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Chapter 10 - Releasing the Sealed Sword[edit]

Part 1[edit]

"...Gah... Huff—"

The black blade was dyed with blood.

Kamito watched in shock as this sword stabbed into his own heart's location.

"Luri...e... Why...?"

"Sorry, Kamito-kun."

She smiled with a troubled expression.

As though feeling sadness from the bottom of her heart.

Whoosh—She swiftly pulled out the sword held in her hand.

"Ughh... A-Ahhhhhhh...!"

A great amount of blood gushed out, dyeing Kamito's uniform red all over.

With that, he collapsed on his knees.

(...What? What on earth happened?)

Unable to grasp the situation. Why did she—


In the underground hall, Ellis's scream was heard.

She rushed over to Kamito who was collapsed in a pool of blood, pressing a healing spirit crystal against him.

The sacred light of healing enveloped Kamito's entire body—

"It's useless. Wounds inflicted by this sword cannot be healed by something of that sort."

However, a cold voice came from behind.

Holding the bloodstained sword, she looked down at the two of them indifferently.

"Dame Lurie...!"

Ellis looked back and readied Ray Hawk in a stance to protect Kamito.

Her dark-brown eyes were filled with intense rage.

"Why did you do something like this..!? You, why on earth—"

"Please put your weapon away, Ellis. I have no interest in killing an unrelated girl."

Lurie spoke coldly while flinging the blood off the jet-black blade.

"Didn't I say already? Obtaining the Demon Slayer is my lord's wish."


Ellis spoke while glaring at her angrily.

"Est is Kamito's contracted spirit. She can't possibly be taken away—"

"It's possible. Given Kamito-kun's current condition."

Saying that, Lurie reached out into empty space.


Something resembling a crack appeared in a space where nothing existed earlier.

On the other side of the crack, several flashing geometric patterns appeared.

"The Burial Chamber—As expected, it reacted to the Demon King's life and death crisis."

"Burial... Chamber... Come again?"

In his hazy consciousness, Kamito muttered.

"The treasure vault inherited by the legitimate Demon King. In actual fact, I didn't want to resort to such violent means to begin with, but given your current state, Kamito-kun, there's no way you could open the Burial Chamber through your own will, is there?"

Lurie continued while reaching into the crack in space.

"The Demon Slayer is being kept in the Burial Chamber in its materialized form and currently with its connection to Kamito-kun interrupted. This is a perfect opportunity to intervene."

"...Could it be that those militarized spirits, you are the one!?"

Ellis cried out with an expression of trepidation.

Was it that in order to distract the Imperial Knights and lead Kamito to this place where Est was sealed, a large-scale act of terrorism was perpetrated—

"Tampering with the princess's magic circle was not difficult. Neither Greyworth nor Virrey ever suspected me, one of the Numbers, of being the traitor."

"...Dame Lurie, as the noblest healer, why did you—"

"Didn't I say so already? Because my lord wishes to obtain the sacred sword."

She pulled her hand out from the crack in space.

Held in her hand was a sword bound by countless chains.

(That... is...!)

Kamito recognized instinctively.

That sword was the girl he had seen in his dream—the Demon Slayer.

"—Thank you for your generosity, Kamito-kun."

Lurie pulled the sword out with her slender arm.

"W-Wait up!"

Seeing that, Ellis yelled loudly and swung Ray Hawk.

This was a completely merciless strike. However—

Lurie's figure vanished. In the next instant, accompanied by a dull and heavy sound similar to bone being crushed, Ellis was easily sent flying into one of the rock surfaces.


"You would do well to value your life more. I won't hold back from a killing move next time."

Swinging the Demon Slayer in her left hand in an experienced manner, she taunted.

(What's going on... That power...)

Lying in a pool of blood, Kamito could not help but groan.

As a healer, Lurie Lizaldia should be unversed in swordsmanship.

However, the skill she had just displayed was on the level of a knight's swordsmanship—in fact, that of a sword master.

Was the impression she had given off until now all an act for the sake of concealing her true power—

"Farewell, Kamito-kun. Most likely, we shall never meet again—"

The Numbers woman turned her heels and walked towards the darkness.

The crack in space closed up and the surroundings were plunged into darkness once more.

"Wait... Wait..."

As though trying to grab the gradually distant Demon Slayer, Kamito reached out with a trembling hand.

But it was not enough. He failed to protect again.

(I... have once again—)

As blood loss continued, his consciousness gradually grew distant.

Just as he was about to lose consciousness, Kamito yelled.

