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Chapter 3 - My Classmate is a Princess[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Stubborn footsteps resounded in the academy hallway.

A sleeved uniform had been provided directly to Kamito, who was following the swaying ponytail.

The uniform Greyworth prepared was custom-designed for his personal use. The fundamental color was the same as that of the other students, pure white, but the dress below it was certainly not a skirt. The cloth of his pants, which was incorporated with holiness, was worn nicely like a gentleman.

(Damn, the size is perfect...she knew it from the very beginning.)

Kamito cursed Greyworth in his head.

"The instructors' building and the students' building are connected on the second floor's hallway. The cafeteria is located on the first floor."

Guiding him through the school building was the girl from before, Ellis Fahrengart.

While Kamito was changing into his uniform, Greyworth seemed to have summoned her.

At first, she openly showed a displeased face, but maybe because of her serious personality, she did not abandon him midway and dutifully continued to guide him.

The school building's design was recklessly complex and in order to create a comfortable space for spirits, it has adopted the standard of the latest spirit engineering architectural style. Anyway, it was definitely a design that had given little consideration for the people using it.

Staring at Ellis' swaying ponytail, Kamito recalled the conversation from earlier. In the end, although he wasn't pleased that things had gone the way the witch had predicted—

Hearing that name, which was mentioned, Kamito was left with no other choice.

Ren Ashbell—suddenly appeared three years ago, The Strongest Blade Dancer.

And, that Ren Ashbell's contracted spirit is—

A darkness spirit in the form of a young girl.


While walking, Kamito dropped his gaze to his left hand which was covered with a leather glove.

(...No, it can't be her. Because, she is—)

Kamito shook his head. Trying to deny it rationally—but could it be... mixed thoughts were in his mind.

(...Well whatever. I'll make sure of it with my own eyes. For now I'll dance in your palm, Greyworth.)


Then Ellis, who was walking in front of him, suddenly stopped.

Facing him with her hand on her waist, she sternly scowled at Kamito.

"Are you listening or what? It's for your own sake that I'm explaining these things."

"...Um, my bad. I was thinking of something."

"Mm, thinking of something?"

For some reason, Ellis' face became red, and she quickly walked towards him.

"Y-You, what kind of things were you thinking while looking at my back!"

"W-Wait, Don't swing your blade here!"

The blade was swung at point blank range, and Kamito quickly dodged it.

(Perhaps... this girl is also...)

It appeared that it was a common problem that all the students of this academy had no immunity to men.

Maybe the reason that she was walking so fast since before, was because she was conscious of the fact that Kamito was a man.

"Listen, don't misunderstand anything! I have not accepted you. I'm guiding you because I have no choice, but to comply with the headmistress' orders!"

"Ah, I get it. But don't treat me like an enemy either. As of today I'm a student of this academy like you."

"I'll never accept you. The fact that there is a man such as you who is an elementalist, there is no way I would accept it!"

Returning on her heels, Ellis began to walk quickly.

"All things considered, why would the headmistress want a man transferred here..."

...It seemed that he was being disliked a lot.

(Well, it can't be helped. This is my fate as the only man in this garden of maidens.)

It's as if a lion had been released on a herd of rabbits.

Naturally, the overly boxed princesses would be wary of a man of the same age.

The Blade Dance will be held two months later.

He had to obtain their trust gradually in this school life.

(Hmm, yeah. Speaking of life.)

Suddenly, something came to his mind.

"Hey, Ellis."


Ellis turned around in a sullen mood.

He thought she might rage because of him calling her by her first name so casually, but apparently she didn't.

"From today onwards, where should I live?"

There was no male dormitory in this academy, and there's no way that he would be given a room in the female dormitory. Would that mean commuting to the school from the academic city at the foot of the mountain?

"Don't worry about it, the academy has prepared a splendid lodge at great expense for you. A part of the endowment had been especially allocated for the construction cost."

"What a strangely thorny way of speaking."

...Well whatever. It's certainly better than being homeless or living outside in the Spirit Forest.

"It can be seen from this window—there it is."

Kamito looked in the direction Ellis was pointing at.

"...Um, where is it?"

