. The knight bowed his head as if serving a queen.

The knight spirit, Georgios, was of course a very powerful spirit. However, in order to fully harness the spirit's power, it was necessary to release the spirit in the form of an elemental waffe.

(If only I could use an elemental waffe--"

If only she could release an elemental waffe that surpassed the Seraphim Feathers of the Four Gods's imperial princess Linfa Sin Quina, then Fianna would be able to contribute more to the team's combat potential.

Fianna resolved herself, shutting her eyes to perform the releasing chant of the elemental waffe.

However, she was already in an exhausted state.

Even so--

"Thou shalt be my sword, thou shalt be my shield, with unlimited towering light, purify and exorcise those belonging to darkness--"

The knight spirit's armor shone as it disappeared into particles of light in the air.

Fianna could feel an astounding amount of heat enveloping her outstretched fingertips while sharp pain crept throughout her body.

"...Owww... Ah...!"

Despite the pain that distorted her face, Fianna continued to grit her teeth and endure.

At this moment -- something shaped like a sword instantly appeared in her hand.


Just as Fianna felt delight in her heart...

The brittle sound of glass shattering could be heard in the next second as the sword of light in her hand fragmented into pieces.


Fianna was sent flying by the shockwave and slammed hard against the ground.


Fianna frowned heavily from the pain. Looking down to examine her hands, she found them covered with severe burns.

"Why, why...!"

Fianna hammered the ground with her bleeding fists.

"If this continues, I am not worthy of fighting together with everyone--"

--Suddenly, a rustling sound could be heard from the shaking thicket behind her.


Fianna looked back in surprise--

"...Goodness gracious, I knew you were acting a bit strange, so that's what's going on."


Claire was gazing sharply at her from behind.

"...Why are you here?"

"I was planning on bringing you some herbs for reducing fatigue but saw you leaving the tent. I found it strange so I followed."


"I was puzzling over what you were trying to do -- So it turns out you're forcing a release of an elemental waffe. Are you aware of how dangerous that is?"

Claire rushed over to her and spoke with a severe expression.

"The elemental waffe isn't something that can be trained to use overnight. Forcibly trying to use a spirit according to your will doesn't work because the elemental waffe is supposed to be the optimal equipment manifested after the contracted spirit has completely opened its heart to the elementalist. Plus the fact that you only recovered the power of your spirit contract not too long ago, you should be trying to gradually strengthen your bonds with your spirit instead!"

As members of the nobility who served the imperial family, Ellis and Rinslet were bound by etiquette to hold back on what they could say to Fianna the imperial princess. But since Claire's family had been stripped of their title, she could afford to speak with complete candidness and lack of tact.

"I-I don't need you to teach me that, Claire."

Fianna retorted defiantly.

She understood very well that Claire truly cared and was concerned about her. Nevertheless, she still felt a sense of opposition arise naturally.

"I get the feeling you're overly anxious but there's no need to force yourself to get stronger immediately. Fianna, your ritual dance performances are already very dependable and besides, don't we have Kamito? In any case, he is still extremely strong--"

"Then you intend to keep depending on Kamito-kun?"

Fianna interrupted sharply.

"What, that's not what I said."

"I have no wish of being the dainty princess who can only be protected by the person I love."

Fianna quietly shook her head.

"--I love Kamito-kun."

And issued a direct challenge to Claire.

"Hence I want to become strong -- strong enough to stand by his side on the battlefield."

"I-I see..."

Claire showed a wavering expression. Although Fianna never hid her affections for Kamito, expressing her intentions so directly was probably the first time.

"What about you, Claire?"


"Regarding Kamito-kun, what do you think, Claire?"

"W-Why do you have to ask that kind of question? It has nothing to do with anything!"

Claire blushed and began to panic.

"I want to hear what you think, Claire... Do you love Kamito-kun, Claire?"

Rather than speaking with her usual playful tone of voice, Fianna's words were as sharp as knives.


Claire was completely shocked.

Then as if trying to avoid Fianna's gaze, she suddenly shifted her gaze away.

"N-Nothing of that sort. As if anyone would be that stupid!"

"But when Kamito-kun went missing after falling off the cliff, you cried out his name for who knows how many times during your dreams."

"I-I was just sleeping in a daze, K-Kamito and I are not--"

"...Is that so? I get it."

Fianna quietly shook her head and turned around to leave.

"Hey, wait there, you, I'm not done yet--"

As if cutting off Claire's calls to Fianna, the trees and leaves closed up like a door.

Part 5[edit]

(...I went completely overboard, huh. What an utter mess.)