As if pleading to the departing sword one last time to make it stay.

(...Please, Est... Lend to me, lend me enough power to protect!)

—Just at this moment.

The seal on his extended right hand gave off powerful light.

Part 2[edit]

"Teachers, please retreat—"

Saying that, Fianna commanded Georgios, wielding his shield, to advance.


In the middle of her sentence, Freya stopped talking.

Under conditions of contracted spirits going mad, the teachers were only a liability.

"...Understood. Your spirits are okay?"

"Yes, apparently so—"

Scarlet, Fenrir and Georgios—These three spirits remained sane and maintained their elemental waffen states. As for whether it was because these three were high-level spirits or for some other reason, the answer was currently unknown—

Using magic to create shadows by her feet, Freya picked up wounded teachers and disappeared into the shadows.

Taking the place of the departed teachers, Claire rushed forward, wielding Flametongue.

"—Take this and turn into charcoal!"

A crimson slash traced out an arc, producing a wall of flame on the ground.

"—Fufu, that kind of fire cannot stop Nazgul, you know?"

Riding on the back of a winged dragon, Millennia Sanctus smiled with a chuckle.

The militarized spirit's roar shook the atmosphere, blowing out the burning flames.

"—That's Dispel, it neutralizes ordinary spirit magic!"

Fianna issued a warning.

"...Then how about this!?"

Claire closed her eyes and injected her imagination into Flametongue in her hand.

She injected images of the strongest flames that incinerated all creation to naught.

"Namely, the true flame beyond this world—End of Vermillion!"

Flametongue instantly glowed red and produced a howling tempest.

—Flames that existed in neither Astral Zero nor the human realm.

The power of the true flame, passed down the Elstein lineage, was added to Scarlet.

The slash, glowing with crimson light, instantly destroyed a militarized spirit's wing.

"Heh, so that is the Flame usurped by the Elstein's princess maiden—"

Millennia's lips distorted into a grin.

"That which Volcanicus desired greatly."

"You know about this flame!?"

Claire exclaimed in shock. Who exactly was this girl—

"But it's useless unless you can use that power properly."

Millennia chanted an incantation. A sword of light appeared in the girl's hand and was fired towards Claire.

Manifesting the true flame required extreme concentration. Maintaining the flames with all her effort, Claire evaded a step too late.

—Immediately, numerous swords of light struck Claire all over her body.

"...Tsk, ahhh... Guh...!"


Rinslet gave orders. Instantly, the magic bow of ice turned into a direwolf. Fenrir took a mighty leap, used its mouth to pick up Claire by the nape and pulled her back to retreat.

"Thanks for saving me, good doggy."

Enduring the pain from all over her body, Claire stumbled and stood up. Any disruption to her concentration would likely cause the True Flame to extinguish. The enemy saw through her weakness completely.

"Claire, don't go at it recklessly on your own."

Rinslet released the magic bow again and shot a series of arrows to pin down the enemy.

However, for militarized spirits possessing high magic resistance, the cursed ice did not have any obvious effect.

—Just at this moment, scattered in three directions, the militarized spirits' bodies expanded—

Black breath was then exhaled.

"O knight, protect thy vassals—Save the Queen!"

Fianna instantly released her elemental waffe of the rapier.

A shield of light appeared all around, deflecting the dark breath—

(...Could this be the Otherworldly Darkness as well!?)

But the shield of light, which was logically supposed to neutralize the darkness attribute, was slowly being eroded and weakened.

"Fufu, how much longer can you endure?"

Millennia Sanctus smiled in mockery.

Part 3[edit]

"No way—"

Lurie Lizaldia's face showed wavering for the first time.

"...That sword... is my... sword—"

Kamito stood up unsteadily from the pool of blood.

Not to the point of being all covered in wounds, but Kamito felt quite incredible that he was still conscious.

His right hand dangled powerlessly. Branded on the back of that hand, the spirit seal flashed intensely.

As though crying in lamentation.

"The connection to the sword spirit should have been interrupted completely—"

Unbelievable—Making a face that expressed that, Lurie gasped.

The Demon Slayer in her hand showed almost no change at all.

But Kamito knew.

That sword was calling for Kamito.

Terminus Est—The girl with silver-white hair whom he had seen in his dream—

With a trembling hand, Kamito drew the sword at his waist, glaring murderously at Lurie.

"Lurie... That sword, give me... Return it...!"


"...Kamito-kun, you really scare me."

Lurie stabbed the Demon Slayer into the ground.

