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Chapter 11 - Terminus Est[edit]

Part 1[edit]

The top-tier wide-area destructive magic of the darkness element.

The jet-black magic lightning released by the Demon King kept destroying buildings in the town.

The ground was punctured and left with countless craters.

"...Damn it... Are you okay, Claire!?"

"Y-Yes... Why is this so crazy...?"

Kamito and Claire crawled out from the collapsed debris.

Were it not for the Vorpal Sword, whose darkness element allowed it to act as a lightning rod to absorb the magic lightning, the two of them would likely have been scorched to ash in an instant.

Although Hell Blast was also a type of spirit magic that Restia used—

The firepower demonstrated here far surpassed what the top-tier spirit could use.

"...Living up to his name as the most powerful elementalist in history, the real Demon King himself."

Muttering, Kamito wiped fresh blood off a corner of his lip. The amount of divine power was extraordinary.

"How do we handle that monster...?"

"Just go all out and take a gamble. The enemy looks all fired up."

Kamito poured divine power into his two swords and stood up.

(...Est has finished analyzing. At least, there won't be any nullification again.)

The Demon King extended both hands this time. The skull mask glowed with eerie light.


Hastily, Kamito and Claire jumped to the sides.

"Eternal... sleep—Cocytus."

One could hear air freezing.

Shrouded in white mist, everything within a radius centered on the Demon King was frozen—

From the ground, countless arms of ice reached out for Kamito and Claire.

"Incinerate until nothing remains, O scorching conflagration—Fireball!"

With the sound of an explosion, Claire chanted flame spirit magic, shattering the generated ice.

However, the endlessly appearing ice covered the flames, surging towards them like a giant wave.

"Absolute Blade Arts, Third Form—Shadowmoon Waltz, Double Moon Turn!"

With a mighty shout, Kamito released divine power all at once.

Countless black and white flashes of the sword.

Leaving sword afterimages one after another, Kamito rushed in as a whirlwind.

Confronted with ice arms attacking from all directions, he shattered, severed or broke them with his every motion.

Stepping on a giant piece of ice fallen on the ground, he leaped into the air and—

"Absolute Blade Dance, Second Form, My Style—Double-Hit Comet!"

A dual-sword move of the Absolute Blade Arts, modified from Comet, was unleashed against the Demon King.


The impact of the comet crash shook the air.

Together with the black garment, the Demon King's body was sliced into two. A gigantic crack appeared on the ground.


Kamito did not feel the move connect.

He immediately jumped to the side. At the same time, a black blade swept by, just above his head.

(...Shadow spirit magic, huh?)

That magic was Ms. Freya's specialty.

The Demon King lifted a skinny black hand.

The golden ring on his finger instantly glowed ominously blue.

(...That ring is!?)

'—Kamito, beware. He is about to summon a spirit!'

Restia issued a warning.

That ring was the Ring of Solomon.

A legendary artifact capable of controlling seventy-two archdemon-class spirits.

(The spirit magic earlier was just a welcome greeting, huh?)

A terrifying voice sounded under the Demon King's mask.

"From underground, come... My minion—Midgardsormr."

Rumble rumble rumble rumble rumble...!

"W-What's going on!?"

Accompanied by a violent earthquake, the land on Ragna Ys split opne.

Appearing out from the crevasse in the shattered and frozen ground—

A gigantic serpent all covered in countless steel-like scales. Compared to the Holy Kingdom's militarized spirit, Kerykeion, which was also a snake, it was several times larger.

'Earth dragon spirit Midgardsormr. It is the prototype for the strategic-class militarized spirit Jormangand that was sleeping in the mining town of Gado, you know—'

"...What did you say!?"

The gigantic earth dragon spirit opened its jaws and crushed buildings in the street.

"...Even the Demon King's contracted spirits can materialized?"

'Yes, what the angel summoned are the Demon King's complete powers—'

To this, Est replied.

