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Chapter 9 - The Strongest Elementalist[edit]

Part 1[edit]

It was the day of the team battle.

The members of Team Scarlet gathered before the stone circle.

It was a Gate for accessing Astral Zero that only a few places had, even in the Ordesia Empire.

Countless students had already entered the spectators' stands surrounding the grand arena.

This was a fight between the academy's strongest Blade Dancer Velsaria and Team Scarlet, that had rapidly risen to 6th place, so of course this match was deemed important.

With the newest technology by countless research groups provided to the Areishia Spirit Academy, it was now possible to view the blade dances occurring inside of Astral Zero.

Within the stands before the screen, in addition to the large number of students, there were also members of the Sylphid Knights.

And at the front of Team Scarlet, were Kamito and Ellis.

Through Fianna's healing power, Kamito was finally able to recover to the point where he could move around again.

But the injuries he sustained were deeper than he imagined, and it was still very difficult for him to hold a sword.

Glancing at her teammates, Claire began to outline their tactics.

"Ellis, I'll leave the front to you. After all, you're the strongest in melee combat."

"Leave it to me. I'll create an opening through my esteemed sister's elemental waffe."

With a stern, valiant, and courageous expression Ellis declared her resolve.

"My task is to defeat the Silent Fortress, right!?"

"And I am to defend and support you through my rituals."

Rinslet and Fianna respectively accepted their own task.

Claire, who was the most balanced of all, was in charge of relaying orders to the 3 people who were respectively in charge of attacking, supporting, and defending.

Claire strongly believed that even if the power of an individual could not defeat Velsaria, if they worked as a team, their combined powers should be able to overwhelm her.

Even though the squadmates Velsaria chose were the strongest seniors in the Sylphid Knights, they were just a group of random people.

Without proper team combat training, it seemed Velsaria couldn't even organize their strategy as their commander.

"With our team, it is possible—"

Claire strongly grasped her pendant.

At this time, the crowd was split between Team Scarlet and Velsaria, and the cheering could be heard from the stands.

Velsaria Eva with her snow white coat walked out.

Following her were the ex-Sylphid Knights that defected.

Arriving in front of Claire, Velsaria stood.

Her cold ice blue pupils were glaring at Ellis.

"Ellis, I thought you were smarter than this."

Ellis immediately raised her head, and stared firmly at Velsaria.

She could not lose, for the sake of her teammates who gave her a chance to join the Blade Dance festival.

For her trust in her fellow Sylphid Knights.

And finally, for her idol that was once the strongest in her heart, the knight that was standing right in front of her.

"I will prove to you my way of the Knights— and I shall start by defeating my dream which was once you."

"Stupid. So be it, I shall crush you."

—And finally, the bell rang signaling the start of the festival.

At the same time, The Stone Ring— a relic from an age of myths started to spin, and opened the door to Astral Zero.

Part 2[edit]

The place where Team Scarlet was sent to was an open forest.

Because of the surrounding trees that were blocking their vision, it would be quite difficult to find the opposing team.

After quickly confirming the 3 people that were also transported—

"—Go, Scarlet!"

Claire swung her whip down, and summoned her flame clad hell cat.

The other 3 also quickly summoned their spirits.

"Ellis and I shall be in charge of scouting. Fianna, the surroundings around our base are yours."

Claire quickly gave orders but—

"—There is no need for that, Claire Rouge."


After hearing that voice— Everyone in Team Scarlet froze.

Raising their heads, there was—

A giant fortress floating in the sky.

Equipping her elemental waffe—Silent Fortress, Velsaria appeared.

"Velsaria!? You're alone!?"

Claire screamed in surprise.

"I do not need people that are in the way. Your only opponent is just me alone."

"—She's coming!"

Rinslet screeched out.

At that exact moment, the layered composite armor that covered the fortress started moving and countless cannons appeared out of it.

Like an Emperor overlooking the ground, Velsaria waved her hand.

"—Disappear before my fortress spirit!"

Countless cannons fired.

Accompanying the giant shockwave on the earth, a rain of bombardment fired upon the ground.

