Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance:Volume18 Afterword

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—To me, the Academy is a very precious place.

Hello everyone, this is Shimizu. Thank you for your patience.

I hereby present to you all, Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Volume 18, Retaking the Imperial Capital.

The Holy Kingdom's guest general, Lurie, used a spirit detonation to cause the Demon King's Tomb to collapse. Caught in the explosion, Kamito was rescued by the unidentified merchant Safian whom Kamito had met in the Demon King City. He had revealed his true identity to Kamito and told him the truth of the Demon King's Coffin. With the thousand-year-old seal released, what had awakened was—

This was how the first half of Volume 18 ended the Demon King City arc of Volume 17. The second half is about the story after returning to the Theocracy. With the appearance of the one who doesn't wear panties and the one who had gone missing, it feels like the plot is entering a climax... Kamito's group, in exile from Ordesia since Volume 14, finally returns to Areishia Spirit Academy after traveling to various places including Dracunia, the Theocracy and the Demon King City. Will Kamito and the noble young ladies of Team Scarlet ever return to the ordinary daily life they used to live?

Next comes acknowledgments. Shimesaba Kohata-sensei, who has drawn beautiful illustrations since Volume 17, thank you very much. Restia-sama on the cover is too beautiful... The princess maiden of water version of Rinslet in the color illustrations is also amazing. As for the princess maiden of fire outfits worn by Rubia and Ren Ashbell, the design is different because different Elemental Lords have different preferences. *As a side note, the princess maiden of wind ritual attire is so erotic that Ellis does not wish to wear it.

Editor-sensei, sorry for causing you all kinds of trouble again. I will do my very best to produce the most awesome ending. Please continue to support me!

And so, we finally reach Volume 19 next time. Let us meet again with The Darkness Elemental Lord. At the same time, look forward to more news about the audio drama!

Shimizu Yuu, April 2018

Illustrator's Afterword[edit]

STnBD V18 BW11.jpg

Hello, I am Shimesaba Kohada.

Volume 18, the climax approaches! This is my second volume ever since I took over illustrations starting from the previous volume.

There are many characters in Volume 18 that I'm drawing for the first time. In order to grasp the characters, I had to read the previous volumes again and again, trying my best to do a faithful rendition of every detail. I hope I will meet the expectations of every Blade Dance fan.

I will continue to do my best for the next two volumes~