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Chapter 6 - Decisive Battle at the Holy Capital[edit]

Part 1[edit]

"Kyahh, w-what happened?"

Due to the sudden impact on the ship, Rinslet lost balance and fell on the floor.


Fenrir ran circles around her in concern.

Having rammed into the Holy Capital, the Revenant had stopped in midair as though it were stuck.

"The ship stopped. What is going on?"

Standing on the deck, Fianna raised an eyebrow and looked behind her.

Blocked by clouds of dust, visibility was quite bad.

It was practically impossible to see what the situation was like outside the ship.

With worried expressions, the four Queens were gathered together.

"Did the drive reactor malfunction?"

Rinslet stood up and patted dust off her skirt.


Perhaps the drive reactor had sustained some kind of damage when the ship crashed through the barrier.

However, what was that impact just now?

"Iseria-sama, standing there is very dangerous."

Just then, Rinslet saw Iseria standing on the railing on the deck.

The Water Elemental Lord's avatar was staring into the clouds of dust with a serious expression on her face.

"...! This presence, could it be—"

Iseria widened her eyes, murmuring to herself.

"Hey, what the heck happened?"

Originally standing by inside the ship, Muir came up to the deck. Greyworth was with her too.

"Not sure."

"Velsaria, is the drive reactor alright?"

Greyworth took out a spirit crystal for communications.

Divine power resonance produced some static. Soon there was a reply.

"The drive reactor is not malfunctioning, but—"

"But what?"

"Directly below the ship, there is some kind of giant entity—"


Just as Greyworth asked...

There was a noise from the ship being squeezed. The ship was also tilting greatly.

" " " "Kyahhhhhhhhh!" " " "

"Grab the railing, everybody!"

Fianna shouted to the fearful Queens.

"Iseria-sama, over here!"

"V-Very well..."

Rinslet caught the Water Elemental Lord's arm and embraced her.

Suddenly, a large shadow with outspread wings appeared overhead.

It was a giant flying dragon, all covered with jet-black scales.

Leonora's dragon spirit, Nidhogg.

"—There seems to be something directly beneath the ship!"

Riding the dragon, Leonora warned.

Nidhogg flapped its wings hard and spun in a circle, blowing away clouds of dust.

"...! That is!?"

Leaning out from the deck, Fianna widened her eyes.

Once the dust cleared, what appeared in her view was—a gigantic arm.

A gigantic hand made of rock had caught the Revenant in a firm grasp.

"W-What is that thing!?"

"...Could it be a strategic-class militarized spirit!?"

Fianna held her breath.

After the Ranbal War ended, there were seven powerful militarized spirits that had been sealed away and scrapped under the terms of the continental treaty.

To think that something of that sort had been lying dormant at the Holy Capital?


"No, you are mistaken—"

Iseria disagreed clearly.


"That is—"

The Water Elemental Lord only finished half her sentence.

There was a noise from the ship getting flattened.

"T-The ship cannot hold!"

"...! Abandon ship!"

"Too late!"

Rinslet hastily pointed out. Putting aside Iseria who was a spirit, escaping while taking Fianna and the four Queens along would be no easy task.

Just then...

"Hold on tight, everyone!"

A voice came from above.

Claire in Einherjar armor—with wings of flame sprouted from her back—and Ellis who was riding Simorgh. There was also Kamito behind Ellis.

"Claire, Captain!"

"Your Highness, excuse me—"

Claire grabbed Rinslet and Iseria's hands and flew into the sky. Simorgh landed on the deck and used his sharp claws to pick up Fianna and the four Queens.

Meanwhile, Leonora's dragon spirit picked up Muir by her collar.

As for Greyworth, she had already chanted spirit magic for spatial travel and left the ship.

In the next instant, the deck folded and the Revenant was crushed.

With the destruction of the driver reactor's spirit crystals, there was a flash of bright light.

"...! The Revenant has been!?"

"My esteemed sister!"

Ellis cried out. However.

"—Ellis, I am fine."

Hearing that, Ellis looked back, only to see the Fortress hovering in midair.

She had evidently escaped in time.

"My esteemed sister...!"

Ellis breathed a sigh of relief.

But very soon, she switched back to a solemn expression.

"...Kamito, what is that?"

She was staring at the gigantic arm of rock, extending from the ground.

...Just the arm was already this big. Or wait, perhaps the arm was the whole body?

Simorgh circled once in the air, putting down the frightened Queens somewhere in the distance.

Claire also landed on a church to let down Rinslet and Iseria.

"Be careful, it's coming!"

Kamito shouted loudly.

Rumble rumble rumble rumble rumble...!