The continuous artillery shelling struck the ground, rolling up a lot of dust.

Overwhelming power. That is the destruction from the strongest elemental waffe.

"Boring. Trash would still be trash—"

In an instant, the lush green forest turned into a barren wasteland with craters.

After the dust had settled, there was—


Velsaria's expression froze.

A blonde girl holding an ice bow standing with a smile.

"You managed to strike down the bombardment—"

Rinslet proudly brushed her hair.

"Ha, I will never allow anyone who can equip their elemental waffe faster than me~"

"...! Preposterous—"

Velsaria then immediately unfolded the composite armor and blocked the ice arrows—

"It's not over yet!"

Without a single pause, Rinslet immediately released more arrows.

The ice sliced through the air and flew over— all the 4 arrows hit!

However, with only that degree of power, it was unable to strike through the fortress spirit's armor.

"Foolish. Before my Silent Fortress, arrows of your level are nothing to me—"

"You sure?"


When the cannons were preparing to fire once again—

Velsaria finally realized. Rinslet's goal was not to deal any damage to the armor.

The elemental waffe Freezing Arrow of the high level spirit Fenrir had an additional effect— Ice Nein.

Because it was ice that could never melt, the ultimate composite armor had now been frozen.

"It is just as you predicted, Claire~"

"Yes, even though Dreadnought's physical resistance was of the highest class, it has a very low resistance against spells— Thus your high level spirit Fenrir's elemental waffe can definitely break through it.


Velsaria became slightly worried.

Right then her fortress spirit could not switch back to the cannon mode. Also, because of the ice on the surface, the mobility was reduced— a bad situation.

"Ellis, it's time to fight back!"


Claire and Ellis sang their summoning ritual.

And at the time when the fortress could not evade they—

"—Devour, oh crimson searing fireball!"

"—Wind, turn into a blade that cuts through everything!"

Dodging was impossible. In an instant, a shock wave shook the air.


Even with layers over layers of composite armor protecting, it was still impossible to come out undamaged from direct attacks.


"—So you are only at that level, Calamity Queen's younger sister."


The ground shook again.

With the wind, the sand blew at Claire's body.

In the middle of the crater that was seemly caused by a meteor—

The Silent Fortress stood there ominously.


"Causing me to fall down, unworthy of praise."

Through the shock wave caused by the fall, the ice that was on the armor shattered.

"But, this is the end. My fortress spirit is a ground spirit— I will become indomitable on the ground."

Part 3[edit]

As soon as she declared that— from the Silent Fortress's side, there came 2 giant robotic arms.

The blades coming from the arms swept and cut down the nearby trees—

Such an overwhelming power. But that movement had a lot of openings.

Ellis swung her elemental waffe— Ray Hawk.

The wind from the head flew towards Velsaria.

But then, Silent Fortress disappeared.


And suddenly, Velsaria immediately appeared in front of Ellis.

As if she was sliding, her mobility was totally different from when she was flying.


Claire released her Flame Whip and swiftly caught the fortress spirit's hand.

The strike was slowed down— but that was it.

That strength was overwhelmingly strong.

"Leave it to me!"

The one blocking the strike was a knight with a shield.

Fianna's knight spirit Georgios

The friction between the iron boots and the ground propelled the knight and it caught the fortress spirit with its body.

*BAMM*. But even the knight spirit which has a really strong defense could not handle the full force of the fortress spirit. The armor started to twist and the shield cracked—

"...Tolerate it, Georgios!"

Fianna cried in pain.

"The lost blade dancer— I thought you were smarter."

"True— B-But, I also kind of like my idiot self~"

Velsaria proceeded to swing her robotic arm down without mercy.

"I will not allow that!"


Immediately, Claire jumped towards the attacking arm.

The blade arm was struggling with the fire whip. Just then, Velsaria fell into their plan— that fire whip was not supposed to stop the movement, but to get close.

(—At this distance it would not be blocked by the armor!)

Claire then revealed one of her specialties, which was high speed casting.

