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Chapter 7 - Valentia Holy Festival[edit]

Part 1[edit]

It was evening. The plaza of Academy Town was bustling with crowds of people.

Sweet smells tickled his nostrils. At the shrine, delicious-looking baked sweets were piled up like a mountain and princess maidens dispatched from the academy were showcasing a blade dance that entertained the spirits.

"However, where did that girl go?"

As his gaze fell towards the chocolate that Claire had thrown aside—

Kamito breathed a sigh, exasperated.

Together with Ellis and the other two, they had given chase after Claire. But halfway through, the time for the change of patrols came and they had to give up. With that, they started their rounds around the Wind area.


Ellis, walking right beside him with a complicated expression, stared at the chocolate that Kamito was carrying.

"What is it, Ellis?"

"N-No, it's nothing.... It looks like there's no problem in this area."

Ellis coughed, and looked away.

Indeed, there did not seem to be any signs of suspicious activity in this area.

Although there might have been brawls between drunkards and pickpockets, those kinds of troubles were left for the town's vigilante corps to deal with. Rather, what Kamito and the others needed to look out for were the matters that the townspeople, who were not used to interaction with spirits, incurred the anger of the spirits unknowingly.

During the rituals of worshiping the spirits, those kinds of incidents occurred frequently.

"This is almost like.... a da-date."

"Hm, did you say something?"

"Nothing at all, concentrate more on patrolling!"

Ellis' face was flushed a deep red as she got angry.


Kamito apologized.

(.....Wait a second, isn't Ellis the one who isn't concentrating?)

Since awhile ago Ellis, who was not able to calm down, was stealing glances at Kamito's face from the side now and then.

Somehow, her manner of walking seemed unsteady and uncertain.

Their shoulders coming so close together that he was not sure whether they were touching, and then her screaming "Fuwaa", once again moving away from him — that kind of thing was repeated over and over.

Because of that, they bumped into the people that they passed by, many times.

"Ellis, walking like that is dangerous."

Unable to watch any longer, Kamito grabbed Ellis' hand,

"......W-W-What are you doing, you insolent person!"

"No, since a while ago, you were somewhat unsteady, and it got dangerous... Your hand is also a little hot. Would you happen to have a fever or something?"

"...~Wh-Whose fault do you think it is?!"

As Ellis' hand was joined with Kamito's, she hit his shoulder.

"I'll have you bear responsibility for taking my first time!"


At those words of Ellis, whose face was colored in bright red,—

The people, going back and forth on the street, turned around with their faces lighted up.

They glared at Kamito with a scornful-like look and murmured in a soft voice together.

"Ellis, don't utter something that would invite misunderstandings!"

"I-It isn't a misunderstanding! Really, I-it's my first time joining hands with a man!"


That was it— Kamito suddenly understood.

Thinking about it, Ellis was also a young lady with a prestigious noble background.

Now that he thought about it, Claire and the others seemed like they were hesitating about joining hands with him when they were departing yesterday. To them who were the daughters of nobles, joining hands with a boy might be an act more embarrassing than he imagined.

"...Sorry. My bad."

Just as Kamito was about to release her hand—

"Ah, no, I don't mind, and I didn't mean to scare you."

As Ellis embarrassedly looked away, she tightly squeezed his hand back.

It was the soft feeling of a girl's hands. The reason hard calluses were formed here-and-there was surely the proof that she seriously practiced her martial arts.

Just like that, Ellis walked on stiffly like a spring-action toy.

"I-It's... a guy's hand"

"Of course, it is."

Upon hearing Kamito's reply, Ellis giggled, seemingly happy, for some reason.

He was instantly startled by that facial expression of the usually dignified Ellis.

"It's more embarrassing than I thought... to hold hands."

"Ahh, that is true."

Scratching his cheek with one hand, Kamito vaguely nodded.

To be honest, he was a little absent-minded.

From a moment ago, Ellis' large breasts were pressing on his arm.

Although, he didn't directly touch them because her Knights breastplate was there, the sensation of their elasticity was being transmitted whether he liked it or not. The reason his eyes unconsciously moved to her willful body beneath her armor was something that couldn't be helped for a boy in puberty.

(W-With such a stiff personality, her body sure is soft...)