As though the entire Holy Capital was shaking, there was an earthquake.

The ground cracked open and something slowly stood up from underground—

A giant.

A head like a mountain of rock. The body that was like a mountain range was covered with plants and vines.

The size was enough to rival the Holy Lord Palace at the center of the Holy Capital.

"W-What is that?"

Rinslet gasped.

The giant's presence was astounding.

"Lode Gear—"

Iseria spoke.


The instant she heard the name whispered by the Water Elemental Lord, Claire's eyebrow jumped.

"—That's the Earth Elemental Lord."

"...! Elemental Lord!?"

The name uttered by Iseria made everyone present look at her.

"Iseria-sama, wasn't the Earth Elemental Lord turned into a Gate?"

"Yes, that was what happened to the principal body, devoured by Otherworldly Darkness. This thing is similar to me and Volcanicus, an avatar that separated with a portion of power. However, it seems to be quite powerful."


The Earth Elemental Lord's avatar. If what Iseria said was true, then in front of them was an opponent even more powerful that strategic-class militarized spirits.

"...Is there any way to communicate?"

Claire turned her eyes to Earth Queen Nia Roshka.

However, the Earth Queen shook her head in despair.

"...No, that thing no longer has any connection with me."

"True. It does not even have the slightest sanity remaining."

Iseria said sadly.


The Earth Elemental Lord roared. The sound caused the ground to tremble and the air to shake.

"Our only choice is to defeat it, huh?"

Kamito readied his two swords.

However, Greyworth took a step forward as though to stop him.


"Leave this to me. You lot should get going first."

The Dusk Witch drew out her demon sword and glared at the Earth Elemental Lord.


"As soon as that Gate opens, this world will end, right?"

Following Greyworth, Leonora also walked towards the giant.

"Count me in. After all, that is the Dragon King's mortal enemy."

"Ahah, Muir's specialty is hunting big prey."

Muir also took out a spirit crystal and looked back at Kamito.

"Tiiiiime to go on a rampage!"

"Hunting big prey is my prided domain too."

Saying that, Velsaria landed her Fortress on the ground.

"Esteemed sister, I too—"

"You will go with Kazehaya Kamito."

Velsaria looked the members of Team Scarlet one after another.

"You are the ones who defeated me. Stay and work as a team."

"—Understood. I entrust the Queens to you."

There was no time to argue. Kamito swiftly nodded.

Fianna and Rinslet grabbed onto Simorgh's wings.

Claire flapped her wings of flame.

Kamito released divine power and jumped into the air.

The Earth Elemental Lord tried to block the five of them who had taken flight.

However, Greyworth's demon sword flashed, drawing its attention.

"We are your opponents, Elemental Lord—"

Greyworth smiled fearlessly.

"Now then, time to begin the hunt."

"Don't get in my way, dragon lass."

"I am no longer the same as before."

Saying that, Leonora activated Dragon Blood.

Part 2[edit]

Leaving the battlefield, Kamito and his team flew towards the Holy Lord Palace towering at the center of the city.

The Holy Capital's anti-air defense network was practically paralyzed. After all, the Holy Capital Alexandria was not a city serving the role of military stronghold in the first place.

Despite spirit magic released by scattered statue guardian spirits, all of them were shot down unerringly by Rinslet while riding on Simorgh's back.

"Looks like there won't be any more militarized spirits."

With her wings of flame outspread, Claire stayed vigilant of the surroundings while muttering.

"Yes, what was deployed outside the city was already the Holy Capital's entire military force."

Ellis nodded.

"There was no reason to keep anything in reserve."

Saying that, Rinslet fired another arrow. Just then...

There was a deafening explosion behind them.

It was a noise from the battle between the Earth Elemental Lord and Greyworth's group.

Gloom surfaced on everyone's faces.

However, no one looked back.

Those who stayed behind had placed their trust on Team Scarlet, entrusting the future to them.

Hence, Team Scarlet will trust them in return.

—The Dusk Witch, Dracunia's strongest dragon knight, Silent Fortress, the Instructional School's Monster. They were all formidable foes whom Kamito had fought in the past.

Even against the Earth Elemental Lord, those four were not going to find themselves at a disadvantage.

A gigantic tower of pure white—the Holy Lord Palace's perimeter wall was before them.

"Where is the entrance to the building?"

After surveying the tower's exterior, Fianna asked in surprise.

Indeed, there was nothing resembling an entrance no matter how they searched.

"Who cares. Just melt the wall!"

Saying that, Claire began to swing the scorching Flametongue from the air.


Suddenly, a strong presence shrouded the vicinity.

That blood lust felt to Kamito as though a giant hand was squeezing his entire body.