Towards Velsaria who was shocked, Claire released her strongest spell.

"Dance, oh crimson flame that calls upon destruction— Hell Blaze!"

Inside the whirlpool of crimson flame, Velsaria was burned all over her body.


It was the first time she released a cry of pain.

"Damn, flies—"

As the arm was returning and was going to attack Claire—

"Esteemed sister, realize the truth!"

*Hon*— An amazing gale blew from above.

Surrounded by wind and swiftly attacking from above; a skill Ellis specialized in.

With her elemental waffe Ray Hawk, it pierced through Velsaria's chest.



"—O wind, blow wildly!"

And with the release of the spell—

A giant chaotic tornado blew away the Silent Fortress and Velsaria's body,

*Bang*— The wind stopped and it hit the ground.

"Hah, Hah—"

Through the attack that burned through all her energy, Ellis immediately sat down.

Claire also breathed a sigh of relief and licked her lips.

"You are too proud, Velsaria. You foolishly came out by yourself—"

"The one who's foolish is you, Claire Rouge"


Looking at the dust that was starting to settle—

A giant shadow was moving.

"For a truly strong person, a person without any more strength is just a thing in the way."

Once the sand settled, the Silent Fortress appeared once again.

Just like a wall, the composite armor did not have a single trace of damage.


The armor instantly released— countless cannons all fired at once.

Part 4[edit]

Kamito strongly grasped his fist, and looked towards the monitor.

Claire's movement, it looked more like trying to fight a giant beast than a blade dance.

Even if it was unimaginable— This fight was going to be very close.

But looking at Velsaria again, it seemed like she was filled with vigor once again.

To maintain that type of spirit, you are supposed to use up a lot of Divine power—


Through the giant monitor, Ellis was bravely standing against Velsaria.

(Heh, she can still stand up...)

Seems like leaving it to Claire was a right choice. With Kamito, even if he can relieve her, he can't give her the courage to stand again.

The strength of a party, is not just shown in a fight.

To be able to let a comrade stand again after losing all hope— that also shows the power of a party.

(No matter what, she is a great leader~)

Observing the intense fight and giving calm orders was Claire's job.

Correctly analyzing each person's strength and coordinating them can bring the power of a party to a new level.

To be able to make different people specializing in different things cooperate, he believed normal people would not have been able to do that.

(Maybe, she might have stronger leadership skills than her sister)

Kamito surprisingly thought.

(But, that Velsaria is overwhelmingly strong.)

(Doesn't matter if it is because of the contracted spirit or her determination that made her stronger, compared to her 3 years ago—)

"Kamito, what's the matter?"

Est worriedly looked towards Kamito.

"Haha, there's no problem."

Kamito lightly patted Est's silver hair.

(—I believe this fight will become more intense.)

Part 5[edit]

And at the same time the cannons lit up—

"—Freezing Arrows!"

Rinslet also released her elemental waffe.

As a diamond flying in thin air, the ice was broken when it was hit.

"...! Is that fortress girl's divine power unlimited!?"

Rinslet started to sweat.

Comparing by power, the Freezing Arrow immediately topped it, but when they were continuously fired, Velsaria's elemental waffe had an overwhelming advantage.

—(We can't proceed this way, we will lose.)

"..., My knight spirit is also at its limit."

Fianna breathed heavily.

The shield which was always resisting the cannons, also had multiple cracks.

And through the sudden attack, Claire and Ellis also could not get closer.

In front of the undamaged fortress, Team Scarlet's actions had been sealed shut.

That way, they could only patiently wait till Velsaria's divine power was emptied— But the knight spirit that was protecting them could not hold out for even 10 more seconds.

"So, we still can't defeat my esteemed sister—"

Ellis regrettably bit her lips.

"You sure are different, are you already showing weakness at this time?"


Ellis looked at her side and stared at Claire.

"Didn't you already make a promise with those two people?"

"...Ha ha, that is true."

Ellis slowly lifted her head up.

(That's true— I cannot be defeated here.)

(I already have made a promise with Rakka and Reishia.)