With his heart beating hard and full of excitement, the two walked down the main street filled with the hustle-and-bustle of the festival for a while.

The beautiful stone-made street was lit up by the illumination of the spirit crystals.

Pointing at the soft-toy bear ornamented at the display window, Ellis' eyes had sparkled, and she was gazing at a gorgeous party dress in front of a clothing shop.

When Kamito brought up yesterday's maid's outfit incident to tease her, her face turned bright red as she flared up.

"Hmph! After all, I'm not suited for those sort of beautiful clothing!"

"There's no such thing. Ellis in her usual knight clothing is also attractive but I also want to see Ellis wearing clothes like these."

"...What-What are you talking about?"

Pouting her lips, Ellis bashfully looked downwards.

Those actions were not of the usually dignified knight, they seemed to be those of an ordinary girl.

Looking at her like that——

Kamito suddenly had something he wanted to try asking.

"Hey, Ellis, why did you plan on becoming a knight?"

While she was the daughter of the top military families, the Fahrengart family, he had felt that her obsession towards the way of life of a knight wasn't just because of that reason.


Ellis slowly turned her face toward him.

"At first, it was because of the admiration towards my esteemed sister."

"That Velsaria Eva?"

"That's right. My esteemed sister was a splendid knight. She was a person who was disciplined with herself, hated injustice, was earnestly polishing her sword skills, and was always aiming for a way of life like attaining the objectives of the people."

As if gazing at somewhere far away, she looked up at the sky that was dyed by the faint sunset.

"From when I was a child, I had always been thinking of wanting to be a knight like my esteemed sister. As the successor of the Fahrengart family, I want to be a spirit knight that protects many people. So, when I joined the academy, I immediately made an application to the Sylphid Knights that she was serving as Captain of."

Suddenly, Ellis's reddish-brown pupils darkened.

However— She continued.

"When I joined the academy, my esteemed sister had already changed. As if she was spurred on by something, she had turned into someone merely pursuing power. Of course, I can't say that way of life is absolutely wrong. Pursuing for superior power is also the proper way of life as an elementalist. However, at the very least, that person now isn't the knight I admired."

"What had changed her like that?"

Kamito asked—

Ellis tightly bit her lips,

"It's probably the match with Ren Ashbell three years ago."


Without thinking, Kamito had raised his voice.

"I'm also not sure what happened. However, with that match, it is a fact that my esteemed sister had changed."


Kamito dropped his sight onto his left hand tucked into a leather glove.

The spirit seal, which tied him with his former contracted spirit, was engraved over there.

It was the left hand that defeated Velsaria and won through the Blade Dance three years ago.

It was the left hand that had cut down many Wishes for the sake of victory.

(—The me three years ago had not been looking at anything.)

He was just merely fighting for her sake.

He had earnestly accumulated victories and brought down many opponents with a pure heart.

There were practically no opponents whose faces he remembered. At that time, he didn't have the leisure of thinking about things like what kind of thoughts the opponents defeated by Ren Ashbell had when participating in the Blade Dance

He recalled Velsaria Eva's icy-like pupils.

(...Was it me who changed Ellis' respected knight?)

Ellis dropped her line of sight from the madder-red sky, and turned towards Kamito.

Her reddish-brown pupils harbored strong will.

"I want to show my esteemed sister it, the way of the knight I believe in. Although I am still inexperienced now, I am thinking of wanting to seize the thing that lies beyond power someday. For that reason, I'm participating in the Blade Dance."

For the sake of the way of the knight I believe in—

Ellis, who said that in a dignified manner, was dazzling to Kamito.

"Ellis, don't you hate Ren Ashbell?"

Kamito had inquired spontaneously.

If the occasion that changed Velsaria was assumed to be the match from three years ago—

It couldn't be helped that she was hated by Ellis— So, he thought.

However, Ellis lightly shook her head.

"Of course, I also had resented her when my esteemed sister was defeated. However, while looking at Ren Ashbell winning and winning, I noticed that I was getting captivated by her."

"I don't get it. She should be similar to the other elementalists, merely dancing a blade dance for the Wish. It's not like she has a splendid goal like Ellis—"


Ellis interrupted with a harsh voice.