"Kamito, I will come up with a way to handle this spirit!"

Claire shouted.

Kamito took a closer look and saw that Flametongue had entangled Midgardsormr's horn.

"Don't overdo it, Claire!

"Don't worry and focus on the Demon King, kyahhhhhhhhhhhh!"

The enraged giant serpent rampaged, causing Claire's petite figure to get thrown around in circles.

The gigantic writhing body swept across the land of Ragna Ys.

(...At this rate, the whole underground will be all dug up!)

Kamito jumped aside, dodging a strike from the tail.

He rushed up the earth dragon's back in one go, pouring all of his divine power into the swords in his hands.

His left eye began to hurt again.

He remembered Rubia's warning to him, but—

"Absolute Blade Arts, Destructive Form—Bursting Blossom Spiral Blade Dance, Eighteen Consecutive Strikes!"

Unleashing numerous slashes simultaneously, he destroyed Midgardsormor's scales of steel.

'It's not over, Kamito—!'

Restia called out.

Midgardsormr raised its head and widened its jaw.

(...! I can't believe it can still move after taking an Absolute Blade Arts move for countering archdemon-class spirits!)

Kamito kicked the ground and jumped, evading the attack, then plunged the jet-black demon sword into the monster's eyeball.

"O darkness, pierce—Vorpal Blast!"

The magic lightning of darkness erupting from the demon sword's blade shattered Midgardsormr.


"From the ends of the sky, respond to my call... Minion—Fafnir."

The Demon King's ring glowed and summoned a spirit from thin air.

It was a dragon spirit with jet-black wings.

The dragon's claws attacked from overhead. Kamito blocked the attack with the Demon Slayer.

The heavy attack almost dislocated his shoulder—

"Absolute Blade Arts, Seventh Form—Biting Dragon, Double Strike!"

With a back handed strike of his sword, Kamito decapitated the dragon spirit.

"Huff, huff, huff...!"

He panted and pressed his hand against his aching left eye.

(If he keeps summoning archdemon-class spirits...)

"From the dimensional gate, respond to my call... Minion—Ymir."


"You wish—Flame Chain!"

Claire swung Flametongue.

Enveloped in a conflagration, the long whip immobilized the Demon King's right arm.

Instantly, the Demon King's right arm carbonized and turned into ash.

"Kamito, do it now!"

Accompanied by Claire's shout—

Kamito dashed in one breath, executing a violent slash.


It was easily deflected.

A jet-black demon sword appeared in the Demon King's hand and blocked the attack.


Kamito was speechless.

The demon sword held in the Demon King's hand was almost like—

"...I see. Indeed, that is the strongest spirit employed by the Demon King."

With anger in his voice, Kamito spoke.

Feeing the pain in his left eye, Kamito gripped the Vorpal Sword tightly.

"But, that's my sword, Demon King Solomon!"

Kamito stepped forward and slashed.

The demon sword of darkness clashed violently with the Vorpal Sword.


The Demon King roared.

It was a howl of joy for encountering a formidable foe.

Part 2[edit]

"Pierce, freezing fang of ice—Freezing Arrow!"

The magic ice projectile fired by Rinslet pierced three hounds simultaneously.

However, the fire hounds created by the flame sword Ragnarok immediately resurrected and kept narrowing the encirclement.

"...! Why will their numbers not decrease!?"

Rinslet shouted anxiously.

"The Fire Elemental Lord's fire is fire that burns eternally."

Reicha said.

"That is too unreasonable!"

Standing in the front to protect the Queens, Rinslet glared at her surroundings.

The fire hounds appeared one after another from the shadows of the collapsed building.

Even for Fenrir, running at full speed while carrying four people was a stretch.

Rinslet expected the hounds to catch up to them soon.

...Still, even with her defending as best as she could, the situation will only worsen eventually.

She could not expect the Queens to help out on the combat front. After all, they were princess maidens cultivated to serve the Elemental Lords.