(And, I also made a vow to show Velsaria my way of the Knights.)

(Escaping is not an option.)

"But, what should we do? With the barrage, we can't even get close."

"...I still have a secret weapon. I'll make the chance."

"Is it possible?"

"I don't know. But, this is the only way left."

Claire who was looking forward spoke,

"—Mm. True."

Ellis also nodded.

"Claire! I can't hold any more!"

Fianna's scream was filled with pain.

The knight spirit who was blocking the barrage also finally knelt down.

With the merciless barrage, it turned back into light orbs and disappeared.

At that moment, Claire started to run.

When all the cannons were focused on the knight spirit, there was a single opening— the chance was then.

At the same time, Ellis also started to run in the opposite direction.

Velsaria made an instant choice and decided to hit Claire first.

Aiming at the captain was a reasonable choice. But, Claire had already anticipated that.


With the scream, the elemental waffe turned back into its cat form.

It ran through the rain of barrage, and slowly approached Velsaria.


Velsaria who roared, used the attacking arm and struck the hell cat.

Next, the cannon focused on Scarlet— Though noticing Claire's approach, Velsaria realized without her elemental waffe, she would not cause any threat.

Claire who approached then put her hand on the armor of the fortress spirit.

Then— released a spirit magic.

"Thou's ice heart, aware of my anger and lament— Blood Aria!"

That magic made whatever the palm touched vibrate in high frequency, and caused it to be overheated.

Because it could only be released through direct contact, it was a very difficult magic to use in battle.

"Idiot, you really think you can pierce through my fortress spirit's armor with magic?"

Velsaria said in an icy tone.

Because of the attacking arm, Claire's small body hit the ground with a strong impact.

The next moment—

"—Freezing Arrow!"

Rinslet released her ice arrows, and it pierced through the fortress spirit's armor.

"Didn't I tell you— What!?"

*Plick*— the armor's surface cracked.

Velsaria opened her eyes in shock.

"Looks like... It is useful~"

Claire who was on the ground wiped her blood from her lips.

"Using the difference in temperature and causing destruction— T-That was your goal!?"

"That’s just a basic group strategy when you have a fire spirit and an ice spirit~"

That was Claire's secret weapon.

Even though the success rate was low, but they managed to finally find a weakness.


*Plick* *Plick*— The cracks on the armor increased.

At this time—


The gale that was surrounding Ellis released her Ray Hawk.

With her destruction force, she charged with intense speed.

The lance broke the armor, and pierced through Velsaria's chest.

"...! Ellis!"

Ellis' brown eyes glared at Velsaria's icy blue eyes.

The strongest knight in the Academy started to show some weariness.

"—O wind, blow wildly!"

With the same stance the Ray Hawk charged in—

Ellis released her strongest wind out.

The chaotic gale crushed the weakened elemental waffe.

Velsaria, whose armor had been crushed flew in the air, painfully dropped down on the ground.

"Hah, Hah, Hah—"

Ellis limply knelt on the floor.

"...Did we... succeed...?"

Velsaria was currently on the floor.

Seemingly unconscious.



Nope, she did not lose her consciousness.

Velsaria started to shake violently.

"...I, ...Absolutely... Cannot lose..."


Claire raised her brow.

The scene before their eyes was unbelievable.

The elemental waffe which was supposed to be crushed—

"It's starting to morph into a different thing!"

"Esteemed sister...?"

Ellis remained, not knowing what to do.


Inside the forest of Astral Zero, echoed Velsaria's roar.

Part 6[edit]

"What is that...!?"

Kamito yelled out.

The students who were looking through the monitor to watch the battle started to run for their lives.

Velsaria's elemental waffe was starting to take a very ominous form.

The body that was covered with pitch black armor, was just like a knight risen from the dead.

If the divine power was capable of being seen with one's naked eyes, it was surely not a good sight.

"That is a Cursed Armament Seal, Kamito."


Kamito looked at the expressionless Est.

"Also, she is now going out of control. If it continues like this—"

"Velsaria, implanted a Cursed Armament Seal!?"