Looking around the vast grounds, it seems he can't find any lodging house there.

"Look well, over there at the corner of the plaza square"

Ellis was pointing towards—

"That's... my house?"

A splendid building with a large roof.

More spacious than an ordinary residence house, there were many rooms inside.

Beside it was an exclusive bathing area. Mangers have been piled up near its entrance.

"Is-Isn't that a stable!"

Kamito yelled loudly.

"Are those eye sockets empty? Look closely."


(Um, am I seeing something wrong?)

He only saw the stable.

No, it was a stable at best. After all, they are soothing their horses in that place.


—And then, Kamito finally discovered it.

Next to the stable, where wooden planks had been put together and were erected, there was actually a lodge.

Here and there, different lengths of planks had been nailed down together.

The roof was flaky. A sudden gust of strong wind would destroy such a lodge.

"Ah, maybe—that one?"


Ellis simply nodded.

"Where's the splendid lodge! It seems like it has been built in three days!"

"Three hours. Do not underestimate the power of my contracted spirit."

"You built it?! I mean, wasn't it built at a high price?"

"A high price indeed, I wasted my time because of you. Are you unsatisfied?"

"I'm full of dissatisfaction. It's almost harassment towards me."

"There's a proper bed, made of straw."

"I'm getting the same treatment as a horse..."

"Fu, You have a strong sense of pride. Of course a horse is more worthy of caring for than you."

With the ponytail at her nape brushing on her shoulder, Ellis said clearly.

Somehow, he wanted to cry.

"The restroom? The bath?"

"You can use the back of the lodge as restroom. Unfortunately, you'll need to share the bath."

"Shared bath... with the horses."

Kamito grumbled.

"Are you complaining?" Ellis scowled at him.

"Look, even in the highly unlikely event that you try to invade the academy's restroom, my contracted spirit would turn you into a sauté mushroom."

"Sounds delicious. So, you really like to cook?"

"Yes, It's a hobby. Someday an ideal gentleman will take my hands for marriage, and to please him with my cooking, I'm usually training for it."

"Really, um, if there is a chance, please let me try it too. At least, I have a fine palate."

"Yes. If there's a chance, I would like to demonstrate my proud cooking... What? Who are you to think that I would do something like that for you!?"

*Zing*— In a flash the blade was swung, and Kamito dodged it by a thin margin.

"...You. Forget about cooking, these are not the kind of hands for marriage—"


Kamito retorted with half an eye closed. Maybe being self-conscious, Ellis quickly glanced away.

"Another thing, being the leader of the knights, aren't you messing up the order the most?"

"Shu-Shut up. It was because you said something strange!"

Kamito shrugged his shoulders, then turned towards the corridor again.

"Let's leave the topic of the dormitory for now. Where's my classroom?"

"The Raven Class. Where extraordinary problematic children are gathered, a perfect class for you."

"Extraordinary problematic children?"

"It's exactly as it sounds. ...Mm, Why are you looking so bitter?"

"No, I happen to know something about it."

Kamito remembered in his head, the crimson haired young girl he encountered inside the forest.

Seriously? No way! —That stroke of uneasiness, he couldn't shake it away.

"Are you also from the Raven Class?"

Kamito tentatively asked a question.

The term "extraordinary problematic child" fit this young girl perfectly.

"As if... I'm from the superior class Weasel!"

In an instant, the sword was swung in a flash.

Kamito was expecting it this time, and only the forelocks had slightly been cut.

"...T-The Fahrengart secret sword skill was fended off."

"....As such, don't casually swing at me with your hidden sword skills!"

Climbing up the staircase and walking through the long corridor, Kamito finally saw his classroom.

A large wooden double leaf door with an abstract spirit shaped carving was there.

Areishia Spirit Academy's classrooms were arranged a floor apart from each other. Because classrooms close to each other would likely duel or create some other commotion immediately.

"All the students attending here are princesses from noble families. There are some who hold a grudge against each other. Although, as a regulation of the academy, personal disputes are prohibited; frequent incidents like dueling have never stopped."

While sighing, Ellis clasped her fist strongly.