(...All is lost, it seems.)

Rinslet poured power into her hand, drawing her bow.

(At least, I must create an opening for Reicha-sama and the others to escape—)

The fire hounds all pounced at them together.

In that instant...

An intense blizzard blew, turning the hounds into ice sculptures—

"...! W-What is going on!?"

Still with her bow drawn, Rinslet was instantly speechless.

Part 3[edit]

"—I will make you recall my name, Volcanicus!"

With her militarized spirit armament—Kagutsuchi—held at a mid-level stance, Rubia kicked the ground.

The cursed armament seals branded all over her body gave off intense sparks. Her figure instantly vanished.


Millennia Sanctus' violet eyes widened in shock.

Leaving far behind the sound of her boots kicking the ground—

Rubia instantly closed in and executed a slash with lightning speed.

Imbued with flames, the tip of the blade brushed across Millennia's throat, leaving faint burns on her pure white vestments.


Millennia leaned back, turning into particles of light and vanished, performing a spatial leap towards the back.

However, Rubia predicted that move.

She forcefully turned her arm that was wielding the blade and charged in one go.


With the ear-splitting sound of metallic friction, sparks flew all around.

Kagutsuchi's blade had sliced into Ragnarok's body.

"What is with your movements...!?"

"Do not look down on me, cardinal. Although this power is borrowed, do know that I do not wear the name of Ren Ashbell, the Strongest Blade Dancer, in vain."

Saying that, Rubia attacked with even greater speed.

The flaming slash sliced across air.

Branded upon her body were simply cursed armament seals for physical enhancement.

However, Rubia Elstein was a princess maiden famed as the greatest Queen in history. When her astounding divine power was completely converted into physical ability, her movements were just like a master swordsman's.

Using the power of a militarized spirit, she overwhelmed the Ragnarok-wielding Millennia.

Even though Ragnarok's flames threatened to devour Rubia, she skillfully evaded every time.

"Rubia-sama's swordsmanship is so exquisite—!"

Ellis could not help but exclaim.

"Yes, but if she keeps using cursed armament seals like that—"

Nevertheless, Fianna murmured with worry.

Although Rubia's blade dance was aggressive—

At this rate, even for Rubia, her body would probably collapse from the strain in another minute or two.

Of course, she understood this all too well.

She must have planned from the start to conclude the match in a few dozen seconds.

Perhaps, even end the enemy in the first few seconds—

Rubia's Kagutsuchi sliced through Millennia's shoulder.

However, it was not fatal. A sword spirit with the attribute of steel had resistance to both cuts and fire.

Meanwhile, Ragnarok's flames could turn an enemy into ash with just a minor brush of the sword against the skin.

"Fufu, looks like it is checkmate, Calamity Queen!"

Millennia Sanctus grinned and swung Ragnarok.

Intense flames spewed out, turning into a gigantic fire dragon that lunged at Rubia.


With a mighty shout, Rubia swung Kagutsuchi.

Blue flames surged from the blade, instantly freezing the fire dragon into ice.

"Impossible, how could the strongest flame in Astral Zero end up like this, by the fire of a mere human's!?"

"You do not know?"

Seeing Millennia's fluster, Rubia spoke coldly.


"Unlike the fire of Astral Zero, the Elstein flames are not governed by natural law. Their true nature is similar to the Otherworldly Darkness you possess. Hence—"

Holding Kagutsuchi with blue flames over its blade, Rubia approached, step after step—

"Even the strongest flame can be frozen!"

Releasing power from the cursed armament seals, Rubia charged all at once.

"...! Then how about this?"

Rumble rumble rumble rumble—!

Millennia raised Ragnarok high above her head.

A vortex of crimson flames surged from the blade, piercing the high heavens.

This was a scorching conflagration, enough to burn the entire sky.


"Day of wrath, bring salvation to the foolish and punishment to the saints—Calamity Disaster!"

Generated from the vortex of flame, countless fireballs rained down from the sky!