Fianna walked rapidly through the forest as she sighed with regret.

Involuntarily, she had reprimanded others with excessive severity.

...When clearly Claire was worrying about her sincerely.

(How childish of me to make matters like this. I must apologize to her later.)

Just as Fianna thought this to herself, she suddenly realized.

(...But isn't this something that cannot be helped?)

Precisely because she said that to Claire, Fianna finally became aware of her innermost feelings.

And discovered what she truly felt.

(...Indeed, I am being anxious.)

But this was not simply because she did not want to burden the team.

As much as she wished to use that reason as cover...

In actual fact, her intentions were nowhere near that noble.

(...How unsightly of me, to think I would be jealous of those girls.)

Claire, Ellis, Rinslet, as well as Est--

Kamito was surrounded by attractive girls.

They were trusted by Kamito and able to guard his back.

(But me...)

Fianna stopped walking.

The clear chilling wind of the night blew across her burning cheeks, helping her mind to cool off and calm down.

"...I should return to the tent."

Many unsavory spirits roamed the forest at night.

Even though Fianna was currently within the barrier, one could not assert that she was absolutely safe.

Suddenly, a beast's terrifying barking noises came from afar, causing Fianna to tremble.

(Come to think of it, the first time I met Kamito-kun, it was also in a forest like this...)

At the time, Kamito had saved Fianna from a berserk dryad's assault, back when he was active as Ren Ashbell, the Strongest Blade Dancer.

(...That was my first love.)

Lubdub. Fianna could feel her heart beat getting faster.

(...Th-That's right. The first one to fall in love with Kamito-kun is me.)

--Just at this moment.

"So you're here, Fianna."


Fianna looked up with surprise.


Appearing by her side was the youth she had just been thinking about.

"...W-Why did you come here?"

"I came to look for you, Fianna. The forest at night is quite dangerous."

"I-I don't need you to worry about me."

Fianna instantly blushed.

"Hey Fianna, do you have some free time right now?"

"...? Hmm, yes, a little. Why?"

Did the wounds treated earlier this morning rupture again?

"Let's take a walk for a while. Look over there. Isn't there a beautiful spring? When it's nighttime, glowing water spirits will gather."

"...U-Ummm, is this..."

Fianna held her breath for an instant then continued.

"...Are we going on a date?"

"Hmm, a date eh... Well, I suppose."

Kamito wryly shrugged.

It was the very first time for Kamito to extend such an invitation... Fianna could feel her heart racing.


Fianna instantly calmed down and shook her head.

"No, it would be dangerous to leave the Barrier. Even though it's quite a shame--"

After all, the Blade Dance was currently in progress. No amount of risk was worth taking no matter how small.

"It's okay, I'm here with you."

Kamito smiled gently as he extended a hand towards Fianna.

Despite the dissonance of witnessing such a rare gentle expression from Kamito, Fianna found the gaze of his jet black eyes causing her thoughts to become hazy as if a layer of fog was floating in her mind.

(Indeed, being together with Kamito-kun would surely be quite safe...)

Kamito was surrounded by many attractive girls. This caused Fianna a sense of confusion.

If she missed this opportunity, another one might not arrive again.

(...On occasion, it should be fine to act according to my feelings in a forthright manner, right?)

"Very well. Just for a little while should be okay."

Fianna made her decision, took Kamito's hand and walked forward.

"By the way, shouldn't we tell Claire and the others that we are going out?"

"Hey hey, this is rare chance for a date. There's no need to tell that bunch of people, right?"


Instantly, Fianna brought her steps to a sudden stop.

--The dissonance she felt starting from a while ago was transformed into decisive fact by a single statement.

"Let go!"

Fianna cried out shrilly and shook off Kamito's hand.

"W-What's the matter, Fianna!?"

"...Who are you?"


"Kamito-kun would never call our comrades 'that bunch of people,' absolutely never!"

Fianna glared coldly at the youth before her eyes--

This was merely someone taking on Kamito's appearance.

"...Fufu, I see."

The youth's tone of voice -- no, the entire voice became completely different.

"I even attempted to use a bit of mental manipulation magic... But the result is still a failure."

Immediately, Kamito's figure distorted to take on a girl's appearance.

Vivid blue hair. An erotic outfit like an exotic dancer's.

She was a beautiful girl. However, her face gave off an impression like a poisonous flower.

Her ominous red eyes swept over Fianna's entire body as if they belonged to a snake eyeing its prey.


"--I have come to welcome you, Darkness Queen."

In that instant, the girl released a flash of lightning from her fingertips--

Thereby Fianna lost consciousness.