"We the Sylphid Knights will protect this peaceful academy from the perpetrators."

"No, the one who is disturbing this peace is you—"

—Was what he was about to say, but Kamito shut his own mouth.

As she spoke, the side of Ellis' face was extremely serious.

He thought that she was a reckless girl who swung her blade on every occasion—his impression of her changed a little.

She possesses the pride of a knight.

The male elementalist, whose mere existence would bring disturbance to the academy.

From the point of view of the leader of the knights, who maintains public morals, she naturally couldn't accept Kamito.

Despite all of it, she could sincerely face and talk to him.

A bit stubborn, but at heart, she was honorable.

"...Hm, why are you glaring at my face?"

Ellis suspiciously frowned her eyebrows.

"Well, I'm sorry for the various teasing from some time ago."

"...? Wh-Why you, suddenly!"

Her embarrassed reaction seemed somehow strangely cute.

Part 2[edit]

Looking inside the large auditorium classroom, no one was there. During this time everyone was out. Perhaps they are all engaged in practical training outside in the training field area.

"It's okay from here, I'll hear the rest later from my classmates. Thanks for your guidance."

"Fu, such gratitude is unnecessary. If there was a failure to properly guide you, you might deliberately lose your way to the toilet later."

"You really have no faith in me......"

At this comparatively caustic line from the departing Ellis, Kamito let out a deep sigh.

Judging from his experience so far on the first day, it would be a tall order to gain the trust of his classmates.

While muttering, Kamito stepped into the empty classroom.

Then, at that moment *swoosh* a slash sounded in the air—


A whip forcefully coiled around Kamito's neck.

Being caught by the rough sudden attack, he had been pulled and thrown down in the corridor.


*Cough* Looking around himself while coughing—

"Kazehaya Kamito!"

Over his head, a familiar voice of a young girl descended upon him.

...Honestly, a voice he didn't want to hear.

"Y-Yo-You have escaped from me, despite being my contracted spirit!"

"Hugh, ug"

"Defying me!"


Feigning ignorance and trying to whistle, the thing around his neck tightened.

(This sucks.....)

Thrown down flat onto his back, in front of Claire—

A blazing red haired beautiful young girl with her folded arms looking down to Kamito.

The blowing winds from the window caused her uniform's pleated skirt to float in the air.

"Claire, you...."

A deep groan came from Kamito's throat.

"What, do you intend to reason your way out?"

"No, from here, I can slightly see your panties."


Claire's face blushed, then she quickly restrained her skirt.



A heat haze was rising from Claire's body.

No. It was not a heat haze. It was a completely burning Astral Zero's flame.

"It seems, you really want to be turned into cinders, Kamito?"

"Wai-Wait, not yet!"

Kamito felt that his life was seriously in danger, and quickly shook his head.

"Black is too early for you."


*Strike*— then Claire's whole body solidified.

From her neck to the tip of her ears, it turned deep red liked boiled octopus—

"It-It's not black! It is always white, black is....rarely, what have you made me say, idiot!"

*Fwump*. .......She seemed to have overheated.

Losing her strength, she sunk down to the floor.

Being overly boxed into an ideal princess was her greatest weakness.

.......Is it really okay for an elementalist to be so naive?

"Uugh, this is the second time...... I can't become a bride anymore"

With both of her knees on the floor, Claire began weeping gloomily.

......Somewhat, it looked like he had done something terrible.

"My bad....don't cry, ok?"

Kamito stood up, then approached Claire while she glared at him.

.....Frightening. She could have burnt a person with merely her glare.

She wiped her tears with her uniform sleeve, then clenched her leather whip tightly.

"Kazehaya Kamito."


"I-I'm quite generous, so I'll give you one chance to explain."

Although her tone was calm, obviously her voice was trembling.

........Extremely angry.

"Earlier, why did you escape?"

"No, it's common sense that I would think of escaping."

Kamito unintentionally replied immediately.

An answer—that he immediately regretted.

"......I got it. There's only death for a fugitive slave."

"Wa-Wait, calm down. From a spirit, I have become a slave?!"

"Slave, you're my slave spirit!"