"There is still value in using you, so I didn't want to kill you originally—"

Then she raised her other hand, holding the jet-black sword.

"But if you continue to live, you could very well end up a hindrance to that person."

Instantly, the murderous intent given off Lurie Lizaldia brushed past Kamito's skin.

This dense aura of murderous intent was enough to cause an intense chill down one's spine.

"...Is that thing your elemental waffe?"

The jet-black sword gave off an ominous aura. No matter how you looked, it did not look like it carried the holy attribute.

"Mournblade—a minion that's a pure demon spirit."

Lurie injected divine power, causing countless blood vessels to pop up on the demon sword's blade surface.

This strange appearance, resembling a hybrid between metal and a living creature, caused Kamito to gasp.

"A holy spirit and a demon spirit—A double contractor huh."

Double contractors were not particularly rare in themselves. However, due to the instabilities in divine power caused by contracts with multiple spirits, almost no one used it officially.

Furthermore, Kamito never expected one of the spirits to be a demon spirit which could not be commanded without special talents.

"Poor Kamito-kun. At least, you shall become food for this child."

Lurie licked the demon sword's blade.

"—Don't underestimate an Instructional School's assassin."

Saying that, Kamito kicked the ground forcefully. Staying conscious under his condition of blood loss was very hard. Unlike a blade dance of clashing swords, he had to end things in an instant.

(—I'll end this battle with this one strike!)

Kamito poured as much divine power as possible into the Sylphid Knights' sword—the sword of mithril.

Massive divine power flowed out from the lamenting seal on his right hand.

Lurie Lizaldia swung her demon sword—So fast!

Confronted with the demon sword, approaching before his eyes—Kamito did not evade but stepped forward bravely and decisively.

Assassination technique—Flashing Fang.

Enveloped in divine power, the mithril slid over the demon sword's blade, making a beeline for her throat—!

But the flashing murderous blade—

Was eaten by the demon sword's blade.


Lurie narrowed her eyes and recited:

"—O Mournblade suck the Demon King's blade to your heart's content."

The demon sword's blade writhed like a creature, instantly swallowing the mithril sword. Next, the gluttonous demon sword extended blood vessel-like tentacles, biting Kamito's throat.

"...Guh... A-Ahhhh, ahhhhhh...!"

Numerous teeth appeared on the demon sword's tentacles, gradually stealing Kamito's blood—

(Damn... it... I... will...)

Losing brightness in the seal, his right hand dangled vertically.

Just at this moment...

"—Let go, Kamitoooooooooo!"

A yell was heard.

Recovering consciousness, Ellis charged Lurie to engage at close range, making a thrust with her full strength.


Lurie clicked her tongue briefly and withdrew the demon sword.

Without letting go of that opening, Ellis desperately launched a forceful offensive.

In the darkness, intense sparks splashed about.


"Kamito, I will absolutely protect you!"

While she yelled, Ray Hawk's spear tip gave off dazzling light.

"Please endure—Simorgh!"

"...A waffe release!?"

Lurie exclaimed in surprise.

This was a skill to deliberately make the elemental waffe go berserk in exchange for power transcending limits.

An astounding storm was released from the spear's tip, howling in the subterranean hall.


"...Damn, this..."

Lurie was being pushed away by the violent wind pressure.

Slight anxiety crept onto her face—

"I already warned you, the next time will be a killing move—"

Mournblade's tip flew straight at Ellis, piercing the heart's location.


"...Guh... Ow, ahhhhhhhhh...!"


Despite having her heart pierced, Ellis continued to pour divine power into her elemental waffe.

The howling tempest turned into numerous blades, slashing Lurie's vestments open.


"Kamito... Now, hurry and... escape...!"



Suddenly, Kamito felt a bout of pain in his head.

This scene gave Kamito a sense of deja vu.

A sword stabbed into the chest. In order to protect Kamito, the girl who sacrificed her life and disappeared.

Gorgeous black hair. A dress in the color of night. Eyes where dusk resided.

—Throb. Throb.

Kamito felt cracks appearing over his sealed memories.

The sealed and suppressed emotions were gushing out as though a dam had ruptured.

—Throb. Throb. Throb. Throb.

(...Yes, right... Recall, Kazehaya Kamito!)

While crawling on the ground, Kamito clenched his fist tightly.

Before him, a girl was pitting her life in a fight to protect Kamito.

For the sake of protecting this noble, serious and awkward knight...

(I don't want to lose anything anymore. I don't want to lose—)

Kamito infused divine power into the spirit seal on his right hand.