"Ahaha, turn into ash from the flames that destroyed your homeland!"


Fianna screamed.

However, Rubia remained where she stood without moving.

Holding Kagutsuchi, which was enveloped in blue flames, she stared straight at Ragnarok.

"—Do you see my blade dance, Fire Elemental Lord!?"

Her entire body was surrounded by blue flames of absolute zero.

The pouring rain of fire vanished as soon as it touched the blue flames.

"Have you forgotten the flames of the Queen who had served you, this brilliance!?"

The fire spirit seal branded on her right hand glowed crimson.

Just then, as though in response to her voice—


The fire pillar piercing the sky began to shake violently.

"...! Could it be that Ragnarok has gone out of control?"

Fianna murmured in shock.

"...! What have you done, Calamity Queen!?"

"Surely I must have warned you. You are unworthy of controlling those flames—"

The flames of Ragnarok in Millennia's hand began to rampage.

"Damn you, calm down, calm dowwwwwwwwwwwn!"

Millennia's screams were heard from the flames.

The crimson conflagration incinerated Millennia Sanctus in an instant.

With nowhere to go, the blaze of punishment devoured the surrounding rubble, expanding endlessly.

"Rubia-sama, hurry and run!"

Ellis shouted, hastily planning to hurry over.

However, Rubia slowly shook her head as she stared intently at the fire.

"—Now I shall liberate you, Volcanicus!"

With her body shrouded in blue flames of absolute zero, Rubia plunged herself into the flames of crimson conflagration.

Part 4[edit]

"Absolute Blade Arts, Sixth Form—Crushing Fang!"

Confronted with Demon King Solomon, who was wielding a demon sword of darkness—

Kamito mercilessly executed an Absolute Blade Art specialized for destroying weapons.

However, it failed.

With the persisting sound of metallic impact, violent sparks flew out from the clashing blades of demon swords of darkness.

(—How dare you use that in front of me!?)

Glaring angrily at those crimson glowing eyes behind the mask, Kamito roared in his heart.

(...Sorry, you have really pissed me off with this, Demon King Solomon!)

The Demon King had summoned another Vorpal Sword.

The moment he saw it, Kamito felt his blood boil.

What a childish feeling, wanting to monopolize. With self-awareness, he could not help but smile wryly.

However, despite knowing he was being too emotional, Kamito still could not stop this impulse.

Perhaps the divine power of darkness also played a role in causing his emotions to turn violent—


With a great shout, Kamito swung his two swords.

With the flashes of light, he struck the body of the demon sword of darkness.

His left eye kept hurting.

Ren Ashdoll's spirit seal was projected onto his retina.

'—Kamito, I'm sure you are aware, right?'

Restia's solemn voice warned him.


He answered in his thoughts.

As soon as he ran out of divine power, Kamito would be devoured by Darkness Elemental Lord's power.

Using the Absolute Blade Arts, intensely draining in divine power, was suicidal given his situation—

But the enemy was the legendary Demon King after all. The most powerful elementalist in history.

Naturally, this was not an opponent he could defeat with his hands tied.

(In that case, I have to go for a quick kill!)

Kamito stepped forward in one breath, penetrating the enemy's attack range.

Since Demon King Solomon was both the most powerful elementalist and an outstanding warrior. But purely in the realm of swordsmanship, he was beneath Kamito who had mastered the Absolute Blade Arts.

Using unlimited divine power to invoke powerful spirit magic and to summon spirits.

This was the source of the Demon King's power.

Kamito would be uncertain of victory if he allowed the Demon King to launch attacks of that sort one after another, but—

(That's why I can't let him have things his way!)

The two swords swinging through the air glowed with blinding brilliance.

"Absolute Blade Arts, Introductory Form—Bursting Cherry Blossom Flurry!"

This was an anti-personnel Absolute Blade Art exclusive to dual wielding.

Kamito's arms turned into a mirage, executing consecutive thrusts like falling petals.