"Her blade dance was a blade dance more noble than anyone's. If that was not the case, it would be impossible for her to satisfy the Elemental Lords, and above all, why do you think the girls, who were watching her at that venue, are now still attracted to her?"


Kamito spontaneously gulped at the threatening look of Ellis who was like scolding him harshly.

"It was precisely because the appearance of her dancing the blade dance was noble that I was charmed and attracted to her. Surely, she wasn't swinging her sword for herself— but for someone."

"For someone..."


Stared motionlessly at his left hand that exchanged a contract with the darkness spirit girl.

He felt like he was saved a little with Ellis' words.

For someone— That was correct. The reason Kamito participated the Blade Dance was for her.

Losing himself, he swung his sword for the sake of granting her one and only desired Wish.

Even if, for example, that result was something disgusting.

Performing a blade dance for his precious her— at least that was certain.

The girl in front of him had said so.

"Ellis, thank you."

"...? What is this about?"

Ellis frowned suspiciously.

"No, nothing."

Kamito laughed bitterly as he looked away from Ellis.

—Then, his gaze stopped at one store.

"Ellis, could you accompany me to buy a little something?"

"W-We're on duty, you know."

"I have decided on what to buy. It shouldn't take more than a minute."

"...It can't be helped. What are you buying?"

"Um, something..."

As Kamito scratched the back of his ear, he walked towards the store.

Part 2[edit]

Claire was walking through the Spirit Forest on the outskirts with a dejected expression.

The lively noise from the plaza far away could be heard.

The day was almost over, but it was somewhat vexing for her to return just like that and she also felt that she didn't want to meet Fianna and Rinslet.

"...Euph! What's with the work of the Knights? D-Despite that I was planning to forgive him."

Claire rubbed her eyes briskly with her uniform sleeves.

The cold evening wind blew her red twintailed hair like it was making fun of her.

Claire bit her lips tightly and dropped her sight onto her leather loafers.

*Potaa*[1] A drop of tear spilled over and fell.

"...It's my birthday and yet..."

Upon voicing it out, she suddenly became unbearably lonely.

Every year, both her parents, her sister and the locals would gather in great numbers in their castle and a grand birthday party would be held. She would wear a beautiful dress, the table would be fully lined up with her favorite cakes and feasts, and she would be sleeping in a warm bed together with her sister, who would return from the Divine Ritual Institute only on that day— that would be the most enjoyable day of the year.

However, four years ago— on that day when her sister Rubia Elstein betrayed the Elemental Lord of Fire.

Young Claire lost everything.

(...That's right, I still have my goals.)

Shaking off her sentiments, Claire sharply raised her face from the ground.

It was not the time to be having fun with such things like her birthday or the Valentia Holy Festival.

(My goals are to win through the Blade Dance and know the truth of four years ago. For that objective, I have to become even stronger—)

Her red twintailed hair bristled up like flames.

(Even if someone like Kamito isn't there, I'll—)

"Fufu, you seem to be harboring a lot of stress, Miss Hell Cat."


Towards the voice from behind—

Claire quickly turned around.

A girl was giggling as she was standing at the opposite of the grove of trees.

She had jade-green hair that grew till her waist and ears with sharp tips.

She had recollections of her.

She was the waitress, who came carrying the gigantic parfait, at the restaurant yesterday.

(When did she get close?!)

Claire got cautious and readied herself. To approach Claire, an elementalist, without being noticed, she couldn't be a normal person.

Her intuition was telling her that this lady was dangerous.

"Who... are you? I am sorry but I am now in a terribly bad mood."

"Ah, what a cute face you're making, what a very scary cat."

Vivian Melosa swung both her hands to show her.

"Despite that I took great pains on planning to lend you power."


Claire's eyebrows twitched.

"Yes, it's the thing that you now desire the most."

"You... could you be...?"

Clare glared at the lady before her.

"The Cursed Armament Seal smuggler!"

"Correct! However, to be more accurate, it would be researcher, you know♪"

As Vivian Melosa was swinging her index finger, she was slowly walking towards her.

Her red glaringly shiny pupils were peering motionlessly into Claire's eyes.

It was like she saw through till the innermost depths of her heart.

"—Hmm, kitty, don't you want that splendid power?"

Her words roaringly reverberated.

