Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance:Volume7 Epilogue

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Part 1[edit]

The long night of pandemonium finally gave way to dawn.

At sunrise, Kamito and his group returned victoriously, having rescued Fianna. After splitting the eight magic stones taken from Sjora equally with the Four Gods, they cancelled their alliance.

"We have not given up on the match. After all, there's still one day remaining."

Shao of the White Tiger smiled cheerfully as she made preparations at the forest entrance.

"Prepare yourself for defeat, Kazehaya Kamito!"

"Yes, I pray there will be a next time for me to blade dance with you again, Shao."

"Ooh--, stop ignoring me!"

Smiling wryly as he watched Linfa's tearful wrath, Kamito and his team saw the two girls off.

"...Even though a lot happened, they're actually not bad people at all."

"Yes. Although we are opponents here, as soon as the Tempest ends and we return to Ragna Ys, let's try inviting them for tea then."

"Yeah, good idea, after all, we came to know them after going through so much together. Let's also invite Milla and Leonora as well."

"Y-You, are you really that intent on establishing intimate ties with girls from other countries?"

"Kamito-san truly has no scruples!"

Hearing Kamito's suggestion, Ellis and Rinslet pouted with dissatisfaction and objected.

"Kamito is such a perv. He had a kiss with that darkness spirit again."


Claire and the girls glared coldly at Kamito.


"Kamito is such a perv."

...She even said it twice. Looks like Est was really miffed.

"Oh well, let's put that aside for now..."

Claire suddenly displayed a serious expression.

"--We have finally reached the last day of the Tempest event."

The only teams advancing to the finals were the top four in magic stones. Currently, Team Scarlet was in possession of a total of fourteen magic stones.

"Victory depends on our spoils on this final day."

"No problem. After all, Fianna is now able to use a powerful elemental waffe."

"We're looking forward to your performance, Fianna."

"Currently, it looks like its weakness is the relatively short active duration. I must find a way to overcome that."

A new member in the ranks of those capable to using elemental waffen, Fianna shrugged and responded.

In any case, this surely opened up more flexible tactics for the future.

"By the way, Kamito..."

Claire stared intently at Kamito's face.


"Yesterday when you defeated Sjora, you said something like the following: 'Let me demonstrate to you the swordsmanship of the Strongest Blade Dancer!' --What did you mean by that?"



"T-That? Umm, I guess it was the wrong choice of words or something..."

Kamito avoided eye contact.

"O-Oh right, if memory serves me correctly, it's my turn to make breakfast!"

Immediately, he fled as quickly as flying.

"Arggggh, hey wait~!"

Kamito could hear the cracking of a whip from behind.

Part 2[edit]

Leaving the forest, just as everyone was about to return to their own tent--

"Hey Claire."

Fianna called to stop Claire.

"What's the matter?"

Claire turned around with a surprised expression.

"About the matter we discussed yesterday in the forest--"


Fianna smiled mischievously while Claire went red in the face.

"Y-You, y-you are referring to what!?"

"I still haven't heard a clear answer from you... Regarding Kamito-kun, how do you feel about him, Claire?"

"Uh, ah... How I feel about him, o-o-f course there's nothing..."

Despite her usual overbearing attitude, Claire was now in an adorable state of panic.

Tempted by a bullying impulse, Fianna asked--

"You love him? Or you hate him?"

"I-I don't hate him, okay... Hey, what is this, why are there only two choices!?"

"Just so you know, I want to smooch with Kamito-kun♪"

"Fuaah, y-you, what are you talking about? You perverted princess, a-are you retarded!?"

Blushing to her ears, Claire ran as if fleeing for dear life.

"...How dishonest."

Alone in the forest, Fianna shrugged involuntarily. Then she clenched her fist tightly before her chest.

(--I should keep that particular incident hidden in my heart for now.)

If Claire were to find out that girl's true identity, she would definitely become unable to fight.

Even if she would inevitably find out the truth one day.

Looking up at the cloudless sky of Astral Zero--


Fianna called out her name softly.