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Chapter 4 - Hunting the Legendary Giant Bust Spirit![edit]

Part 1[edit]

It was the hour of dusk when the Academy's gates were closed and the sun had set.

Inside a room at the Raven Class dorm, the aroma of stew wafted in the air.

"Fufu, I am quite confident in this stew I made for tonight."

"I can't wait, milady♪"

This was Rinslet's room on the second floor of the dorm. Dressed in an apron, Rinslet was humming a melody while preparing stew for the evening. Meanwhile, Carol was setting the table.

This full pot of beef stew was clearly more than the two of them could finish on their own. Their intention was to share with the occupants of Claire's room in the same dorm.

"However, I think Kamito-san prefers a lighter flavor, doesn't he?"

Tasting the stew, Rinslet murmured to herself.

"As long as it's made by you, milady, it'll be tasty no matter what♪"

"Seriously, Carol, your opinion is useless as a reference."

Just as Rinslet sighed, in that very moment—


Carol suddenly screamed.

"What is it!?"

Rinslet instantly turned to face the room—

A giant black shadow was pressed against the outside of the window, looking into the room.

"...Tsk, a suspicious knave!"

Saying that, Rinslet chanted spirit magic and shot a blade of ice from her hand.

The blade broke the window glass and was about to make a direct hit on the shadow outside the window—




The figure had somehow crept behind Carol after disappearing suddenly.

"...Tsk, Fenrir!"

Simultaneous with Rinslet's summon, a white wolf appeared out of thin air, cloaked in a howling blizzard.

Without needing orders, Fenrir pounced on the figure.

Instantly, the shadow released Carol and ducked down, dodging Fenrir's slashing claws, then changed targets to rush at Rinslet.

(—To think that Fenrir's attack was dodged!?)

She reacted with a swift push of her palm, releasing spirit magic—but was half a second too late.

The shadow silently moved along the floor and snared the tip of Rinslet's foot.

"Guh... W-What are you doing...? Huahhhhhhh!!"


Moving along her leg, the eerie shadow entangled her body.

Feeling like her entire body was getting groped, Rinslet fell into panic.

At this moment, the room's door was violently flung open.

"What happened!?" "What's going on, Rinslet!?"

Hearing the commotion, Kamito and Claire burst into the room side by side.

"...You two... It is, dangerous here...!"

Constricted by the shadow, Rinslet panted.

However the shadow left Rinslet—

And entered a stance as though glaring at the two newcomers.

"What is this thing!?" "Wait, it looks very dangerous!"

As Kamito drew the Demon Slayer, Claire warned.

The shadow paused momentarily then vanished with a whoosh as though melding into the air.

"...W-What was that thing?"

Claire asked with her head tilted in puzzlement.

"Are you okay, Rinslet?"

Kamito ran over to Rinslet who was collapsed on the floor.

"Y-Yes... I suppose I am fine..."

Rinslet shuddered and stood up.

She looked unharmed in appearance—


However, Carol screamed with her face all pale.

Rinslet looked puzzled when suddenly, Claire pointed straight at Rinslet.

"Rinslet, y-y-your..."

"My what? What is the matter?"

"Your ch-chest..."


Still with her eyebrows raised in puzzlement, Rinslet looked down at her own chest.

...Then she noticed.

"W-W-W-What... What is the meaning of this...!?"

She noticed the fact that her bust had become as flat as a board.

Part 2[edit]

"I see, so you too—"

"Us too?"

Confronted with Ellis' mysterious demeanor, the trio of Kamito, Claire and Rinslet responded with a questioning look.

—After the earlier incident, Kamito and Claire had taken the stunned Rinslet to Ellis' room at the Weasel Class dorm. After all, ordinary students were obliged to report all incidents to the Sylphid Knights if anything happened in the Academy.

Ellis sighed and took out a file from a bookshelf in her room. She opened the cover, revealing the names of several students recorded there.

"...This is?"

"A list of student victims who had suffered the same fate over the past few weeks."

"Suffered the same fate... Could it be that spirit?"

Responding to Claire's surprise, Ellis nodded firmly.

"Indeed. Scattory Rin of Owl Class, Alca Siena of Grizzly Class, followed by Resta Maia of Weasel Class. All of them had their bosoms stolen by that spirit."