"A new species of spirit was born. How about announcing it to the Spirit Research Agency?"

By the way, in whichever Spirit Forest of the continent, these species of spirit were yet to be discovered.

"Ch-Cheeky slave—No, a slave spirit isn't it!"

"Uwah, I gi.....give, give up, seriously I'll die!"

Forcefully, the whip on his neck ruthlessly tightened, and his consciousness was likely to fly away.

(The knight group, what are they doing! A murder is about to happen inside the academy!)

Looking around in the corridor with no sign of any student.

"By the way—"

Then, Claire's face got closer. Looking rather displeased, she said,

"Sometime ago, you were speaking with the knight group's Ellis Fahrengart, you seemed to be getting along well with her. What does that mean?"

*Cough*, "How could you call that getting along together? She was just guiding me."

"Guide? Why?"

"Because today, I have specially transferred into this academy."

"What?..... You have transferred? Here at Areishia Spirit Academy?"

Claire spread open her eyes, then looked to Kamito's uniformed figure, which she only just noticed now.

"No are a man!"

"Aa. But, you have seen me contracting a spirit."

Kamito nodded, then showed his right hand where the spirit seal was imprinted.

"I'm a male elementalist. That's why Greyworth summoned me here. "


Therefore, Claire—

Lost in thought, she put her finger on her cherry colored lips.

"Really, what........a transfer student......"

*Pfft* *pfft* She murmured something to herself.

(......If she stays quiet, she looks just like a normal, ordinary cute girl.)

And, while staring at the side of her face, Kamito thought.

Claire suddenly raised her head, then turned to face him.

"Um, because you are here, perhaps, you are also in the Raven class?"

"Yeah. .....does that mean, you are in the same class?"

"Yeah. I'm also from the Raven class!"

Claire spoke with a seemingly cheerful voice. Somehow she seemed awfully happy.

Her smiling face would charm anyone who was unaware.

"Say, since it has turned out this way, I'll give you another chance Kamito."

"What chance?"

"Contract. Without a doubt, this time become my exclusive contracted spirit Kamito."

"Wh-Why do I have to do that?"

"Fu, It's natural! Because you snatched the spirit that should have been mine."

Puffing up with her unfortunate chest, Claire pointed her index finger in front of his eyes.

As always, she put forth an arrogant reason.

(......An annoying girl)

Kamito is really quite irritated. Particularly, with no gratitude for saving her life, he had been called a thief.

—For such an arrogant princess, some proper punishment was needed.

"Okay. I'll bind a spirit contract with you, alright."

Helplessly, Kamito purposely nodded his head.

"........Eh? Um, so, at last you have finally become obedient."

She thought that he would be more resistant. Due to the unexpected response, Claire nodded as though quite bewildered.

"In that case—"

STnBD V01 088.jpg

Slowly, Kamito raised Claire's chin by his fingertip.

"Ha? Wha-Wha-What are you doing?"

"Doing? A spirit contract, a high level humanoid spirit contract..... you understand?"


Claire's face froze.

A high level humanoid contract.

In short, it was—

"A contract sealed by a kiss, isn't it?"

Kamito said it, and Claire's face blushed red.

"Uh, not, to that extent—you don't have to go that far, I mean, that."

In a panicky irritable tone, she shook her head furiously.

"Eve-Even without any such formality, I don't mind...."

"Are you scared?"

"I-I'm not particularly scared! Um, but, that......"

"Then close your eyes."

Kamito mischievously whispered to a shrinking Claire's ears.

"Eh, wait......hiwaaaa!?"

(.......She is totally green in such things.)[1]

Such a cute reaction, of course I would want to bully her.

Slowly, bringing his face closer to her thin cherry color lips.

"Um, sorry, I me"

"Too late—"

"Su, so...kyauu!"

Claire gave up then closed her eyes.

(An obedient girl.....)

Kamito smiled bitterly in his mind.

Of course, he did not seriously plan to contract by kiss.

It was a thorough revenge for being tormented by her, but he was not so devilish as to go that far to mistreat a young girl.

Time to let her off—then, as he was about to detach his body, at that moment—

"Hey, you."

He was tapped from behind on his shoulder.