Kamito worriedly asked for confirmation.


Why did the Academy's strongest blade dancer need to rely on those items?

(Velsaria, already has been forced into this situation...)

Kamito tightly grasped his left hand.

(Even if the reason is not clear, I do know that the fight 3 years ago really changed her.)

Through the monitor, the pitch black knight roared out.

Noticing the change, Velsaria's teammates hurriedly came out.

They were those 4 people that were once part of the Sylphid Knights. They were probably forced to not come out till now.

And to her teammates that hurriedly approached her—

The pitch black knight used its hand and struck them over.

Blood spurred out. The girls from the knights were slammed on the ground.

From the right shoulder to the chest, the girls suffered severe injuries.


Kamito started to have a disgusted feeling.

From the injuries that were caused directly from a spirit, it proved that the spirit was slowly getting out of control.

The emergency bell rang— the match had been stopped.

But even then, Claire and the others did not want to retreat.


The black mist that was being sent out from the pitch black knight, like tentacles, trapped Claire and the others and caught their limbs. Even though Scarlet and Fenrir tried to bite through it, those two also got caught immediately.

STnBD V03 233.jpg

(...Don't tell me, is she trying to drain power from Scarlet?)

Only Ellis stood up, wobbly.

Using her elemental waffe to blow off the nearby black mist, she was trying to protect Claire and the others.

Kamito though—

"—Est. I have a request."

Closely grasping Est's cute hands.

Even though Est had an expression that wanted to say something, when she looked at Kamito—

"—I am Kamito's sword. Everything is for you."

She seemingly gave up and nodded.

"But, please be careful. With your current body, and with my form as elemental waffe, you can probably only last for 10 seconds,"

"Ahh, that's enough, Est."

Kamito kindly patted her silver hair, and started to release his elemental waffe.

"Dispassionate Queen of Steel, the sacred sword that destroys evil— now form a sword of steel and be the power in my hand!"

Est's body slowly turned into light orbs and disappeared into thin air—

And in Kamito's hand, appeared a silver blade with shining lights.

Part 7[edit]


Ellis used her elemental waffe's lance, and slashed through the pitch black knight's mist.

Even with just a slight touch, your divine power could still be drained. Velsaria's teammates who had accidentally approached were already bound together and unconscious.

Fianna and Rinslet who almost used all their divine power also fainted on the floor. Even though Claire still managed to stay conscious—

"...Ellis, H-Hurry and escape to the door..."

"Don't joke around. I am a Sylphid Knight, my mission is to protect the students."

While talking to the fallen Claire, at the same time, she also released multiple gales towards Velsaria.

But, it could not even slightly damage the armor. Even if the form changed, it still seemed to be as durable as that fortress spirit.

The only thing that could manage to change the spirit into this ominous form—

There could be only one reason why.

"Why—? Why have you implanted a Cursed Armament Seal! Esteemed sister!"

(I do not understand.)

(A person who I once thought to be perfect, why do you have to do such things?)

Towards Velsaria who could not hear anything, Ellis struck again with her swift speed.

Because of the anger that increased the power of the gale, it pierced through the armor—

"—O wind, blow wildly!"

But, the elemental waffe lance only maintained its form inside the armor without any movement.

(...I cannot generate any more wind!?)

From the crack of the armor came the black mist— the divine power of Velsaria, followed the lance up into Ellis' arm, and started to drain her power.

Velsaria used her arms, and slowly picked up her body by her neck.


Claire screamed out.

(...Is this the end? I...)

(...My consciousness is slowly fading away. Darkness is slowly enveloping me.)

(...I didn't get to protect anyone. Not even my comrades, not even my esteemed sister.)

"Kamito, sorry... I—"

At that moment. A sword immediately flashed through the air.


Next moment, Ellis' body was in the air.

From behind, a hand appeared and hugged her tightly.

Slowly, she opened her eyes.


In front of her eyes, the one that appeared was Kazehaya Kamito.

Ellis right now was being princess cradled in the air.