Kamito, Claire and Rinslet exchanged looks with one another.

"A spirit that steals bosoms, are you telling me that such a being exists..."

Rinslet murmured quietly while staring at her chest with a mournful expression. Previously buxom, her chest was now as flat as the cutting board she used regularly in the kitchen.

"Wait, why were we kept in the dark when something like this is happening!?"

"Oh, the Knights decided not to publicize this incident—"


"Because the victims pleaded so. No one wants others to know that they had lost their bosom. Right now, they are using pads to get through their days in the Academy."

"...I can sympathize."

"On the other hand, I'm not quite satisfied..."

Looking at her chest that was plenty pitiful even without a spirit's theft, Claire bit her lip hard.

"Then are there any clues to the culprit's identity?"

"Yes, it is probably..."

Ellis whispered with a mysterious look.

"—The legendary giant bust spirit."

"The legendary—" "Giant bust—" "Spirit—"

The trio gulped.

"I believed it to be merely a legend, who would have thought—"

"Claire, you've heard of it?"

Kamito instantly turned to her and asked. Claire nodded.

"Yes. Rumors of it has been circulating in the Academy earlier. The spirit absorbs busts from many girls, transferring it to its contractor. I've searched for it many times in the forest before."

"I can't believe you've done something so lame for real..."

"Sh-Shut up... But in the end, I never saw any legendary giant bust spirit. Dismissing it as just a legend, I soon forgot about it..."

"—But the giant bust spirit definitely exists."

Ellis said seriously.

"Since there is a spirit that steals other people's bosoms, there is no choice but to reconsider the existence of the giant bust spirit."

"...I've never even heard of such a surreal spirit."

Kamito quipped quietly.

"So, are the Knights going to just ignore this?"

"Recently, there have been plans to assemble a strike force to take down that giant bust spirit, but well—"

Faced with Claire's questioning, Ellis answered in embarrassment.

"The Sylphid Knights lost substantial manpower during the assault incident several days earlier. Also, even though these girls were attacked, their bosoms merely shrank, so it is not like it is that serious—"

"That is neither here nor there!"

Rinslet slammed the table hard.

"I-Is that so? The likes of a heavy bosom, I have always found it quite burdensome—"

"~W-What, that's such a burden of luxury!!"

Claire protested tearfully.

"Very well, I shall go alone to exterminate that so-called giant bust spirit."

Rinslet stood up in a huff and walked to the door.

"Wait up, it's too dangerous to enter the depths of the Spirit Forest alone!"

"What was stolen must be taken back. This is a precept of the Laurenfrost family."

"Wait up, Rinslet, I'm asking you to wait!"

Claire tried to call back Rinslet who had stepped into the corridor.

"Stopping me is futile, Claire Rouge."

"I'm not stopping you. I just want to go with you."

"This is a personal matter of my own."

"I-It's not like I'm worried about you, but I'm just curious about this legendary giant bust spirit."

Claire turned her gaze away shyly.

"...Hmph. Make sure you do not get in my way."

"I'll help too."

Kamito walked over to the two of them.

"Even Kamito-san too..."

"I'm a guy so there's no worry of getting attacked by the giant bust spirit. The same goes for Claire, there's nothing to steal, so we're indispensable comrades for taking down the giant bust spirit."

"Well said... Wait, what did you say!? Are you looking for a death sentence!?"

"...Mistake! That was a mistake! The whip! Put the whip away first!"

Part 3[edit]

—Half an hour later, the trio finished their preparations for forest adventuring and entered the Spirit Forest.

The depths of the Spirit Forest was a dark and terrifying place. Every year, there were rumors of students getting lost and going missing here.

Holding a torch, Claire walked in the front.

"Come to think of it, there was one time when I entered the Abyssal Forest with Claire and even got lost."

"...S-Something like that happened?"

"Claire hugged me tightly and broke into tears."

"...Sh-Shut up! It's way back in the past!

Claire went bright red and yelled.

"But by the way, is this really the right direction?"

While staying vigilant, Kamito asked.

"Sightings of the giant bust spirit were essentially concentrated on the north side of the forest. Also, the spirit that stole Rinslet's bosom also fled in this direction—"

"Sightings are not that reliable, right? It's not like we can rule out the possibility that they were imagining things."