Claire couldn't move like her feet were bound.

(This is domination magic?!)

It was a type of mind manipulation magic.

Her words echoed many times in her head and penetrated the innermost part of her mind.

"... You"

"If you implanted my Cursed Armament Seal, your little hell cat will become an even mightier spirit."

It hurt like her head was splitting. Even if she plugged her ears with both hands, the words penetrated through.

—Hey, don't you want power?

—The power to overwhelm everything— The power to achieve your Wish.

(...It's obvious that I want something like that!)

She had wanted power. She had needed power at any cost for the sake of her goals.

For that reason, she would do anything— She had prepared herself like that since that day four years ago.

Thus, she had even risked the danger to her life to reach her hand out to a powerful sealed spirit.

She had made a contract with that darkness spirit's presented frenzy spirit.


"Don't look down on me!"

In an instant, Claire's blazing Flametounge manifested in her hand, and mowed down the space before her.

"...My domination magic was broken?"

"My apologies but I'll reject your forceful sale."

As Claire raised her breathing, she swung her Flametounge with a snap as if to shake off the temptation.

"How disappointing. I thought you had the qualifications but it looks like I miscalculated."

Vivian Melosa shrugged her shoulders looking bored.

If it was Claire from a few weeks ago, she probably wouldn't have been able to oppose the temptation.

She might have sought for easy power and laid her hands on the Cursed Armament Seal.

(But I'm now different.)

If you want power— I will become your contracted spirit.

(...After all, he had promised me)

"So, I don't need such phony powers!"

At the same time Claire shouted, she released a fireball of spirit magic.

She didn't go easy on the merchant opponent of the Cursed Armament Seal. She attacked with the intention of turning her completely into cinders.

A terrifying shock and explosion resounded in the quiet forest.

The trees in the surroundings were blown off at one go and had fallen down in a straight line.

The trees burned up. However, Vivian Melosa wasn't there.

"Fufu, please don't be in such a hurry. There is someone else who wants to meet you without fail."

A bewitching voice sounded from within the forest.

Claire was startled and turned around—

From deep within the forest, a tall girl appeared.

"You are..."

She was the adamantine elementalist upperclassman, who provoked Claire yesterday.

There was completely no expression on that face of hers.

She came over, walking unsteadily like a ghost.

"Don't tell me... the Cursed Armament Seal?"

"Ah, please don't be mistaken. The one who wanted power was her. Although, it looks like her mind couldn't bear my Cursed Armament Seal."

The sound of chuckling scorns reverberated within the forest.


The adamantine elementalist girl released an ear-splitting wail.

In that instant, a violent wind swept over, and a huge beast appeared from nowhere.

Over there— There was large deer of the metal attribute, which easily surpassed Claire's height.

It had two horns that extended out radically and black pupils that harbored signs of atrocity.

It had a terrifying air of intimidation that caused her skin to tremble.

"What? Isn't this... the adamantine spirit!?"

Claire raised her voice in shock.

Her contracted spirit shouldn't be a powerful high-ranking spirit of this level.

"No, that is without doubt her spirit. It evolved with my Cursed Armament Seal, you know♪"

Vivian Melosa chuckled.

"So, would you please cooperate with my experiment, Miss Hell Cat."


The frenzied large deer released a repulsive roar and came charging over.

Part 3[edit]

What Kamito bought was the cat pendant that Claire was looking at.

After getting the box wrapped with a red ribbon, Kamito placed it into his chest pocket as he embarrassedly scratched his face.

"Today is her birthday."

"I see. The reason you asked for the remuneration in advance was for the sake of buying that."

"Hn, you could say that... but, I ended up having a quarrel with her."

The moment Kamito shrugged his shoulders, Ellis coughed.

"I think reconciling is not going to be that hard. Wasn't that chocolate from just now Claire Rouge's handmade item?"

"Ah, it looks like it. It also looks like she practiced yesterday."

"For her to give that on the day of the Valentia Holy Festival means that, err, she doesn't even hate you, I think... I mean, I think that she wants to reconcile, right?"

"If it was like that, it would be great."

"A-Although, in the case where the recipient is of the opposite sex, there is also a slight chance that that's not just it but..."

Ellis coughed again—

She stared at Kamito's face.