Sparks splashed out intensely. The sword spirit's power of steel was flowing in reverse.

At this rate, it was probably going to run out of control again. However—

Gathering his remaining willpower, Kamito suppressed it.

Then he faced the fragments of memories sealed in the depths of his consciousness.

Reaching out towards those fragments, he cried out.

(So please, return my memories—Restia!)

Instantly, his consciousness turned blank.

Part 4[edit]

Surrounded by endless emptiness that stretched on to who knows where—

A girl's figure surfaced.

Beautiful, jet-black wings. A cute girl dressed in a dress the color of night.

Dusk-colored eyes. Gazing at Kamito as though in a dilemma, she smiled.

"...You remember everything now, Kamito."


Kamito nodded in response.

—Yes, the instant he called out her name, Kamito remembered everything.

What had happened at the sanctuary of the Elemental Lords. In order to save Kamito whose consciousness was being possessed by Darkness Elemental Lord Ren Ashdoll, Restia had sacrificed herself and was destroyed.

(...I killed her, by my own hand.)

The girl, whom he had promised back in his childhood days to protect her—

He had killed her by his own hand.

Hence, the girl appearing before his eyes now could not be Restia.

Most likely, she was—

"Restia sent to my consciousness, her psyche?"


Saying that, she gently caressed the back of Kamito's right hand.

Est's emblem of the intersecting swords. Carved over that, the emblem of the moon was Restia's.

"...Stay here, forever, Restia."

"What a troubling guy you are. It wasn't easy making you forget."

Restia before him was making a complicated expression, unclear whether she was laughing or crying.

"You sealed my memories to prevent me from despairing."

"If I remained forgotten, perhaps you could have lived on in peace as a normal human rather than the Demon King—"


In fact, his life in the Academy during his amnesia was not bad at all. Quite delightful. Supposing he remained in memory loss, perhaps he could continue to live that sort of ordinary school life.

"But you chose to retrieve your memories—By your own will."

"That's what you must have believed as well. You believed I will open the seal of my memories myself."

"...Yes. Indeed, I did hope for that."

Restia smiled and gently embraced Kamito, kissing him on the cheek.

Clad in her dress of darkness, she was beginning to dissipate like mist.

"I am here, Kamito. Undoubtedly here in your heart—"

"Yeah, I know."

She was there, supporting Kamito's heart.

Kamito tightened his embrace of the gradually disappearing darkness spirit girl and said his farewell.

Part 5[edit]

"...Guh... Ah..."

While Ellis collapsed like a stringless puppet, the howling storm disappeared as a result.

"...Seriously, what a pain."

Pulling out the demon sword from Ellis's chest, Lurie wiped off the splattered blood.

Things were taking longer than expected. Millennia Sanctus was probably impatient, waiting above ground.

Glancing at the two, collapsed on the ground, Lurie turned around and left.

Walking towards the Demon Slayer stabbed into the ground, she reached out to draw it.



Lurie frantically pulled her hand back.

As soon as she touched the hilt, her left hand had suddenly turned into stone.

"The sacred sword's curse!? Why—"

At this moment, she sensed someone standing up behind her.

"Sorry. I guess she doesn't want to be touched by anyone apart from me."

"...Impossible, you shouldn't be able to stand—"

Lurie cried out in shock.

But soon, she quickly noticed. Kamito's expression had changed.

"—Yeah. I remember now, everything."

Kamito reached out lightly in the air.

In that direction was the Demon Slayer, stabbed into the ground.

With a light clench of his fist, the chains wrapped around the blade were blown away, one after another.

"...Sorry to make you wait."

Then Kamito spoke:

"—Come, Est!"

Part 6[edit]

Responding to his words, the sword embedded in the ground vanished.

Immediately, a dazzling flash of light erupted before Kamito's eyes and a young girl appeared.

Shining, silver-white hair. Violet eyes of mystery.

Her legs covered by kneesocks, this body was as adorable as a snow fairy's.

The sword spirit—Terminus Est.

Kamito's contracted spirit, the best partner.

"—Sorry you had to wait so long, Est."

"Yes. I have waited a long time, Kamito."

Est nodded, then she hugged Kamito's arm tightly.

Instantly, Kamito felt his body become as sturdy and resilient as steel.

This was the blessing conferred on his physical body once the connection with his contracted spirit was restored.

"Ellis, it's okay now. You retreat first."

Saying that, Kamito went up and shielded Ellis behind him.

"Kamito, y-you are seriously... fine?"