"It's not like we have other options. This is all we can do. Then—"

Claire turned around and looked at Rinslet's swaying bosom.

"A bit of a trap here..."

"Will something like that really bait the spirit?"

Rinslet looked skeptical. Her chest was even bigger than before it had been absorbed. Naturally, this was not her real bust.

Obtained by Claire, these were the fake breasts that Fianna kept hidden in her desk.

"Don't worry. These pads are on a completely different level compared to the ones sold in ordinary shops."

The princess' fake breasts were a type of enchanted artifact, a masterpiece of spirit engineering. With the power of a water spirit sealed inside them, these pads were the best choice for simulating the real thing. Even when examined up close, it looked no different from a real bosom. Using these fake breasts as bait, that giant bust spirit would surely appear. That was the plan that Claire had devised.

"This is definitely well-made..."

Squeezing her fake breasts, Rinslet murmured quietly with unease.

...By the time they realized they were lost, it was already several hours later.

Part 4[edit]

Kamito, Claire and Rinslet kept going in circles inside the forest.

Walking around in the Spirit Forest late at night was very dangerous even for experienced elementalists. Once lost, it was very difficult to find one's way back.

"...This isn't the time to be looking for that giant bust spirit."

"Yes, let us wait until dawn, get out and come back prepared."

Walking in this kind of darkness would only be a futile waste of energy. The three of of them took a break by the side of a large lake in the depths of the forest with the intention of waiting for dawn.

Since lighting a fire could attract nearby spirits, all they could eat were canned peaches.

"Why only canned peaches..." "I am shivering with cold."

"Sh-Shut up! You're not eating anything if you two complain anymore!"

With her mouth stuffed with peaches, Claire snarled back.

After eating, Claire slowly stood up and walked towards the lake.

"...Where are you going?"

"Ritual purification. If we run into the giant bust spirit, I have to confront it while fully prepared."

"I shall join you."

"Okay. Then I'll guard from here."

Kamito picked up the Demon Slayer with both hands and crouched behind some trees.

"Got that, Kamito? I'll turn you into charcoal if you peep~"

"...I got it, okay?"

"He is guarding to avoid peeping, right?"

"What was that?"


Part 5[edit]

...Splash. The sound of water was heard in the quiet forest.

With their uniforms hanging on branches, the two girls were in their underwear.

"In the end, they must have made a mistake about the giant bust spirit being in this vicinity..."

Having removed her fake breasts, Rinslet looked at her pitifully flat chest and sighed.

However, Claire shook her head.

"No, the giant bust spirit must be around. We have to catch it for sure!"

Claire clenched both fists and declared firmly, gazing at the sky.

Rinslet cocked her head in puzzlement.

"...Why are you so fired up to do something for my sake?"


"Because it is not like it was your bosom that was stolen—"

She looked at Claire's chest.

"If the people around you got flatter, doesn't that make your chest relatively bigger?"

"Even if I become relatively bigger, that doesn't mean much."

Claire shrugged then bent down slightly—

"If we catch the spirit of big busts, even I might get slightly bigger... Also, it counts as returning your favor."

"My favor?"

"It's in the past, though you probably forgot it—"

With her legs submerged in the lake water, Claire thought back to that day three years ago.

Part 6[edit]

—Three years ago, at the Eluore Prep School.

"Haha! This fire will be put out if we pour water on it, right?"

Some upper-year girls were crouching on the ground, using a stick to poke a salamander spirit.

This spirit was very weak and its flames felt like they were going to disappear any moment.

"Stop that! Do not bully Mr. Spirit!"

Claire tackled the girl who was holding the stick.


The salamander spirit took this opportunity to jump into the bushes and escaped.

"What is this, the Calamity Queen's little sister. Got a problem with that? Huh?"

The senior students surrounded Claire, looking down at her and even started to get physical.

"Ouch, stop it...!"

"Look at her, so full of herself—"

One girl grabbed Claire's ribbon and pulled it up violently.

At that very moment—

Raging wind mixed with ice began to blow around the senior students who were bullying Claire.


"Hmph, don't you know that bullying the weak would completely tarnish an elementalist's honor?"