"Hn? What's the matter?"

"E-Err, u-um... Actually, I-I also have chocolates—"

Ellis was almost going to take out something from the pocket of her uniform, and at that moment.


An earth-shaking-like thunderous roar reverberated from the direction of the plaza.


"Ah, lets go Kamito!"

Ellis instantly changed back to her knight face, and started running vigorously.

Part 4[edit]

Pushing their way through the chaotic crowds and arriving at the plaza—

"What is that!?"

A gigantic beast had been rampaging about in the middle of the plaza.

It was a beast like a wild boar, with two sharp tusks.

Its whole body was covered by a shell that was like thoroughly polished mirror.

That was not a beast. That was a spirit.

Furthermore, it was a frenzied high level spirit.

The crowd in the plaza had already fallen into panic.

In trying to escape simultaneously in the same direction, they ended up falling one after another all over the place.

There also seemed to be a great number of old people and young children amongst the crowd.

"Did someone make the spirit run wild?"

"Ah, there might be an elementalist somewhere but that thing has completely lost control."

As expected of being used to these sort of situations, Ellis was very calm.

She had already armed her elemental waffe Ray Hawk in her hand.

"The investigation of the cause will be done later. I've concluded this situation to be a level five spirit disaster. Let's exterminate it, Kamito."


Giving a nod, Kamito unsheathed Terminus Est from the sword belt on his hip.

Driving divine power to the sword, he woke up the sleeping Demon SlayerDemon King Killing Sacred Sword.

"Est, lend me your power!"

Responding to the presence of the elemental waffen, the frenzied spirit turned towards the two.

Releasing an atmosphere-shaking giant roar, it kicked the ground and charged forward.

There was a terrifying tremor. The buildings around collapsed one by one.


Ellis swung Ray Hawk horizontally.

Countless wind blades that could even rip steel apart were produced and were released simultaneously towards the spirit.

Even if a high level spirit took on that directly, it would not get away fine.


At that moment, the shell of the mirror-like spirit glowed with rainbow colors.


Beams of light burst forth— And at the same time, the blades of wind that should have hit it directly were all reflected at once.

The wind blades that were bounced back slashed the surrounding buildings right in half. The upper half of the buildings slowly fell down, and raised up a thunderous roar and a large dancing cloud of sand.

"My wind blades were repelled!?"

"No— It amplified and reflected them."

Kamito sharply glared at the spirit in front of him.

(...A spirit that reflects attribute attacks, eh?)

What came to Kamito's mind was the match yesterday.

(...Don't tell me, that's the mirror spirit?)

"It's coming, Kamito!"

Ellis shouted out. After blasting off the scattered rubble, the frenzied spirit started charging.

Kamito took a stance with Terminus Est and stood in the way of the spirit.

It would be easy to dodge— But, that couldn't be done.

There was a great crowd, who was late in getting away, behind him. He had to protect them at that point.

Its huge tusks were approaching. That intense blow— was stopped by Kamito using the edge of his sword.

A metallic sound resounded. He could barely stop the large beast but Terminus Est, who could only bring forth less than a tenth of her power, couldn't even chip its skin.

(...This thing's divine power is in a different league.)

Cold sweat surfaced on Kamito's forehead.

As Kamito held back the giant tusks with the sword, he was gradually getting pinned down.

(Damn, if we're in Astral Zero, I'll be able to manage somehow but—)

It was a frenzied high level spirit. It might be a threat to ordinary elementalists, but for Kamito who was titled the Strongest Blade Dancer, it was not an opponent that would give him a hard fight.

However, the problem was the fact that the crowd, whom were late in getting away, was there in his surroundings.

What would happen if he released this beast onto them would be plainly obvious.

Discerning that attribute attacks were ineffective, Ellis landed behind Kamito and went on guiding people to take refuge. It was a Sylphid Knights Captain-like calm and reasonable decision.

The demon mirror spirit started to howl wildly.

It smashed the ground with that shock and sent Kamito, who was holding back the tusks, flying.

And like that, he plunged into a mountain of rubble.

"Gah, what crazy strength..."

Groaning, Kamito tried to stand up as he was wavering, and—


Hearing Ellis' shout, Kamito quickly turned his head around.

