Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance:Volume8 Epilogue

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Part 1[edit]

The Absolute Blade Art, Final Form --- Last Strike.

“You neutralize your opponent’s attack power and then hit him hard with a counter… huh. For an ultimate sword technique, that’s really unexpectedly simple.”

Kamito lay spread-eagle with his eyes open and muttered.

A number of healing spirit crystals were scattered about next to him. It seemed that Greyworth had been the one who had revived him from unconsciousness.

Kamito saw a head of neck-length, ashen blonde hair.

Greyworth’s face was right in front of his, looking down at him.

Beads of sweat condensed on Greyworth’s brow.

“The Absolute Blade Art... did you see it all?”

“Yeah. I think I got it, more or less.”

The feeling of having that ultimate attack tear into his body was carved into his memory.

(… But, can I actually use it?)

It might be obvious, but just seeing that ultimate attack wasn’t enough to master it. If you countered, you could defeat a stronger opponent, but it was a double-edged sword, as a single mistake could mean the end of everything.

So it was definitely not a skill he could just use carelessly.

“Ah, I see.”

Greyworth chuckled, seemingly satisfied-

-and then her body suddenly shook and buckled.

And her face fell right into Kamito’s chest as he lay there on his back.

“…… H-Hey, what the hell are you doing?!”

She didn’t look right.

Kamito shook her by the shoulders, but,

“Kamito, I’m leaving the rest to you-”

Greyworth clutched at her chest in pain and gasped for breath, seeming out of her mind.

And the light slowly disappeared from her grey eyes.

“Defeat Ren Ashbell…”


Kamito’s scream echoed into that silent night.

Part 2[edit]

It was in a cave beneath the ground of Ragna Ys.

A girl with a crimson mask opened her ruby eyes slightly.

She could feel that a great divine power had been vanquished somewhere.

“I see. Dusk has passed, and the dark night beckons.”

“Ren Ashbell-sama, is something the matter?”

The silver-haired girl Lily Flame stood prepared by her side and frowned.

“Right now, at this moment, an age has passed. That is all.”


The masked girl, Ren Ashbell, stood up and began to walk outside.

“I’m going. To prepare for war.”


A somewhat flustered Lily hurried after her master.

The insane spirit of darkness, the Snake of the Theocracy. I will not let anyone get in your way.

In order to topple the kings of this world.