Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance:Volume20 Chapter3

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Chapter 3 - The Demon King's Darkness Kagura[edit]

Part 1[edit]

"—The Water Elemental Shrine is ready. Please gather."

From on top of a glowing magic circle, Iseria Seaward spoke.

She had apparently created a small dimension in the gap between the human realm and Astral Zero. Safian had done something similar at the Demon King City before.

After standing on the magic circle according to her instructions, Team Scarlet's view was obscured by a flash of white light.


"W-What happened!?"

In the next instant, Kamito and the girls were tossed into the air, then they fell upon some sort of soft object.


"W-What is this room?"

Kamito looked around him and muttered.

They had fallen on top of a soft and fluffy bed. The bed did not have a canopy. With all kinds of spirit mosaic artwork, it was steeped in fantasy.

The floor, covered with artistic patterned tiles had a clear layer of water on it. Floating on the water was a dense plethora of roses in different colors such as red, white, pink and blue.

Decorating the walls were spirit crystals providing faint illumination to the room. Reflected by the large circular mirror embedded in the ceiling, the light caused the water surface to shimmer brilliantly.

The refreshing fragrance of incense was drifting in the air.

"This room is quite nice, do you agree? I created it based on ancient harems."

Iseria's voice echoed in the room.


"How you use this room is up to all of you. Well then, I shall make myself scarce to avoid getting in the way."

With a chuckle that echoed as it receded away, the Water Elemental Lord's voice disappeared.

"...What is going on?"

Kamito shrugged then turned his head to look back—

Claire and the girls were blushing to their ears, fidgeting awkwardly, exchanging glances with one another.

"W-We have to do it in this kind of place?"

"This is the dimension created by a great Elemental Lord, after all. It is practically flawless for conducting a ritual."

In response to Ellis' murmurs of unease, Fianna raised her index finger and explained.

"Th-That being said..."

"So, how is the ritual performed?"

"H-Hmm... First, a bath for purification."

With a nervous look, Claire read through the scroll that Restia had handed over to her.

After a while, she looked up and stared at Kamito as though she had something to say but was hesitant to say it.

"Uh, should I go away for a bit?"

"Th-That goes without saying... But, despite intentions—"

Claire looked around the Water Elemental Shrine.

Inside the cramped octagonal room, there was not a door in sight.

"...By the way, how do we exit outside?"

"Once the ritual is finished, it'll probably collapse automatically."

Fianna answered Kamito's mundane question.

"...Then what do I do?"

Don't tell me I'll have to watch them bathe?

"Worry not. I brought this exactly because I guessed something like this might happen."

Fianna took out a black cloth from the bosom of her uniform.

"What is that cloth, Your Highness?"

"A blindfold prepared for Kamito-kun."


Kamito could not help but stare wide-eyed.

"Your Highness, you keep that with you at all times!?"

"Fufu, after all, it is a royal hobby."

Winking, the princess smiled mischievously.

"Oh well, there's no other way. We'll just have to make do with what we have."

Claire coughed lightly and nodded.

"W-Wait a sec, is that really okay?"

"Come on, Kamito-kun, hold still now♪"

"Yes, my apologies, Kamito."

"It is all for the ritual's sake."


Held down by three young ladies, Kamito was thus blindfolded.

Part 2[edit]

...Splish splash.

The sounds of girls bathing kept entering his ears.

With his vision totally blacked out, Kamito was idling away on the bed like a statue.

(...W-What the heck is this situation!?)

He silently lamented in his thoughts.

The water noises sounded especially seductive right now. The girls' whispers among themselves were echoing inside the shrine.

"...~! I cannot believe I am purifying myself in front of Kamito-san. How embarrassing."

"I-It is fine. His eyes are covered."

"But he can still hear, right?"

"You are worrying too much, Ellis. By the way, it looks so soft♪"

"Hwah, Your Highness, where do you think you are touching!?"

Splash. The sound of water was loud and clear.

"You two, what is with the horseplay during purification?"

"Kamito won't be peeking, will he?"

"...L-Like hell I will!"

Kamito could not help but refute loudly. Well, if he wanted to, all he needed to do was focus divine power in his eyes and he would be able to see, but of course, he was not going to do that.

(But still, so the purification of princess maidens is like this, I see...)

Thinking that, he waited for a while then—

"We're ready..."

Claire said timidly to him.

"Uh, what do I do?"

"Kamito-kun, just relax."


Hearing Fianna's very cheerful voice, Kamito nodded.