STnBD V12 232.jpg

Ellis murmured with worry.

She did not mean his health but was worrying about the recovery of his memory.


Kamito nodded slightly and stared at the spirit seal on his right hand.

Restia had left her psyche within Kamito's.

This was to allow Kamito to retrieve his memories when he desired power by his own will.

Even if to respond to Restia's intentions, now was not the time for despair.

Because having the courage to confront despair and take action—That was her wish.

(...Restia is here. Right in my heart.)

As though responding to Kamito's voice, the moon's emblem flashed with light.

"...I see."

Seeing this, Lurie groaned in her throat.

"You and that sword spirit, your hearts are as one—"

Wielding the pulsating Mournblade in both hands, she glared coldly at Kamito.

"The Demon Slayer—If it cannot be taken, I have no choice but to destroy it."

Instantly, the demon sword's blade produced countless tentacles, biting Lurie's own body.


"O demon spirit Mournblade, feed on my blood, turn into my strength!"

Thud—The demon sword pulsated strongly.

The tentacles wrapped around her gradually expanded, fully sucking Lurie's blood.

The demon sword's blade was dyed with the color of blood while divine power expanded rapidly—!

"Kamito, that's dangerous."

"Seems like it..."

Kamito licked his lips and muttered.

The demon sword exuded great pressure, rivaling Greyworth's Stormbringer.

Most likely, Lurie intended to decide the battle with this attack.

But that suited Kamito's intentions just fine—

"We're up, Est."

"Yes. I am your sword, your wish is my command—"

Hold Est's hand, Kamito chanted the words of releasing.

—Dispassionate Queen of Steel, the sacred sword that destroys evil!

—Now form a sword of steel and be the power in my hand!

Est's body vanished into thin air, immediately, a shining blade of steel manifested in Kamito's hand.

Possessing the alias of the Demon Slayer, the strongest sword spirit.

On the blade's surface, there was roving jet-black lightning.

"...This is!?"

Kamito widened his eyes. Suddenly, he heard Est's voice in his mind.

—The darkness spirit allowed me to inherit part of her power.

—She told me to use this power to protect you, Kamito.

"...Restia huh?"

Kamito realized and cast his gaze upon the Demon Slayer's blade.

On the flat of the blade, the sword was engraved with spirit language.

This was its proof as the legitimate Demon King's weapon of choice, selected by Restia Ashdoll as the Demon King's guide.

On a foundation of steel's affinity, inheriting the power of darkness, its name was—

The Demon King's Sword—Terminus Est Zwei.

The engravings of spirit language flashed intensely, releasing sword pressure that shook the atmosphere.

At the same time, Lurie Lizaldia roared.

"Soul devouring king of demon swords, slaughter mine enemies—Bloody Strike!"

Dyed with fresh blood, the bulging crimson blade gave off a great scream that sounded like metallic friction.

Carrying massive miasma, the mass of divine power was released towards Kamito.


Ellis screamed out, but Kamito stood his ground, readying his sword to take the attack head on—

"Go forth and pierce, all-annihilating demon lightning of punishment—Vorpal Blast!"

Enveloped in jet-black lightning, the Demon King's Sword was swung horizontally.

This was the demon sword technique converting one's own divine power into the darkness attribute.

At the same time, it was the prided technique of the Strongest Blade Dancer three years ago—Ren Ashbell.

Amplified by Terminus Est, the demon lightning of darkness vaporized the ground, clashing head on with the crimson divine power that Lurie had shot out.

The expanding divine powers resisted each other in midair, stopping.

The ground surface was being dug up, causing countless pieces of shattered rubble to swirl in the great hall.


Kamito roared, pouring as much divine power as he could into the Demon Slayer.

The appearing emblem of the moon and sword gave off dazzling light.

"—Defeat is impossible!"


Lurie Lizaldia's expression distorted. Instantly—

The demon lightning of darkness forced the crimson divine power back—

In this manner, it devoured Lurie's body completely.

Part 7[edit]

As the rampaging lightning strike subsided, after the billowing dust cloud settled—

"...I won... huh...?"

Exhaling, Kamito lowered his sword and muttered.

There was no one in front of him in this space. Everything had been annihilated without trace.

This was the result of releasing the sealed Est's power all at once. No holding back or mercy at all. Since this was not Astral Zero, it was possible that Lurie was charred into ash. However—

—No, I believe she escaped.

Est's voice was heard in his mind at this time.


...Due to having that kind of premonition inexplicably, Kamito was not surprised. Although it was a shame that she escaped, there were more important things right now.