The godlike speed of Absolute Blade Arts failed to reach the Demon King's heart. All strikes were deflected by the black garment.

Glowing with dark luster, the cape's shifting form was like a shadow.

(...! Oh right, this black garment—)

The Garb of the Lord.

He had accepted it from the spirit Iris, a legendary artifact that allowed the wearer to convert divine power into defensive ability.

Although when Kamito wore it himself, it turned out to hinder the flow of divine power—

But right now, supported by Demon King Solomon's massive divine power, it was showing its true worth.

Seizing the momentary opening right after Kamito had executed the Absolute Blade Arts...

The Demon King laughed in mockery from behind his mask.

The demon sword of darkness swept horizontally with lightning.

Although Kamito hastily used the Demon Slayer to block the incoming sword, the dark lightning still pierced his right arm.


He barely managed to hold on to his sword.

Thanks to Est's powerful magic resistance, his arm avoided a fate of carbonization.

However, even a brief moment's delay in attacking could prove fatal in battle.

Glowing runes appeared over the stump of the left arm severed by Claire.

Within the blink of an eye, the left arm was restored together with the Ring of Solomon.

(...! The angel's authority!?)

That being said, Kamito had considered the possibility of him using that move.

The Demon King extended his right hand at Kamito, who did not get a chance to follow up his attack.

"Dance, crimson flames summoning destruction—Hell Blaze!"

The Demon King chanted the ultimate fire spell.

Taking this move at close range would turn a person into ash completely.


Kamito heard Claire shout.

At the same time, the hell cat wrapped in flames raised sharp claws and pounced on the Demon King.

The Demon King easily swatted Scarlet away with a single hand—

While unleashing the flames of spirit magic with the other hand.

In response, Kamito—

"Absolute Blade Arts, First Form—Purple Lightning!"

With a mighty kick against the ground, he dashed straight towards the Demon King's chest.

Thanks to the brief opening created by Scarlet, the activation of spirit magic was delayed slightly.

With godlike speed, the Absolute Blade Art connected in the nick of time just before the Demon King's magic activated.

This was a dangerous gamble that Kamito had made the call to take.

If his judgment was off, Kamito would be the one with his body turned to ash.

Like lightning, his attack pierced the Garb of the Lord.

With the Vorpal Sword still deeply embedded, Kamito unleashed his divine power.

"—Vorpal Blast, Vorpal Blast, Vorpal Blast!"

He mercilessly blasted three consecutive attacks with the darkness element.

Every magic attack caused the Demon King's massive body to convulse violently.

Almost in a pleading manner, Kamito released the magic lightning of darkness for the fourth time.

His left eye burned as though it was on fire. His view had almost turned completely red.

'Kamito, this is no good... At this rate, even I cannot suppress the power of darkness any longer...!'

(...I know, but—!)

He had to take care of this monster right here.

The fifth Vorpal Blast was released.

But Demon King Solomon still remained active.

With his heart still pierced, he grabbed Kamito's neck with a bony right arm.

"...! Cough... Gah...!"


As retaliation, he plunged his demon sword of darkness into Kamito's belly.

"Guh... Ah... Ahhh, ahhhhhhhh!"

Just like that, Kamito was thrown to the ground.

"...Guh, ooh... Ooooh...!"

Crimson blood dripped on to the rubble.

Holding the demon sword of darkness that had drank this blood, Demon King Solomon began to step forward.

(...! Damn... monster...!)

Kamito cursed in his thoughts and smiled wryly.

It was self-mockery.

Directed at himself, who had likewise become a monster.

Thump, his heart throbbed.

Black miasma surged out. The hole in his belly punctured by the demon sword instantly healed.

He could no longer hear the voices of his two contracted spirits.

Only her soft laughter echoed in his mind.

(I... am—)

His consciousness was gradually turning all black.


Slowly stood up.

Demon King Solomon halted.