The bed creaked from the weight. The girls' breaths approached him.

"I'm going to take off the blindfold, okay—"


Claire placed her hand on Kamito's face and took away the blindfold with a whoosh.

Under the dim lighting of spirit crystals, what entered his view was—


Girls dressed in only underwear, shy expression on their faces.

"Hwah, K-Kamito!?"

In front of him, Claire frantically covered her chest with both arms.

She was wearing embroidered underwear of white silk with lace.

Her chest was petite and cute.

Blushing faintly, her tender skin was all exposed to Kamito's eyes.

Normally tied in twintails, her crimson hair had been let down, spread on the bed like petals of a flower.

Lying by Kamito's side was Fianna dressed in mature black underwear. Notably, portions of her underwear fabric was especially thin, offering a translucent view of her skin color. The panties consisted of extremely tiny fabric, looking as though she might have a wardrobe malfunction from the slightest movement.

"Fianna, isn't that outfit going too far!?"

"Fufu, this is specially prepared underwear exclusive for royals♪"

"How can royals be so shameless!?"

Kamito could not help but throw in a criticism, instantly averting his eyes.

His gaze turned to—

"Kamito... Oooh, this is so embarrassing..."

In underwear, Ellis was so embarrassed that she was at a loss what to do.

Her breasts, normally imprisoned in her Sylphid Knights armor, had been liberated, exposing deep cleavage. Fidgeting with the tips of strands of hair in her ponytail, she looked extremely cute.

Seeing the knight captain with the serious personality like this, Kamito could not help but stare mesmerized—

Suddenly beautiful brown eyes looked up at Kamito.

"U-Uh, I beg you, please stop staring..."

She pleaded.


Kamito hurriedly turned his gaze to the side—

This time, he made eye contact with Rinslet, who was wearing water-blue underwear.

Rinslet's underwear was apparently called a babydoll, resembling a flimsy one-piece dress with fluttering lace.

Instantly, Rinslet hid behind Claire's back.

"Wait, Rinslet!"

"K-Kamito, I-I am too embarrassed..."

On the bed, she kept drawing circles with her index finger.

Her cheeks were bright red.

"Uh, w-what is this...?"

Faced with the beautiful maidens in underwear with blushing faces, Kamito was at a loss for words.

"T-Time is running out. Let's hurry and start the Darkness Kagura!"

At that moment, Claire seemed to have committed her resolve.

"W-Wait, you're doing it dressed like that?"

Hearing that, Kamito asked frantically.

—Darkness Kagura was a ritual for sharing the Darkness Elemental Lord's divine power with princess maidens.

Kamito had prepared himself mentally for some level of bodily contact, but—

(No one ever told me it was going to be done in underwear, Restia!)

...So that's why the girls made strange faces when Restia was telling them about the details of the ritual.

"Th-The darkness spirit says it must be performed under skin contact."

"W-We are fine! We are committed!"


"Fufu, leave it to us♪ Kamito-kun, just sit back and enjoy."

The four adorable girls pressed themselves against Kamito.

"Hey Kamito, we have a-all prepared ourselves mentally for this—"

Claire clutched Kamito's uniform sleeve tightly.

She sounded extremely serious.


Kamito noticed that the girls had mustered their full courage for the sake of becoming stronger.

To hesitate now would only waste their feelings.

—Kamito committed his resolve too.

Part 3[edit]

"...Ah... Mmm...♪"

Claire's lips pressed against Kamito's neck.

Her kitten-like tongue was licking Kamito's skin.

"Mm... Kamito's sweat, it's salty..."

Her sweet voice whispered in his ear.


Kamito could not help but hold his breath.

Her eyes were in ecstasy.

With delicate movements, she gradually unfastened the buttons on Kamito's uniform.

Her attitude, completely different from usual, made his heart race.

"...! Claire, uh, you don't have to force yourself because of the ritual."

"I-I'm not forcing myself..."

Claire pouted, looking a bit offended.

"G-Give your divine power of darkness to us..."

Saying that, she bit Kamito's neck gently.

The pleasurable pain made Kamito relax, feeling like his entire body was being carried away in ecstasy.

(...My divine power is mixing together with Claire's?)

...Say, is it really okay for her to absorb the divine power of darkness?

"...Mm... Ahmm... Mm♪"

The moist tips of Claire's hair brushed against Kamito's naked skin.

"Ah... Claire... Wait, that place is—!?"

As stimulating as an electric current, the pleasure made him cry out.

Did she find Kamito's reaction amusing? Claire began to seek Kamito's affection like a kitten.