Looking back, Kamito held the collapsed Ellis's hand. There was a great amount of blood flowing from her chest.

"Ellis... Damn it..."

Kamito was unable to use healing spirit magic. Although the sword spirit possessed the blessing of steel, its effects were limited to his body only.

", I am fine... Hurry, head over to the others..."

Ellis groaned feebly. She looked like she was about to lose consciousness.

"How can I abandon you in this state!? At least I have to give first aid treatment—"

Just at this moment...

"—Is that Kazehaya Kamito over there?"


Kamito turned his head to face the voice's direction, only to see Virrey emerging from the darkness.

Seeing Kamito and Ellis, she quickly understood the situation.

"...I never expected Dame Lurie to be the traitor."

"Yeah. The Umbra's investigative skills aren't so hot after all."

"...I can't refute that."

Surprisingly, Virrey admitted honestly. She took out a healing spirit crystal from her pocket.

"Why are you here?"

"On Greyworth's orders. To take you over."

"...That old hag really loves ordering people around."

Kamito sighed. Holding the Demon Slayer, he stood up.

"Kamito, use my demon wind spirit."

In response, still collapsed on the ground, Ellis spoke to Kamito.

She released her elemental waffe and a giant demon bird immediately appeared. The majority of spirits aligned to the wind attribute were capable of autonomous action to some extent even without their contractor by their side.

"...My comrades... The Academy, please."

"...Yeah, don't worry."

Kamito nodded lightly and grasped the feet of the demon wind spirit as it spread its wings.

Part 8[edit]

"No good, the barrier can't be sustained anymore—!"

Fianna cried out. Corroded by darkness, Save the Queen was about to vanish. The winged dragon spewed out Otherworldly Darkness that flowed down the hill area and gushed forth.

"Fufu, it's useless. Be devoured by darkness just like that—Hmm?"

Suddenly, Millennia Sanctus frowned.

She looked up in the air and was rendered speechless. Claire and the girls also turned their gazes up—

Only to see a demon bird spreading its massive wings, flying overhead.

"...That's Ellis's demon wind spirit!?"

Claire cried out. Furthermore, holding onto its feet was—

"K-Kamito!" "Kamito-san!?" "Kamito-kun!"

"—Sorry for making you all wait."

Yelling at the same time, Kamito released his grip on the demon wind spirit.

Holding the Demon Slayer, he descended from the air. Swinging the tip of his blade down, he smashed the head of one of the militarized spirits.


Having lost its head, the militarized spirit's giant body collapsed, struggling on the ground, disappearing into thin air.

"One down huh—"

Flinging away the darkness stuck to the blade, Kamito muttered.

"Kamito, your memory is back!"

"Yeah. Sorry for causing everyone so much trouble—"

Saying that, Kamito turned around. He glared at the vestment-clad girl riding on the militarized spirit's back and said:

"—So it's you, the one who released the militarized spirits."

Faced with the serious killing intent exuded from Kamito, Millennia's face twitched.

"Could it be that Yggdra failed?"


Hearing the unfamiliar name, Kamito frowned.

However, Millennia ignored him and raised her hand lightly in the air.

"—Then there's no point in staying here."

Instantly, four militarized spirits raised their scythe-like necks towards Kamito.

"Kamito, they're coming!"

Seeing that, Claire cried out. But Kamito stood his ground and silently gripped his sword.

"Let's go, Est—"

—Yes, Kamito.

Having become the Demon King's weapon of choice, Terminus Est was infused with the entirety of Kamito's divine power.

Accordingly, a strike of jet-black lightning erupted from the tip of its blade.

The seal on his memories had been released—At the same time, the skills branded upon Kamito's body were also released.

Not the Instructional School's assassination techniques but the Strongest Blade Dancer's sword arts.

Four militarized spirits roared, charging and causing the ground to rumble. Faced with these giant bodies, capable of trampling armies of several thousand troops, Kamito faced them head on.

Then just as the militarized spirits were all in a line, in that instant...

"I'll show you my true blade dance—"

Kamito instantly exhaled all the air in his lungs and took a leap.

"Absolute Blade Arts — Destructive Form, Bursting Blossom Spiral Blade Dance - Eighteen Consecutive Strikes・Lightning Flare!"

Numerous slashes and jet-black lightning raced in all directions.

Four units of Nazgul were instantly turned to ash and disappeared into thin air.

Kamito landed and stabbed his sword into the ground.

—By the time he noticed, Millennia Sanctus had already vanished from sight.