"...! Ellis, evade!"

Just as Kamito shouted.

An intense storm blew across the Holy Capital's sky that was filled with dark clouds.

"...! Simorgh!"

Attacked by the raging wind, Simorgh lost balance in the sky. Despite Ellis' best efforts, she could not regain control of air currrents.

"W-What is going on? Kyahhhhhh!?"

With wings bent at an unnatural angle, Simorgh spun while crashing down.


With wings of flame outspread from her back, Claire tried to reach out, but she could not fly smoothly due to interference from the storm.


Hastily, Kamito kicked the outer wall of the building and accelerated towards the ground.

Realizing Kamito's intent, Ellis immediately used wind spirit magic.

"...O Wind, sweep away—Wind Bombs!"

The violent blast punched a hole in the ground, neutralizing the howling wind.

Seizing the moment when Simorgh quickly regained control, Ellis forced her contracted spirit to land on a plaza.

Impact. On the wings, Rinslet and Fianna were both tossed hard into the air.

"...! Careful—"

Waiting down below, Kamito swiftly caught the two young ladies.

"Are you okay?"


"The method was rather rough, but thank goodness."

Rinslet and Fianna nodded. Ellis ended up hitting the ground in the forced landing, but her armor apparently cushioned the impact.

"...! What the heck happened!?"

Landing on the plaza, Claire asked.

Overhead, the storm was howling.

—It felt like it was trying to imprison them.

Of course, it could not possibly be normal wind. Even in the worse parts of Astral Zero, there would not exist any natural wind that could blow down Simorgh, a high-level spirit.

(Also, that blood lust I sensed just now—)

Kamito stood up and searched the surrounding presences.


"—Foolish flying insects, how dare you oppose a lord?"


A gust of wind began to blow in the center of the plaza.

The swirling wind swept up debris, forming a gigantic tornado.


Claire exclaimed in alarm.

The tornado split up while turning, forming a barrier of wind surrounding the plaza.

"...! We are imprisoned."


Nodding, Kamito stared at the center of the plaza.

A petite figure appeared at the center of tornado that reached all the way to the sky.


It was a girl who looked about the same age as Claire and the others, dressed in Quina-style priestess outfit.

Her beautiful face had a pale complexion. Her glittering emerald hair fluttered in the wind. Beneath those elegant brows were a pair of clear sky-blue eyes, glaring angrily at Team Scarlet from the sky.

The girl was exuding terrifying blood lust.

In front of such an oppressive presence, ordinary elementalists would be frozen stiff.

"W-Who is this?"

Rinslet gasped.

"I am Belphal Sylphid—"

The girl spoke in an emotionless voice.

"...! Did you say Belphal!?"

Hearing that, Fianna widened her eyes.

"Could it be the Wind Elemental Lord!?"

Ellis spoke in shock.

Wind Elemental Lord Belphal Sylphid and Fire Elemental Lord Volcanicus were equally known for their bad tempers among Elemental Lords.

"I-Is this for real?"

Rinslet asked the seal on her left hand.

(—Yes, there is no mistake. She is the Wind Elemental Lord.)

Iseria Seaward's voice answered.

"Not only the Earth Elemental Lord but the Wind Elemental Lord too—"

Ellis groaned.

"At least she's in human form. Can we communicate?"

"Who knows? I think chances are slim—"

Hearing Kamito's suggestion, Claire replied coldly.

"I guess you're right..."

The girl enveloped in violent wind reached out with her hand and moved her lips.

"Minions of the Darkness Elemental Lord who betrayed the world, be gone—"

Instantly, countless wind blades appeared in the girl's surroundings.



Hastily, Kamito swung the Demon Slayer towards the ground.

The emitted light ripped the ground, digging up stone tiles to form a temporary wall.

"—Wind Wall!" "—Knights of Protection!"

A beat slower, Ellis and Fianna deployed a wind barrier and a shield of holy light respectively.

These were high-level defensive spells capable of deflecting the majority of spirit magic.

The incoming wind blades attacking from all directions tore apart buildings and pulverized the ground.

With the sound of sharp shattering noises, their vision was instantly obscured by clouds of dust and debris.

(...What monstrous power—)

Keeping his stance with the Demon Slayer swung, Kamito complained in his mind.

The plaza's landscape was transformed.

Practically all the surrounding buildings were demolished. Countless cracks and marks were left on the ground.

Although they just managed to block, protected by Kamito's technique and double defensive magic—

For the Lord of Wind, this attack just now was nothing more than a mere greeting.

Despite her appearance as an adorable girl, her power was no less than the Earth Elemental Lord earlier, perhaps even greater.