Kamito slowly, timidly turned around.

In that place—

"What are you doing, here in this sacred institute Areishia Spirit Academy?"

A gentle smile floated from the beautiful woman standing there.

She seemed to be in her mid-twenties. Long black hair, and wearing a pair of green black rimmed glasses.

She was dressed in a dark grey suit with a long sleeved white robe on top of it.

"I'm the one in charge of the Raven Class, Freya Grandol. I've heard of you from the headmistress. The Academy's first ever male elementalist."

Wearing a smile that looked like it was pasted on her face, the beautiful woman introduced herself.

However, her eyes were not smiling.

"Now, why did you make our princess cry, bastard?"

Part 3[edit]

Kamito rose up onto the platform, causing some quiet murmurs within the classroom.

That a male elementalist had transferred in, the rumors seemed to have already spread around. But they don't often get the chance to meet a young boy of the same age, so they couldn't hide their anxiety and curiosity from him.

"Is that a male elementalist—"

"He has such vicious looks, like he will kill someone with them."

"Seems like he has already raped Claire Rouge."

"Wh-What is rape?"

"I-I don't know,, perverted!"

"However, his delinquent look, is quite cool ♪."

"Don't be fooled by his outward appearance. Because every man is a perverted beast."

"Rumor has it that he was also having an affair with Ellis Fahrengart."

"Eeh, with that super-serious leader of the knights? By the way, what is an affair?"

"I don't know but..... so-something, indecent!"

.......*whisper* *whisper*.

(.......What are they talking about nonsensically?)

Looking around the classroom built like an old theater, Kamito let out a sigh.

The number of students was fourteen or fifteen. Everyone had been brought up as a princess. Almost all of them were looking towards Kamito with interest, but some of the girls seemed really scared.

(Well, It was an expected reaction from them.)

After all, whenever anyone heard about a male elementalist, the first thing that came into their mind was the name of the ancient demon king who brought disaster and chaos to the continent. .....In other words, an excessively bad image.

Inside the classroom, while being showered with sharp glances like needles, Kamito had the urge to immediately run away.

Among them the specially intense glare—came from the red haired girl in the front row.

Claire's glare that could burn people merely by her sight was fixed on Kamito.

"Burn, Burnt, Burning......"

She grumbled with different forms of the word.

Apparently, from a while ago up until now, she still seemed angry. —Obviously.

For that, Kamito reflected whether he had overdone it.

(If I don't properly apologize later...)

"Obliterate into cinders, obliterate into cinders, obliterate into cinders....."

.......don't know whether he would be forgiven when he apologizes.

"Stop chirping. Be quiet. Do you bunch want to lose credit?"

The professor in charge, Freya Grandol, hit the desk with the class list and the classroom became silent.

She was not a teacher of practical skills but a special lecturer and also a member of the spirit research agency who is traveling in every region of the Spirit Forest of the continent performing field work.

"Here, you, hurry up and introduce yourself."

The eye glasses worn by the beautiful woman gave her an intellectual appearance, but if she opened her mouth, it would expose her true colors.

Well, to put it nicely, she had a daring and largehearted disposition. At least, she didn't seem to be a bad person.

Kamito stepped forward in front of the podium, and briefly introduced himself.

"I am Kazehaya Kamito, sixteen years old. However, as you can see, I'm a male, don't be afraid and let us get along with each other, thanks."

It was too simple, but he had nothing else to say.

For secrets that can't be said, there were plenty.

The classmates reaction were—

"Like, ordinary......right?"

"Yeah, ordinary. Not much of a demon king."


"However, seems like, I have fallen for him ♪."

"A, see. An aloof look, doesn't he make you want to protect him?"

The once quiet classroom was filled with buzzing again.

(Wh-What is this fluffy sweet feeling?)

Due to the unexpected reaction of the young girls, Kamito was puzzled.

He thought that he would be greeted with chilly eyes or even despising eyes.

However, the reactions that he felt earlier from all of the girls were very light.

Guessing Kamito's doubt, Ms. Freya whispered into his ear.