Elegantly tossing her voluminous blonde hair, Rinslet appeared. Fenrir's spirit seal on her right hand was glowing.

"Tsk, this is not good. That girl's..." "Hold on, from the Laurenfrost family?"

The senior students fled immediately after seeing Rinslet's face. The Laurenfrost family's mighty reputation and Rinslet's own power were widely known throughout the school. Naturally, no one was stupid enough to make enemies of this young lady.

Rinslet shrugged and looked at Claire.

"You too, seriously. You look nothing like an Elstein daughter at all."

"The name of Elstein exists no longer."

Claire turned her face away.



"But I know this."

Staring straight into Claire's eyes while she was looking up, Rinslet smiled fearlessly.

"Inside your heart resides the flames of Elstein—"

Part 7[edit]

"It became bigger, though only just a little..."

Rinslet's voice interrupted Claire's flashback.

"...N-Nothing of that sort!"

Claire wrapped her arms around herself and hid her chest.

"Did you use the bust-enhancing technique I taught you—"

"I tried it out but it didn't work at all!!"

Claire pouted and glared at Rinslet.

"Are you going to use the fraudulent technique you taught me?"

Rinslet shrugged and looked down at her own chest.

"At this rate if we still fail to catch the giant bust spirit, I might very well have to rely on this bust-enhancing technique..."

While whispering mournfully, Rinslet massaged her own chest.

"Wrong, you need to do it like this... Mmm♪"

As though modeling as an example, Claire tried massaging her own chest.

"L-like this... Kyah♪"

"...Mm, hyah♪"

Part 8[edit]

(...I-I can hear everything from here, jeez.)

Sitting in a tree's shadow, Kamito muttered in his heart.

At that moment, he sensed a presence in the scattering wind.

"...Huh, what's that? Could it be the giant bust spirit?"

Holding the Demon Slayer, Kamito rushed into the depths of the darkness.

"Claire! Rinslet!"

Brushing the bushes apart, he heard shrill voices—

"K-Kamito-san!?" "Hwahhhh, w-what are you looking at, Kamito!?"

Blushing intensely, the two girls screamed.


As Kamito turned his face away, he was greeted with water splashing at him.

"Y-You pervert!" "Kamito-san is so dirty!"

Claire hugged Scarlet to guard her chest.

Meanwhile, Rinslet had put on her fake breasts at some point to hide her real chest.

"...Y-You got me wrong! I sensed something—"

Just as the two girls were raising their eyebrows—

"Rinslet, behind you!"

Kamito cried out. The shadow suddenly appeared behind Rinslet.

"...Th-The giant bust spirit!?"

The shadow nimbly entangled Rinslet from behind and rubbed her chest.

"...Gasp... Ah, kyah♪"

"Bastard, release Rinslet!"

Claire summoned Flametongue, wrapping it around the shadow's neck.

The shadow cried out in anguish and fled into the depths of the forest.

"Chase it down, Kamito!"


Part 9[edit]

The creepy shadow was weaving through the trees.

Its escaping speed was quite fast. Most likely, it had memorized the forest's geography well.

"Fenrir, catch that thing!"

Fenrir roared and slashed with his claws, shattering the trees in his path.

However, the shadow slid through gaps in the attacks as though performing acrobatics, escaping through the bushes.

"Not bad for a mere giant bust spirit. However—"

Claire unleashed Flametongue, sweeping the bushes horizontally.

The bushes were instantly incinerated, exposing the figure of the hiding giant bust spirit.

"Over there!"

Claire swung her whip. Tracing out a red trail, the flames ensnared the jumping shadow.


"Well done—" "Nice job, Claire!"

Kamito and Rinslet instantly caught up and surrounded the giant bust spirit.

Even when entangled by the whip, the shadow continued to struggle relentlessly.

"Listen here, giant bust spirit, time to give up—"

Suddenly, a gigantic object appeared over the trio's heads.


The trio looked up, only to see...

"W-What!?" "What the heck!?"

A humongous breast had appeared.

A breast. Quivering, wobbling, and translucent, the giant breast was hovering in the night sky.

...More than surreal, this scene was absolutely stupid.

"...W-What the heck is this?"

"E-Even if you ask me... Maybe a breast monster?"