(...Damn it, in this kind of place—)

Gripping the hilts of his two swords, Kamito looked beyond the girl hovering in the air.

—A gigantic void had opened up in the sky of Astral Zero.

There was no time. Even though the Holy Lord Palace was right before their eyes—


Just then, Claire lowered her voice and whispered.

"Leave this to us. You head over to the Holy Lord."


Kamito looked back, only to see Claire gazing at him with a determined look.

"Kamito-san, leave her to us."

Holding her bow, Rinslet smiled with confidence.

"Yes, you should be able to break through the tornado barrier if it is just yourself."


Kamito was a bit hesitant.

Ellis was right. If it was Kamito alone, he could very well break through the wind barrier by force using the Demon Slayer's protection and the divine power of darkness.

However, though she was just an avatar, the enemy was one of the Elemental Lords of Astral Zero after all.

To leave the rest of Team Scarlet here would be—

"Do not worry, Kamito-kun."

Fianna shook her head.

"We are the Demon King's Queens."

"Also, no matter what, there is no time to waste here with her."

Claire kicked the ground, spread her wings of fire and hovered.

"The Holy Lord's goal is to buy time to open the Gate, right?"


Kamito was at a loss for words. Indeed, she was right.

If the Gate to the Otherworld became fully open, all of their efforts to this day would have been for nothing.

'Kamito, leave this to Miss Hell Cat and the others. Having inherited the Darkness Elemental Lord's power, you are the only one capable of defeating the Holy Lord.'

The seal on his left hand glowed while Restia's voice sounded in his mind.

"T-Trust us. We are the teammates who experienced the trials and tribulations of the Blade Dance together with you."

"Yes. Just leave it to us."


"We will catch up after defeating her."

Hearing Claire, Fianna, Ellis and Rinslet all nodded firmly.


"...Got it."

He said slowly.

Indeed, these girls had achieved unbelievable growth over the past few months.

Not only did their improve their individual power, but Team Scarlet was also working better and better as a unit in tactical coordination. Even against an Elemental Lord, they probably could hold their own.

Using the divine power of darkness to cover his entire body, Kamito looked at Belphal across the cloud of dust.

The Wind Elemental Lord's sky-blue eyes widened slightly.

"—Successor of the Darkness Elemental Lord, you shall perish right here!"

The wind roared. Her emerald hair fluttered.

"Victory goes to the one who makes the first move, let's go—!"

Claire stepped forward. At the same time, Kamito and Ellis sprang into action too.

This was a front line combination they had repeated many times already. There was no need to even signal.

"Thou art my sword, thou art my shield, turn into infinite light, O purifier of darkness—Save the Queen!"

With Fianna's incantation, a powerful protective barrier was deployed.

"—Be gone!"

Belphal unleashed a storm.

With overwhelming mass, the storm swept the surroundings in a radiating manner.

"O vicious wind, rampage—!"

Ellis swung Ray Hawk.

Full Burst—This was a move that deliberately sent the contracted spirit's power to go out of control.

The two masses of wind collided, causing an explosion at the center of the plaza.

Weaving his way through the flying debris, Kamito dashed ahead.

"—Go, Kamito!"

Ellis chanted the spirit magic of Swift Wind.

Kamito felt his body float slightly, his running speed increased.


Belphal widened her eyes slightly.

In her hand, a giant magic spear appeared.

This was a legendary weapon whose divine might was last seen during the Spirit War six thousand years ago.

"Freezing fangs of ice—go forth and pierce, Freezing Arrow!"

Rinslet fired a rain of arrows to cover Kamito and Claire's advance.

"Petty tricks—"

In response, Belphal swung her magic spear, sweeping away the ice projectiles.

However, that momentary delay was enough.

"Useless. Power on this level—"

"Absolute Blade Arts, First Form—Purple Lightning!"


Kamito released divine power, charging all at once.

This was the Absolute Blade Art of divine speed, raising his speed to the limit.

Instantly, Belphal withdrew her magic spear to enter a defensive stance.

This was exactly what Kamito—and his team—wanted.

Kamito turned into a gust of wind, ignored Belphal and charged at the barrier behind her.


Surprised, Belphal turned around.


The Demon Slayer's blade pierced the wind barrier.

Kamito fully released the divine power of darkness.

Ignoring the wind blades that were creating cuts all over his body, he charged single-mindedly.

"—Damn you!"

Realizing his intent, Belphal prepared to unleash the magic spear—

However, a whip of fire entangled her arm.

"Oh no you don't!"


With the whip held in her hand, Claire smiled fearlessly.

"—Wind Elemental Lord, your opponent is us, Team Scarlet."