It was unclear whether the emotion of fear still existed within him, but presumably he instinctively sensed danger.

Boundless divine power of darkness filled his body.

With every footfall, the ground was shattered. Dark miasma was generated.

Oh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...!

The Demon King roared and swung his demon sword of darkness.


But the jet-black lightning erupting from his demon sword's blade was effortlessly crushed in his hand.

Of course. After all, he was synonymous to darkness itself now—

That being said, magical attacks of any other element would have ended up the same way.

It was as though time had frozen.

Step by step, he approached the Demon King.

Demon King Solomon activated the Ring, intending to summon spirits.

So slow. Those movements were truly too slow.

No, it was only in his eyes that things seemed this slow.

He raised the Demon Slayer simply—

Whoosh—The Demon King's heart was pierced.

That was all.

That was all, and the Demon King's body turned into glowing runes and vanished into the air.

With that, he stood there.

Part 5[edit]

Amid all-incinerating fire, she saw fragments of lost memories.

How long ago was it when that young little girl had arrived at the shrine for the first time to seek an audience—?

In front of her, whose sanity was corroded by Otherworldly Darkness, about to succumb to impulses of hatred and destruction—

The girl had arrived as Queen.

"—Today onwards, I shall serve at your side."

So nervous that she was trembling, the princess maiden knelt before the altar, introducing herself with the name of Rubia.

The girl's face was more beautiful than any princess maiden she had seen before.

...But that was all.

As Queen, she would serve for a mere few years then leave.

This girl was nothing more than one of those princess maidens.

—That was what she thought at the time.

"T-Today, I have learned a new dance to offer to you, Elemental Lord!"

"I saw some beautiful flowers blooming in the Divine Ritual Institute's courtyard and picked some to bring along."

"I wrote a story for you, Elemental Lord. Would you like to listen?"

"I received a letter from my younger sister, Elemental Lord. May I read it out?"

Perhaps being young and naive, she was fearless.

Unlike the Queens before, the girl did not focus single-mindedly on pleasing her.

That girl's attitude made her feel confused, agitated, and a little intrigued.

—What was up with this human?

—Why does she not fear the revered Elemental Lords?

One day, the girl came before the shrine and said.

"U-Uh, today I have a favor to ask of you, Elemental Lord."

—Permission granted to ask.

She replied solemnly,

The petitions of Queens were mostly concerned with bringing prosperity to the human realm.

She thought the girl's request would fall along those lines too.


"—Uh, Elemental Lord, umm..."

—What is it? Be quick. My patience has limits.

She had a flame surge from the altar in a threatening manner.

"I-I am sorry! U-Umm, I would like us to become friends!"

That was what the girl had said.

Had the elders of the Divine Ritual Institute heard this, they probably would have fainted on the spot.


Her angry voice echoed throughout the entire shrine.

The girl jumped in fright, her shoulder trembling in fear.

Nevertheless, she looked up with great fortitude—

"I-I have been very lonely ever since I separated with my sister. Lately, it has been hard for me to see my juniors in the Divine Ritual Institute such as Fianna and Reicha. Uh, and so—"

The girl explained awkwardly.

Of course, her wrath was implacable.

—A mere human princess maiden dares to call herself my friend, such insolence against an Elemental Lord such as I!

"Uwah, p-please forgive me!"

When she vented her angry flames on the altar, the girl fled in panic.

...Perhaps she was scolded severely by the elders of the Divine Ritual Institute after that.

The girl never brought up anything similar again.

This was her final memory as an Elemental Lord with sanity.

A small flame lit up in the darkness.

Part 6[edit]

In the flames of purgatory, Rubia gripped the Fire Elemental Lord's sword.

Using the Absolute Flame, she suppressed the rampaging ultimate flame of Astral Zero.

Freezing flames were exuded from all over her body.

Were they to interrupt for but an instant, her physical body would have been annihilated within an eye's blink

"—Remember, Elemental Lord Volcanicus!"

