Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance:Volume18 Prologue

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The crystal's inorganic cracking sound resounded throughout the Demon King's Tomb.

Sealed inside the gigantic spirit crystal hovering in midair was the spirit Iris, Demon King Solomon's one and only contracted spirit, the queen of this Demon King City.

Sacred iridescent light was leaking from the cracks, illuminating the burial chamber brightly.

Inside the crystal where light was reflecting randomly, the spirit Iris sighed with despair.

(Looks like my job as the guard, which has persisted for a thousand years, is coming to an end...)

Targeting the Demon King's Coffin, the intruder has sacrificed her own life to deploy a terrifying weapon, thus succeeding in breaking the sturdy barrier of the Demon King's Tomb.

Right now, relying on her own power, she could no longer sustain the seal on the Coffin. In other words, the being that Demon King Solomon had spent the last of his power to seal away would once again awaken in this world.

Crack, crack, crack—

Countless tiny cracks covered the crystal's surface, completely blocking any observer's view of Iris.



With a crisp sound, the crystal fell apart, pulverized.

The torrent of surging light instantly cleansed the burial chamber of darkness. The tiny and transparent fragments of spirit crystal fluttered in the air like snow.

This scene of sublime beauty was almost evocative of the world coming to an end.


Amid that brightness, a girl's figure appeared.

It was a girl with ice-blue eyes and brilliant blonde hair.