Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance:Volume6 Epilogue

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Part 1[edit]

The night of the intense battle had passed and the next dawn arrived. After a simple breakfast--

Milla Bassett abruptly brought up an issue.

"...Is that really okay, Milla?"

"It has already been decided."

Enduring the gazes of everyone present, Milla nodded.

"Having lost the Crusaders sealed in the Eye, I have no way of winning the Blade Dance."

Fundamentally, summoning spirits through a stronghold's leylines was completely outrageous.

Milla's left eye had cracked and lost its luster.

This was her decision as one who was no longer an elementalist--

Withdrawal from the Blade Dance festival--

"But what will you do from here on?"

Claire asked.

No longer an elementalist. Where could she go?

"I can no longer return to the Principality of Rossvale, because I have betrayed my home country's hopes and expectations... However, it is fine. I will find new meaning for myself."

Although her expression was stiff as always, her tone of voice sounded a bit cheerful.

"If you wish, please come to my home. We can hire you as a Laurenfrost maid."

Rinslet swept a hand through her hair as she spoke.

"Don't. The Laurenfrost lands are not only in the countryside but also cold as hell. Rather than that, come to my home. To restore the House of Elstein to its former glory requires additional manpower."

"W-What did you say!?"

Rinslet glared furiously at Claire.

"...I am most grateful for the offers. I will bear them in mind."

Milla nodded.

"Fufu, you can also live with me and Kamito-kun, the three of us together~"

"Wait a minute, what do you mean by you and Kamito living together!?"

Instantly, Claire and Fianna's quarrelling erupted.

Kamito could do nothing but sigh.


Milla looked up at Kamito and spoke up.


"After the Blade Dance festival ends, will you continue your story?"

"Ah sure, as much as you want."

Kamito patted Milla lightly on the head and smiled wryly.

Milla's words just now sounded almost like Kamito's catchphrase back when he was young.

"--As the Rupture Division's allied team, please obtain victory to the very end."

"Of course."

Kamito agreed and the young ladies nodded.

As they nodded, Milla handed over the two magic stones in her possession to Kamito.

Her own as well as the one taken from the member of the Sacred Spirit Knights.

Kamito accepted it carefully.

Soon after the magic stones left her possession, the forced transfer magic activated.

A magic circle appeared beneath Milla's feet as her body dissipated into particles of light--


Several seconds later, the leader of the Rupture Division, Milla Bassett, disappeared from the competition.


For a while, silence persisted--

"...Our blade dance has not ended. Or rather, this is simply the beginning."

The first to speak was Claire.

"Yeah, that's right."

Kamito nodded as the other girls all looked up.

"According the wind spirits' report, the third day's situation has undergone major changes."

"Finally time for the real blade dance to begin..."

Hearing Ellis' report, Rinslet nodded.

The majority of teams had constructed all kinds of strongholds and had entered the stage of information gathering.

Starting from today, the fourth, the battles would likely intensify.

"Amongst the twenty-four teams, nine have been eliminated, including the Rupture Division. Right now, the team holding the greatest number of magic stones is undoubtedly Team Inferno."

"We're really behind now eh."

"...That's right. We have to be more proactive."

"By the way, Kamito--"


Claire glared at Kamito angrily--

"Y-You, a-again you k-kiss, k-kissed that darkness spirit girl!"

"Uh, no, that..."

Kamito stammered.

"That's right, what was that about!?"

"Hmm, I believe there is a need to clear this up no matter what!"


Rinslet, Ellis and Fianna pressed on the offensive.

"Kamito, that spirit is so sly. Please kiss me too."


As Kamito sat in state of shock--


Lightly, a black feather fluttered down from the air.

Noticing it suddenly, Kamito grabbed it with his fingers.


As he gazed upon this black feather--

Kamito once again recalled the memories he caught sight of.

(Three years ago, the wish I made for her was...)

Part 2[edit]

Restia proceeded to utter the absolutely forbidden wish.

"--I hope you can assassinate them. The five Elemental Lords."