"Ah, the princesses here have different senses to the commoners. After all, they are constantly handling the most puzzling neighbor to humans: 'the spirits'. Well, rather than criticizing you as a male elementalist, they are just curious in many ways about a young boy of the same age."

(Really? Is that how it is—)

Since it was put that way, it might be a little easier.


And, one of the girls timidly raised her hand.

"Ye-Yeah, What?"

"Um, umm, wha-what's your favorite food?"

"Eh? Well, anything.....if anything, I like Gratin"

"Ordinary!" "Quite Ordinary!" "I thought he would say Nyoitaimori!" "Cute!"

*Blah blah blah*.

".....What's this. A Nyoitaimori?"

Starting with that girl, one by one, they poured questions towards him.

"Where is your home town?" "Your three sizes?" "Which place do you wash first in a bath?"

.....Princess, It was almost sexual harassment.

However, the one who was asking the question was blushing red all the way to her ears.

"Have you decided on your team yet?"


"Of course the team for this coming Blade Dance"


The Blade Dance that would be held two months later was going to be in the format of a five person team group battle. Kamito, as one person, couldn't enter by himself, he needed to find other elementalists and form a team.

"As of now, I don't have a team yet. I'm going to start looking for my other fellow teammates now."

In two months, whether he would find such people, he didn't know.

"Is it true, that you have tamed the sword sealed spirit that no one else has been able to contract?"


Kamito's eyebrow frowned in surprise. It looked like words of the event from this morning had already went around in the academy.

Who on earth—

"Yeah, and I am the one who tamed this Kamito that tamed the spirit!"

Slowly rising, Claire puffed up her almost nonexistent chest proudly.

" I thought, you!"

The princesses shrieked together in excitement.

"Kamito, what's your relationship with Claire?"

"Master and her slave spirit!"

"Total nonsense. Don't answer it for me!"

Kamito quickly retorted against Claire who was answering it with her hands on her hips.

"What, an insolent slave spirit."

"When did I become your slave spirit!"

Watching the interaction between these two people, the girls became more and more excited.

The situation was about to be out of control—

*Bam*. Ms. Freya struck her desk. The classroom settled down.

"Arg. Girls, cut it out! You, hurry up and choose your favorite seat."


Freya sent a lifeboat, Kamito gladly rode on it.

Of course, he preferred to sit as far from the red haired princess as possible. He started walking towards one of the seats in the back.

At that moment. *Pashii*, a torturing leather whip coiled around his neck.


With his neck being strangled, in that way, he had been pulled backward.

*Cough* *cough*, "What are you doing!"

"Where are you going? Your seat is next to me."

"Hah, who will sit in such a dangerous seat? Uooooh—"

While his neck was being strangled, Kamito tried to move forward.

"Hm, trying to oppose me. I'll show you who's the master!"

*Scratch scratch scratch scratch*...........!

Kamito tried to unfasten the whip, Claire skillfully controlled her whip and prevented him from doing so.

"dddd.....da, mn......"

He couldn't breathe. More and more oxygen ceased to circulate in his brain, at that time.

*Swoosh* the sound of a gust of wind, Kamito's body was suddenly released.


Kamito lost his balance and tripped over the staircase.

What on earth happened—


Turning around, in front of him standing stabbed into the floor was a sharp arrow.

Not a metal arrow. It's a clear ice arrow sparkling from the reflection of the sunlight.

(......Is this, an elemental waffe?)

The same as Claire's flame whip, the incarnation of their spirit was turned into its weapon form.

Who was it...?

"A disgrace, Claire Rouge."

An elegant voice was heard in the highest part of the classroom.

Kamito staying down on the ground, looked up and there—

An extravagant platinum blonde beautiful young girl, standing with her hands on her hips.

A high class princess, as featured in a painted picture. Her skin is as white as the first snow.

The color of her pupils is a fine emerald green in pale radiance.

A charming smile appeared, calmly looking down at Claire.

".......W-What do you want, Rinslet Laurenfrost?!"

Claire growled in a deep voice. A dangerous color floated in her ruby eyes, it seemed like she would bite at any moment.

"Give up, because he had already said that he wants to sit next to me."