"—Ellis, thanks for protecting my comrades~"

Kamito smiled and dropped to the ground, and semi-regrettably let Ellis down.

...Unable to understand the current situation, Ellis blinked blankly.

Kamito then looked towards Velsaria's direction, and grasped his elemental waffe sword.

"—I will not allow you to touch my comrades!"

Part 8[edit]

From under his bandages, surged a huge intense burning sensation.

(...Tch, the injury opened again...)

Tightly clenching his teeth to contain his cry of pain, Kamito cursed in his heart.

Even though I said something cool, I still have a giant hole in my stomach.

Not just blade dancing, it's already really difficult just standing.

"I knew it, using the Demon Slayer Sacred Sword in this condition is really tiring~"

He smiled wryly.

"Y-Y-Y-Y-You Idiot!"

Claire's whip made snapping sounds.


Kamito yelled in pain.


Turning his head back, there was Clare holding her whip with her arms crossed.

(...Scary. Its like her head has 2 horns...)

"W-What are you doing! Treat people with injuries better!"

Kamito glared at her with his teary eyes.

"Then why are people with injuries running here!?"

Her red twintails angrily stood up.

Kamito sighed, and placed his hand on Claire's head.

"Rushing towards here when my comrades are in danger, isn't that normal?"

"...Hah, y-you sure are an idiot."

Claire looked to one side trying to hide her blushing face.

"Kamito, w-with your injuries..."

Ellis spoke with high concern.

Kamito once again turned himself around, and kindly placed his hand on her shoulders.

"Ellis, you worked hard and did well. You are already an excellent knight."


Ellis' eyes showed happiness.

At that moment—

"...Oh... Ohhh ahhhhh..."


Those 3 immediately turned towards the source of the noise.

The black knight who had lost one of its arms yelled out in pain.

With that form, it was just like a body being possessed by a lost spirit.


Kamito wobbly walked over and held tightly onto Terminus Est.

With his current condition, he could only maintain Est's elemental waffe form for only about 10 seconds.

"Kamito, are you seriously going to fight this thing!?"

"Ah, after all, she is the one I have to defeat by my own hand."

"Kamito, what are you say—"

Kamito grasped his sword, and stared at Velsaria.

"...Ren... Ashbel... l..."

"Velsaria, do you really want to fight against 'her'?"

Although he never expected an answer, Kamito still asked.

"...Ohhh... Oh..."

The only reply that he got, was the roar filled with chaos from its throat.

"Then, before the strongest blade dancer, I shall be your opponent!"

As he declared— Kamito started to charge forward.

At the same time, Velsaria who had lost one of her arms also started to charge.


Ellis' voice slowly faded in the noise created by the sword fight.


Blocking Velsaria's assault, Kamito swung his sword.

The pitch black armor cracked open. With another strike, he smashed through it.

Sparks flew everywhere. At the same time, a pain like electricity shocked Kamito's body.

At the instant Kamito screamed in pain, the armored Velsaria grabbed Kamito's arms. But—

"Don't look down on my comrades!"

As if in reply to Kamito's scream, Terminus Est released a bright light.

A light that seems to purify, it blew away the mist which was Velsaria's divine power.

Following that, Kamito slashed towards the head of the pitch black armor. With that, he released another strike— the black knight was not able to keep up with the flashes and flashes of attacks.


Ellis exclaimed.

Looking at the blade dance, you could never tell that Kamito was heavily injured with his overwhelming strength.

"That's just, like..."

Whom Ellis Fahrengart envied, the strongest blade dancer.

As if seeing the same thing from 3 years ago—


Velsaria screeched out a terrifying sound.

The air seemed like it was vibrating, smashing Kamito's body and blowing him away.

And then smashing him onto the ground heavily.

Crimson red blood started to stain the bandage on his chest while pain spread all over his body.

Terminus Est's light started to fade away, signaling that the fighting was almost near its end.


With the support of his hands, Kamito stood up.

Velsaria's ominous divine power then started to spread all over the ground like a mist,

(So the source of this mist is her heart...)

Kamito's extraordinary observing skills told him that conclusion.