"Fufu, Kamito, how's this?"


Scarlet eyes were looked up at Kamito.

...So cute. To think the Claire he knew could make this kind of expression.

(Is she behaving a bit weird after absorbing the divine power of darkness?)

Just as Kamito was beginning to worry...

"Kamito-kun, I want it too♪"

This time it was Fianna's turn to kiss his naked shoulder.

Her kiss was full of allure, like sucking nectar from a flower.

"Fianna... P-Princess, you can't..."

Clasping Kamito's hand, she stroked him gently with her fingers.

"What does it matter, Kamito-kun? Or do you dislike an indecent princess?"

With a mischievous smile, Fianna blew a breath against Kamito's wrist.

Even though all she was clasping were his fingers, Kamito felt immobilized as though he was under a constriction spell.

Wrapped in black underwear, the royal bust of the princess came down upon him like an avalanche.

"...F-Fianna, i-if this continues... My sanity..."

"I won't stop. This is the Darkness Kagura ritual that will help us become stronger♪"

Chuckling, Fianna placed Kamito's arm into her cleavage.

Boing. Boing.


"Kamito-san, m-me too...!"

Rinslet timidly pressed herself against him.

"Rinslet, over here."

Claire swapped positions with her.

"Uh, umm, I... am not experienced in such affairs..."

Dressed in flimsy sleepwear, Rinslet fidgeted with her hair.

She frowned in distraught, glancing this way and that, with quite an adorable expression on her face.

...Throb, Kamito's heart was racing madly.

"Just clamp your thighs around Kamito-kun's neck and feel his divine power."


Hearing Fianna's suggestion, Rinslet widened her eyes.

"K-Kamito-san, is she serious? It will work just by clamping with my thighs?"

Her face bright red with embarrassment, Rinslet asked.

"N-No way, how can that be possible—"

Before he could finish, Kamito was dragged, laying him out prone on the bed.


"Okay, Rinslet, it'll be easier like this, right?"

"G-Got it..."

Rinslet nodded and seemed to commit her resolve.

"I-Is it like... this?"

Soft. Perfect in suppleness, her thighs gently squeezed against Kamito's neck.

(...Uwah, this is way too comfortable.)

Her skin was as smooth and tender as milk. Her platinum blonde hair brushed against Kamito's cheeks.

The smell of floral scented soap entered his nostrils, intoxicating him.

"K-Kamito-san... Uh, p-please do not move too... Ahh♪"


Kamito was just about to adjust his position, but instantly dared not move.

"Oh my, little miss Laurenfrost is surprisingly bold♪"

"...~! Hauu, Y-Your Highness, I am so ashamed."

With Kamito's neck between her thighs, Rinslet was so embarrassed she began to rub her knees together.

Boing. Boing.

With his head shaken this way and that, Kamito felt completely dazed.

"Jeez, Kamito is such a lech..."

Seeing that, Claire sulked and bit Kamito's collarbone.

"...Ah, ooh..."

At the same time, there was a girl at the bedside, covering her bright red face with both hands.

"Ellis, what is the matter?"

Noticing her, Fianna opened her mouth and asked.

"...~! I-I, uh... Such unseemly behavior..."

While peeking between her fingers at the ritual, Ellis murmured while she squirmed.

"H-How is this unseemly? This is a ritual for getting strong...!"

Claire responded.

"B-But Kamito is my idol Ren Ashbell-sama, uh..."

Ellis glanced at Kamito and shyly averted eye contact again.

...I see. So she still had not fully accepted the fact that Ren Ashbell's true identity was Kamito.

"It is alright, Ellis. Come with me♪"

"Y-Your Highness... Hwah!?"

Pulling the timid Ellis by the arm, Fianna dragged her before Kamito.


Wrapped in pink underwear was Ellis' voluptuous bosom, wobbling right before Kamito's eyes.

Normally so gallant and dignified, Ellis was now staring at him with moist corners of her eyes with uncertainty.

Kamito instantly felt his heart shake.

In that instant, divine power of darkness surged, passing through Claire and the girls like an electric current.

"Ah♪" "Mm♪" "Hyah♪"

The three girls moaned and leaned back.

"Ellis, hurry... Take Kamito-kun's divine power—"

"...I-I know!"

Ellis inhaled.

"Th-This is not acting indecent..."

She kissed Kamito gently.


Two pairs of lips pressed tightly together. Kamito could even feel the moist sensation of the tip of her tongue. Thrown boldly against him, her body was trembling in embarrassment, sending waves of soft sensations from her breasts through her underwear.

