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Hello, this is Shimizu Yuu. This time, the short story collection "Elemental Festa" has arrived in your hands.

This collection includes the six special stories included with the Anime blu-rays, plus a roughly seventy-page-long new short story I wrote. Each of the special stories has part of it adapted into a mini-OVA and included in the accompanying blu-ray, so please watch them if you're interested. There's Claire being tsundere.

Okay, let's give each chapter a quick description.

Chapter 1 - Great Festival of the Spirits at the Imperial Capital—A story about Kamito's days at the Instructional School. Back then, Kamito was so tsun towards Restia. Prior to the incident of the Fire Elemental Lord, Rubia's personality was so gentle. Will the day of the Elstein sisters' reconciliation ever arrive...?

Chapter 2 - Est Looking After the Sick—A story about Est running around. Maybe stories from Est's perspective are very rare. Furukawa-san's acting skills were amazing in the mini-OVA when Est inserted the scallion.

Chapter 3 - The Princess' Confidential Part-time Job—In the timeline, this happened just before the Blade Dance arc. I was really glad to write this story because I hadn't had a chance to depict the heroines' everyday lives. The mini-OVA also offers a precious look at Kamito dressed as a maid!

Chapter 4 - Hunting the Legendary Giant Bust Spirit!—An episode where the legendary giant bust spirit actually exists. Please enjoy the story of Claire and Rinslet's past. Hmph!

Chapter 5 - The Terrifying Mystery Hotpot Battle!—In a way, an even more tragic war than the Blade Dance. Due to the Academy's long history, there are apparently plenty of suspicious rituals.

Chapter 6 - Elementalists on Break—Since it was the last of the specials, I changed the overall atmosphere to make it a wet chapter. Since the main plot doesn't feature much of student-like activities, I thought it'd be nice to create a kind of school-trip feel.

Chapter 7 - Elemental Festa—A short story I wrote. I was remembering how the voice actress unit "Kneesocks" had their final live broadcast and it made me cry many times. Kokuin Sanka is really the most awesome song, you must listen to it.

—As a result, this is a short story collection filled with everyday episodes when the main plot has been rising nonstop in seriousness.

Next are the acknowledgements. Nimura Yuuji-sensei, Chiptune-sensei, thank you so much for drawing the adorable cover and illustrations!

Finally, dear readers, I am so sorry for making you wait so long. Since the production system has been reorganized, I expect to deliver Volume 17 soon into your hands. It would be my great honor if you could stay with me to the very end!

Shimizu Yuu, June 2017

Illustrator's Afterword[edit]

STnBD EF 271.jpg

How's this rejected design that was Japanese-style?