The demon mirror spirit was stampeding its feet violent on the ground.

In its path, there was a small girl who was petrified.

It was probably the first time she had seen a rampaging spirit, so it seemed that she got scared and her feet wouldn't move.

The spirit released a loud roar and charged.

(Damn, I can't make it!)

Upon standing up, Kamito kicked the ground and leaped.

With that timing, grabbing the girl and dodging was impossible.

Making a quick judgment, he pushed the girl to the side.

A spray of red blood danced out.

The strong attack gouged the side of Kamito's abdomen.


It was hot. His vision turned pure white at that burning-like pain.

The demon mirror spirit swung its tusks and Kamito's body was slammed onto the ground.

"...! Kamito!!"

Ellis instantly dashed towards him.

The white school uniform was slowly dyed with the color of blood.

(... What about that girl?)

Enduring the pain, he encircled his surroundings with his line of sight—

The girl he thrust aside was unable to stand up and was sitting on the ground.

The moment he took a breath of relief, he coughed violently.

Red blood surged out onto the ground.

"Kamito! Are you alright?! Kamito—!!"

Ellis cried out loud.

"Ah... Somehow."

Like he sustained a concussion, his consciousness was slipping away.

The face of Ellis worriedly looking at him became blurry,

Cold sweat gushed out from his whole body. He knew that he was turning pale.

Pressing the side of his abdomen with one hand, Kamito slowly stood up.

He glared at the demon mirror spirit that was covered in his own blood.

"E-Ellis, cover me. I'll take care of that guy."

"But, your injury—"

"The affinity between your elemental waffe and this guy is too incompatible. Only I can do this."

Presented with an irrefutable truth, Ellis vexingly bit her lips

Kamito clenched Terminus Est with both hands, and put in all the divine power he had.

(...I have to finish it at the next strike...)

The Demon SlayerDemon King Killing Sacred Sword was the strongest class of elemental waffe, but its output was very unstable.

Without driving enough divine power into it and controlling it, most of its power couldn't be manifested.

With the Kamito's current state, he could only bet on that one strike.

The demon mirror spirit raised its tusk, and charged again.

"Ellis, I'm counting on you!"


Kamito jumped— no, flew just above it.

Ellis had used her wind spirit magic.

Flying over the demon mirror spirit, Kamito swung his sword downwards on the huge beast's head.


(...! It didn't go through!?)

The Demon King Killing Sacred Sword only slightly pierced the demonic spirit's forehead.

Because of his serious injury, his control over Est was unstable.

The raging demon mirror spirit shook his head violently and threw Kamito on the ground.

The behemoth slowly approached the fallen Kamito from just above his head—

At that moment, a deep crimson slash ripped the skies apart.

Flametounge was twined around the demon mirror spirit, making it trip and that behemoth toppled sideways .


There was terrifying tremor. Dust instantly flew up.


From the shroud of dust— her voice could be heard.

"That person is my slave spirit... don't touch him without my permission!"


Kamito's eyes widened in surprise.

Holding Flametounge, Claire got down from the second floor of a building.

"Y-You, why—"

"We'll talk afterwards. Let's defeat them first."


Kamito suspiciously frowned— and followed after what was before Claire's glaring line of sight.

Then, buildings were destroyed and, from the opposite side of the plaza, another spirit appeared.

It was a large deer of metal with huge horns hung high on its head.

"...! There's another one?!"

"What on earth is happening, Claire Rouge?"

Ellis rushed over and asked with a sharp expression.

"Their masters are the demon mirror elementalist and the adamantine elementalist students. I've already defeated the elementalists, but these two spirits have completely lost control and gone into a frenzy."

"Don't tell me, it's the two people from yesterday... B-But their contracted spirits don't have that kind of form—"

Stopping his sentence midway— Kamito suddenly realized. Ellis also seemed to get it.

"Don't tell me..."

"Uh, they made use of the Cursed Armament Seals."


Ellis bit her lips vexingly.

She was lamenting about the fact that she couldn't stop the students from reaching out to the Cursed Armament Seals.

Cursed Armament Seal allowed mid level spirits to evolve into a high level spirit. There's no way they'll be all right transplanting such things. The result was the rampaging of their spirits.