Staring blankly at the sky, Claire did not try to hide her confusion. The flying giant breast was accompanied by spinning shadows like the one that had attacked Rinslet.

"What a surprise. Is that the main body of the giant bust spirit?"

Just as Kamito spoke, in that instant...

The giant breast flying in the air, its entire body(?) shuddered with a boing♪


Claire warned the group. At the same time, the shadows surrounding the giant breast attacked them.

"Turn into charcoal!"

The flaming whip slashed through the air, slicing shadows apart. However, out from the bifurcated shadows sprouted slender tentacles to envelop Claire.


"Claire! You bastard—!"

Kamito instantly slashed the shadows with his sword. Sliced by the Demon Slayer, the shadows literally vanished as a puff of smoke in the air.

"Kamito, th-thanks..."

"Don't lower your guard. Despite looking like that, its probably quite a high-ranked spirit—"

"Claire, your chest—is your chest okay!?"

"Yes, I am fine..."

Claire looked down at her chest and smiled fearlessly.

"As suspected, my chest is already too small to be absorbed..."

"That's sad in its own way..."

"Shut up... Let's go, scorching ball of conflagration!"

As though venting her anger, Claire released a Fireball at the main body of the giant bust spirit.

Explosion. Hovering in midair, the translucent giant breast was engulfed by blazing flames.

"I did it!"

"—No, it is not over yet!"

Rinslet cried out.

At the same time, the unscathed giant breast's quivering form appeared from the dissipating storm of the explosion.

"No way! It was a direct hit from a Fireball!"

"It must have the power to neutralize a flat chest's attack!"

"What is with this thing... And what the heck are you talking about!?"

Just as Claire griped, the giant bust spirit grew even bigger and smashed down from above.


Directly underneath, Claire was struck squarely.

"Claire!" "Watch out, Rinslet!"

Kamito caught Rinslet's arm and pulled her from under there.

The giant bust spirit bounced with a boing♪ and flew into the sky again.

"How dare you do that to Claire... Freezing fangs of ice, go forth and pierce—Freezing Arrow!"

Rinslet swiftly fired an arrow of ice.

However, the arrow bounced off the giant breast completely.

"Even ice is not working!?"

"Rinslet, below you!"

Hearing Kamito's warning, Rinslet looked down. Without them noticing, one of the spirit's shadows was hiding underfoot, trying to climb towards Rinslet's chest.


"—Calm down, abandon the breasts!"


Listening to Kamito, Rinslet grabbed the fake breasts and tossed them away.

Crafted using a water spirit's power, the pads bounced elastically on the forest floor.

Perhaps due to the traits of the giant bust spirit, the shadow entangling Rinslet instantly released her and went to chase the pads.

"Hoo, what a life steeped in sin—"

Rinslet fired another arrow of ice at the sky.

Naturally, she knew it would be ineffective against the giant bust spirit. She was aiming somwhere else.

"Kamito-san, now!"


The trails of countless arrows formed a network in the air like a spider's web woven between the trees. On top of that web, Kamito sprinted.


Kamito swung the Demon Slayer.

Part 10[edit]

"Now you are captured, giant bust spirit!"

"Give up all resistance, you enemy of young maidens!"

Standing arms akimbo, Rinslet and Claire looked down at the giant bust spirit at their feet.

Kamito had not cut down the giant bust spirit directly. There was no guarantee that killing it would return the stolen bosoms. It was totally possible that the girls' breasts would not return had they attacked without thinking.

Tied up securely by Claire's whip, the giant bust spirit wobbled and struggled like mad, looking like a large slab of boneless ham. It was quite surreal.

"Looks like it's begging for mercy..."

"Hmm, if you don't want to turn to charcoal, hurry up and return everyone's breasts—"

—At that very moment...

'O little lady...'


Hearing the voice echoing in the forest, Claire entered a stance swiftly.

'O little lady, wouldst thou... wouldst thou wish for a bosom?

", this thing, this thing just spoke!"

Claire stared wide-eyed in surprise. The source of the voice could very well be the slab of boneless ham—no, the giant bust spirit—at her feet.

"But this thing keeps wobbling!"

"How disgusting..."

The two girls reflexively recoiled away from the giant bust spirit and hid behind Kamito's back.

'Answer me—Dost thou wish for a bountiful bust?'