*Hmmp*, combing her platinum blonde hair, declared the princess.

(I have not said anything of that sort—Anyway, it was a big help.)

Kamito was about to stand up when the blonde haired princess gracefully came down the stairs.

She bent down in front of Kamito, and stared at him as though evaluating his value.

As the adorably beautiful girl was intently staring at him, Kamito's eye unintentionally diverted.

"Hmm, the face is not so bad."

Rinslet seemed satisfied, nodded and-

"Hey! You, do you want to become my servant?"


Suddenly, she said something unexpected.

"Do-Don't lay your hands on him as you please, this guy is my slave spirit!"

Claire ran up on the stairs, and immediately grasped Kamito's arm.

"When did I become yours."

"Shut up!"

Claire suddenly yanked his arm.

The upper arm touched her breast, Kamito's heart involuntarily beat faster.

Although it was almost nonexistent— She was still a sixteen year old young girl.

A reasonable elastic feeling was all that was needed and his heart would be pounding.



On his other arm, an utterly other dimensional sensation could be felt!

"Ah, he does not belong to you, does he?"

Rinslet held Kamito's left arm tightly with both hands.

Different from Claire's pitiful assets, over here there is a considerable...sense of existence.

(Wai-Wait, this is.......!)

Pressed from both sides with a soft feeling, Kamito's face suddenly became hot.

"Re-Release, you fool!"

"What did you say, flat chest!"

A crackling spark scattered from the two princesses glaring at each other.

*Funyu*. *Fuyon~*. Fukyun~*.

......Though it felt great, but if they don't release his arms first, it seemed like his heart would burst.

And, at that time.

"Owawawah, m-milady, don't give more hardship to Mr. transfer student!"

From above the classroom, A young girl in maid clothes came running down.

(.....What the? A maid?)

Kamito spreads his eyes, staring at the young girl's appearance.

A waving long skirt with frills. A short bob trim cut black hair. A white brim that nicely suits her is resting on top of her head.

No matter how you look at it, she's a fine maid.

(........Why is there a maid here in this academy!?)

Since she called her "milady", it seems she is this blonde princess' maid.

But in any case, she seemed to have a more normal personality. Without a doubt, at least she would intervene against this sour dispute. Kamito embraced a dim hope, but at that time...


The maid fell.

In the middle of the stairs, it was an impressive fall.


Rinslet's face became pale.


Kamito shook off the two people's arms, and jumped kicking off the floor.


Somehow, he caught the screaming and falling maid's flying body. He wrapped his arms around the young girl so as to prevent her head from being hurt, and they tumbled down the stairs.

The two people hugging each other while rolling down, finally stopped.

".......Hm, are you hurt—"

He opened his mouth to say that—and then Kamito's thoughts froze.

In his front. *Fuyon~*, there were large soft things.

Under the neat and tidy cloth of the maid, melons larger than that of Rinslet.

", .........uaah, I'm sorry!" fuwa~* Tears began to float in the young maid's black pupil.

"U......Um, .........uaah, I'm sorry!"

*Fuwa~* Tears began to float in the young maid's black pupils.

*Kaatsu* her face blushed, and while being panicked she tried to stand up—


The nose of Kamito was pressed more and more by her breast.

(I'm in trouble.....I can't breathe...)


At the sight of two people intertwined with each other, the classroom's young girls raised an excited scream.

"Pe-Pervert!" "As I thought a lewd beast!" "Reincarnation of the demon king!"

"N-No, I'm.........mogugugu.....!"

Hurriedly attempting to deny, his voice was being absorbed by the well rounded breast.



Suddenly, A rumbling sound could be heard from above.

......An earthquake. Perhaps.

Somehow, it has a very, very bad sensation.

Looking up from the valley of the breasts—

There, the shape of Claire holding a blazing flame whip.

"Thi-Thi-This perverted spirit~!"

"Wait, It can't be helped no matter how you look at it...."

"Shu-Shut up, please turn into cinders!"

(Why is it that it always becomes like this.....)

While Kamito groaned hopelessly, the whip ruthlessly swung at him with no mercy.

References and Translation Notes[edit]

  1. Green as in "inexperienced"