"By the way, what's with those injures of yours!?"

Noticing the blood stains on his uniform, Claire widened her eyes.

"...Ah, I made a blunder. You too, aren't you also covered in injuries?"

"...S-Such a thing is not a big deal."

Claire quickly turned her face away, holding up a strong front.

But, even her uniform was torn everywhere, and her limbs were full of injuries.

"Putting that aside, Ellis, where's the Sylphid Knights reinforcements?"

"They should already be on their way. However, it's just that the ones policing this area were Kamito and I... amongst this crowd, it will take time for them to come from the other areas."

Ellis bit her lips and looked down. As the battle strength of the Sylphid Knights were almost cut by half, they couldn't help but disperse their security forces.

Releasing a loud roar that shook the earth, the fallen demon mirror spirit got up.

The adamantine spirit with the form of a large deer was also slowly walking to the center of the plaza.

"There are two high level spirits running wild, —As expected, this is really intense."

Claire nervously groaned.

There were still large groups of people, who failed to escaped outside the plaza. Waiting leisurely for the reinforcement from the Sylphid Knights and the Academy would only end up in irreparable results.

"I could probably at least stall for time?"

"Apologies, Claire Rouge, lend me your strength until reinforcements arrive."

Respectively clenching their own elemental waffen, Claire and Ellis confronted the two spirits.

And at that instant, a bright flash exploded.

There was an ear-splitting thunderous sound. The rubble was smashed up.

"...! What was that!?"

As Kamito protected his eyes from the flying stone fragments, he yelled out.

That was rain.

That was a rain of bombardment that mercilessly fired at the two spirits.

The ground violently shook, and countless pillars of fire shot up to the sky.


The moment the bombardment stopped—

There was only the completely destroyed plaza left behind.

The two high level spirits were completely annihilated.

(...What on earth happened!?)

While coughing violently, Kamito looked high up— at the direction of the bombardment.

Over there— a giant fortress was floating!

It was an aerial fortress that was equipped with several layers of composite armor and a countless amount of cannons.

A pair of frozen ice-blue pupils were glaring onto the ground.

"The Silent Fortress—"

The Academy's strongest elementalist, who destroyed the plaza in an instant, slowly landed on the ground.

"Strength will be trampled by greater strength. Half-baked strengths are the same as nothing."


Kamito pressed down on the side his abdomen that was oozing blood as he glared at Velsaria.

There were buildings of the plaza that were destroyed in every way possible by the bombardment.

The fragments of rubble, which was smashed up, were merciless raining onto the crowd that had not fled.

"Why did you open fire! You should know that using such an elemental waffe would end out like—"

"I only exterminated the rampaging spirits. Those that were involved were unlucky— no, for it to end with this level of damage was instead lucky of them."

"My esteemed sister! Do you seriously think like—"

Velsaria coldly looked down at the enraged Ellis.

"Ellis, it looks like it was a mistake to entrust you as the captain. It seems like you can't even deal with a situation of this level. You're free to spit out your ideals of a knight or something— but ideals without power are just thoughtless words. You don't have the qualifications to call yourself a knight."


Pushing away Ellis, Velsaria was about to leave.

At that moment.

"Take it back."


"Take it back, those words you just said! And apologize to Ellis!"

With his faint consciousness, Kamito dragged his feet forward with wobbly footsteps and approached Velsaria.

It was unacceptable that she spouted out such words without even knowing Ellis' feelings.

It was the fact that the one who spouted such words was the knight that Ellis had once admired.

"Whatever belief you hold onto is your freedom. However, you know, I'll just never forgive you who doesn't know anything, for stepping on Ellis' ideals."

"I'm just saying the truth. The Fahrengart knights would never twist their words."

"Don't mess around, you do not have the qualifications to call yourself a knight."


There were ripples of emotions rising in Velsaria's pupils.

It was neither irritation, nor anger— but some different emotion.

"Disappear, male elementalist. Your existence is an eyesore."


Just when he was going to try chase her further, Kamito's vision violently shook.

Blood gushed out of his throat. The vision in front of his eyes suddenly began to fade like there was a haze.



Claire quickly held and stopped Kamito's body that was falling to the ground.

Translator's Notes and Reference[edit]

  1. sound of waterdrops