"...Hauu... Rubbing, my chest... It hurts..."

While breathing, Ellis could not help but moan.


"K-Kamito, I-I want it too..."

With eyes filled with passion, Claire sought a kiss from Kamito.


Throb, throb, throb—

As his heart began to beat faster and faster, Kamito's divine power of darkness gradually covered his entire body.

...His consciousness began to grow hazy.

STnBD V20 BW02.jpg

"...C-Crap... I think I'm starting to act weird..."

"Kamito-kun, I want a kiss too."

"M-Me too..."

With looks of longing on their faces, the four girls took turns demanding to kiss with Kamito.

Throb, throb, throb, throb, throb—

(...Th-This is bad—)

Kamito's mind seemed to break somewhere—

His memories ended there.

Part 4[edit]

(...So warm.)

It almost felt like that nostalgic hearth inside the Elstein castle.

In her hazy consciousness, that was what she thought.

The temperature of fire that she had forgotten for a long time.

Since that day four years ago when she was reborn as an avenger from inferno, the only fire she felt was the anger and hatred in the depths of her heart.

(...Am I... dead...?)

That was the first possibility to come to mind.

...In that case, was this place inferno?

The souls of the dead would return to Astral Zero, turning into divine power for nurturing spirits, finally reincarnating as spirits. In the past, that was what the Divine Ritual Institute taught her, but—

(—I am not worthy, probably.)

Mocking herself in her thoughts, she opened her ruby-like eyes.

A flickering flame entered her view.

No, it was not a flame. Long hair as vivid as a flame.

That red hue was even stronger than her younger sister's hair color, like a blazing conflagration.

Staring at her looking like she was about to cry was a young girl with curved horns.

"Fire... Lord... Volcanicus..."

Rubia parted her lips and whispered that name.

The Fire Lord suddenly widened her eyes, exhaling in relief.

Rubia quietly sat up, only to feel intense pain from every joint in her body. This was the result from using too much power in her fight against the spirit Millennia Sanctus, overdrawing from cursed armament seals.

"—Y-You cannot get up yet!"

The Fire Lord hastily tried to stop her. Ignoring the advice, Rubia asked:

"Where is this?"

She swept her gaze around her.

It looked like a dense forest, with the sky and sun blotted out.

"This is the Spirit Forest. Do you still remember the instant when Ragna Ys was split open?"

"...Yes, I... do."

In the sea of fire, Rubia had liberated the girl in front of her—The Fire Elemental Lord.

In that instant, a pure white flash of light had shattered the ground of Ragna Ys.

Already covered with wounds, she had been caught in the Fire Lord's arms, and then they fell to the ground together.

"My apologies. This is the extent of what I can do since I possess no healing powers."

A swirling barrier of flames surrounded them.

The warm wall's heat wave seemed to have an effect of slowly recovering divine power.

Volcanicus quietly stood up with her back towards Rubia.

Like a blazing fire, her hair wavered lightly.

"—Where are you going?"

Rubia asked, speaking to that petite back.

After a moment's silence, Volcanicus replied.

"—I must stop it."

Her gaze, looking up, was directed at the pillars of light piercing the sky in the distance.

"Are you going alone?"


"Aren't you restrained by the Holy Lord's covenant?"


Volcanicus halted in her steps.

Rubia was not completely certain.

However, she did find it odd that the great Fire Elemental Lord's avatar could be bossed around and used by Millennia Sanctus as an elemental waffe.

"—Indeed, I have unable to defeat the Holy Lord, restrained as I am by an ancient covenant. Nevertheless, I ought to be able to incinerate that Gate."

"A foolish approach. You will only play into the Holy Lord's hands if you go alone."


Volcanicus' shoulders shook.

In response, Rubia quietly held her hand.


"Contract with me again, Volcanicus."

"What did you say?"

With a surprised look, Volcanicus looked back.

"Do know that I am your Queen."

The spirit seal branded on the back of her hand was heating up slightly.

—No matter how many times she had wanted to erase it, the contract's bond remained impossible to get rid of.

"I... I destroyed your homeland."


"Rubia, you still hate me, yes?"

"...Possibly, that may be true."

Rubia spoke with her hand on her own chest.

"Corrupted by that Darkness, you have sinned. That is the truth."

STnBD V20 BW03.jpg


"Hence, atone for your sin. You and I, together, by our own hands—"

Rubia tightened her grip and said.

"—Lend me your power, Volcanicus!"