"Bountiful bosom... W-What? What is the meaning of this?"

'I am the spirit ruling over giant busts. If thou wert to release me, I shall bestow upon thee—'

As the giant bust spirit spoke—

Claire reflexively gulped.

"M-Meaning that, y-you'll give me a giant bust?"

'...Precisely. Regardless of shape or size, conferring upon thee the bust of thy dreams is precisely mine authority. Dost thou desire it? The ideal bust—'

"Shape and size of my dreams—"

Claire instantly blushed intensely.

"Whatever I want, just like that...!"

"Hold on, Claire, are you alright!?" "It's totally a trap..."

Rinslet spoke in somewhat of a panic whereas Kamito retorted calmly with his eyes narrowed.

"I-I know okay... From the start, I saw through the lies this thing told to beg for mercy..."

'It seemeth that thou believest not. Well then, I shall open thy eyes and allow thee a glimpse of mine authority—'

The giant bust spirit suddenly shuddered, its entire body flashing.


In the next instant...


Claire's chest expanded with a boing.

"Huahhhh... What is this!?"

The expanding chest had blown away her uniform's buttons, making her white underwear visible.

Giant breasts as big as cantaloupes, looking like they were about to burst out from inside her underwear.

"N-No way... These are my breasts?"

Instantly buxom, Claire looked at her chest with disbelief.

"Amazing. They're so big, and, so heavy..."

Claire's face instantly lit up.

'Having absorbed countless breasts, a task of this level would not be beyond me—'

"...H-Hey, Claire?"

Kamito called out her name with worry.


Claire whispered.

"These breasts were stolen from Rinslet and the girls of the Academy—"

'...So what?'

Claire quietly shook her head.

"These breasts belong to everyone. I cannot accept them—"

Once again, she infused power into the whip that was tying up the giant bust spirit.


Rinslet's expression instantly cheered up.

STnBD EF 134.jpg

"I don't want giant boobs like this. You'd better return all the bosoms you've stolen."

'...Tsk, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire a giant bust. Forsaking this chance, art thou truly certain?'

"Yes, I do this upon an Elstein daughter's honor—"



Claire and the giant bust spirit stared at each other for a while.

'...'Tis my defeat, it seemeth.'

Thus the giant bust spirit stopped resisting and vanished into thin air.

"...M-My bust, my bust has returned!"

"Thank goodness."

Seeing Rinslet's chest back to normal, Claire smiled.

Part 11[edit]

A few days later...

Rinslet paid a visit to Claire's room in the same dorm.

"Claire, open up please."

"What's the matter, Rinslet?"

Claire opened the door with a look of surprise. Rinslet was holding a small box under her arm while fidgeting with the ends of her hair.

"U-Umm, a gift of appreciation for last time, I suppose..."

She stammered.

"It's not like it was anything major requiring a gift. On the other hand, I guess I've returned your favor..."

"...? Like I asked before, what is this matter about a favor?"

Rinslet raised an eyebrow.

"This was not easy to obtain but I bought it from a purveyor of magic items."

Saying that, she opened the box she was carrying under her arm and handed it to Claire.

"W-What is this?"

Claire was rendered speechless by the contents of the box.

—It was underwear for the chest. A bra.

Made of top-quality silk, it was covered with adorable lace embroidery. Looking like ordinary underwear at first glance, the only strange thing was the tiny jewel adorning the front tip.

Rather than an ordinary jewel for decoration, it was a spirit crystal of the highest class.

"I heard that simply wearing this will increase the size of your bust."


"Namely, your bust will grow big just by wearing this when you sleep..."

"N-No way... This kind of thing is too cheating!"

"Indeed, though its effectiveness is currently unknown. However, there is value in testing it out, no?"

"B-But even without using this, I can still..."

Claire coughed as a diversion.

"However... I guess I'll accept it for now. Thanks."

Claire accepted the spirit crystal-equipped underwear.

"Wait, remember to activate the spirit crystal for it to work."

"Yeah, I'm just going to test it out. In any case, how could something like this be effective—"

Part 12[edit]

That night, inside the Raven Class dorm, strange sounds and screaming could be heard the entire night.

"...W-What is this, can't stop... Nnnn, hyah, hyahhhhhhhh♪"