While shouting, Rubia hugged the blade of Ragnarok to her chest.

"Remember the name of Rubia Elstein, the Queen who serves you!"

In that instant, the spirit seal branded on her right hand shone with blinding brightness in the flames.

Ragnarok's blade glowed as though in resonance, then turned into particles of light and vanished.

The howling flames of purgatory—

Instantly vanished without a trace.


Rubia collapsed on the spot like a marionette whose strings had been severed.


Fianna and Ellis hastily rushed over to her side.

Just then, a fire lit over Rubia's head.

That flame, appearing out of thin air, flickered and gradually took on human form.

Landing softly on the rubble was—

A beautiful girl with curving horns, a head of crimson hair and ruby-like eyes.

Fire Elemental Lord Volcanicus.

With her ruby-like eyes widened, she looked down at Rubia who was on her knees.

"...Ru... bia?"

She murmured in a daze.


With her head down, Rubia did not respond at all.

It was as though this girl's voice had not reached her ears.

"...I remember you."

With a trembling finger, Volcanicus touched Rubia's shoulder.

"You are my—"

Rubia's body instantly shook.

Surprised, Volcanicus hastily tried to help her up.

The color of blood swiftly left Rubia's face.

"R-Rubia! Someone, someone come cast healing magic—"

STnBD V19 BW08.jpg

"Elemental Lord, allow us to—"

Fianna and Ellis replied while hurrying over.

Just then...

The sky glowed from over at the distant holy capital.

Part 7[edit]

Having destroyed Demon King Solomon, Kamito was surrounded by dense miasma of darkness.

It looked like it was about to transport Kamito to somewhere unknown—


While calling out, Claire ran over.

(...! I must save him!)

Est and Restia were probably dominated by that power of darkness.

Right now, Claire was the only one who could save Kamito.

Suppose she used that method that her sister had taught, she might still make it in time—

Just as she stepped over rubble, about to reach Kamito's side...

The distant sky glowed with blinding light.


She had a bad feeling about what was coming. Based on her instincts as a princess maiden, she understood this much.

"...! Kamito!

Claire jumped without hesitation.

She plunged headlong into the dark miasma shrouding Kamito.

"...Guh, ah, ughhh...!"

In that instant, Claire felt searing pain as though being burned.

Submerged in the divine power of darkness, her skin was tormented mercilessly.

For a princess maiden with pure divine power, this was excruciating pain.

"...! Damn... it... Give Kamito back...!"

Even so, Claire still did not let go of Kamito's hand.

This guy has saved me so many times.

He always came for me, no exceptions.

"This time, I will be the one to save Kamito—"

The massive light produced in the sky over the holy capital was released.



With the frightening sound of an earthquake, Ragna Ys' ground split open.

"W-What, kyahhhhhhhhh!"

Hugging tightly Kamito's body that was devoured by the divine power of darkness...

The two of them fell into the vast forest of Astral Zero.

Part 8[edit]

The fractured ground of Ragna Ys turned into gigantic rock fragments, crashing down into the great forest below.

The town created by humans for the Blade Dance was wiped out without a trace by that strike.

"—Hmm, impressive as ever, Est."

In the sky over the holy capital of Alexandria.

Under the rotating gate in the air, Sacred Maiden Areishia exclaimed in admiration.

Howling wind blowed that beautiful blonde hair.

Slowly, she returned the sacred sword in her hand, Terminus Est, to her scabbard.

The ultimate spirit weapon that had annihilated numerous spirits.

"—After a thousand years, you have finally returned to my side."

Giving a light kiss to the sacred sword's hilt, the Sacred Maiden looked up at the rotating gate to the Otherworld.

In a little while, the road leading to paradise would open completely.

By then, the existence guarded by angels would come within reach.

"Yes, very soon, the world we dreamed of shall come true—"

Looking at the sacred sword in her hand, Sacred Maiden Areishia smiled.