While desperately tolerating the pain, Kamito re-grasped his blade and lit up his sword.

(With Terminus Est's anti-curse ability, I might be able to—)

At this time, like an obstacle, Velsaria's elemental waffe started to change once again.

The severed arm slowly morphed like clay, and changed into a giant lance.

No, rather than a lance— it looked more like a ram.

"...Looks like its time to determine the winner. Just what I wanted..."


Ellis slowly walked over to Kamito with her blade as a support stick.

"Ellis, I'm sorry."

"Kamito, that thing is dangerous."

"What do you mean?"

"My lancing skills were taught to me by my esteemed sister."

"...I see."

Velsaria once again roared out a sound like it came from the ground.

"...Ren... Ash... bell!"

"...? My esteemed sister actually mistook Kamito as Ren Ashbell?"

Ellis raised her eyebrows, in question.

Of course, the current Velsaria already lost all logic.

"It's time to see who wins. Ellis, please help me a little."

"...I understand."

Ellis nodded.

"Kamito, I beg of you, please save my esteemed sister."

Kamito then proceeded to channel all of his remaining divine power to the sword in his hand.

The silver sword once again started to glow with all its might. Ellis also started to create gales of wind.

This strike was the strongest attack he could use with his current body.

(I can only bet everything on this.)

"Lets go, Velsaria Eva Fahrengart!"


Velsaria charged while creating a trail of dust around her.

With Kamito's body becoming lighter through Ellis' wind,

With a violent gale behind his back pushing him, Kamito accelerated again.

With the instant clash, the area around them was immediately clouded by the flashing lights.

Just barely dodging Velsaria's attack—

The Demon Slayer Sacred Sword which was shinning with a bright white light, totally pierced Velsaria's armor and the 'heart'.

From the tip of the blade, the bright light started to overflow.

(Just like what happened— 3 years ago.)

"...Velsaria, you shall be saved by me."

With his blade in her chest, Kamito slowly whispered.

The pitch black armor shattered into powder, and Velsaria's beautiful face appeared once again.

"Ren Ashbell—"

Her cherry-colored lips, slowly moved.

Part 9[edit]

(So it is like this... Kazehaya Kamito, you are—)

In the moment she was pierced, she realized something.

The person in front of her, was the exact same person that pierced her chest 3 years ago.

"...I have been defeated once again..."

Velsaria smiled gently.

As if a heavy worry disappeared, she had a very stable expression.

But for some reason, she could not feel any remorse from that time.

This is because, Kazehaya Kamito's black eyes, were looking straight at her.


*Dub dub*— the Cursed Armament Seal started to beat once again.

With her face hot, Velsaria slightly moved her teary eyes away from Kamito.

"Velsaria, you are strong. But, that strength will one day snap like a sword."

"That is true... But, I only seek this power so you can acknowledge me— But it seems like it wasn't enough~"

"—You are wrong then."


"You lost, but it is not because of insufficient strength. You only lost because you were alone. But I have my comrades, my friends I met in the Academy."


"That, is something even the me from 3 years ago— Ren Ashbell would not have."

Upon Velsaria's blushing face came a cool breeze.

(These are— Ellis' winds.)

At that last instant, it was that same wind that accelerated Kamito who was heavily injured.

That same wind that carried Ellis' thought and her belief as a knight.

"Ren Ashbell, I—"

With her smile and her beautiful golden hair swaying with the wind—

Velsaria Eva Fahrengart finally was defeated.

And— the beating 'heart' also ceased all movement.

Part 10[edit]

"Arara, that 'heart' broke~ That was, after all, a rarely found piece of merchandise~"

At the forest not near the Academy—

Vivian Melosa unhappily bit her lips.

After all, she only came to watch the fight to gather more data.

"The direct implantation of Cursed Armament Seals on a 'heart' will still take a while until it can be used without any problems~"

Releasing a sigh, she turned off the final switch.

"But, that boy was pretty interesting. And since that Jio from the Instructional School was also taken away, I shall play with him the next time~"

"The students are not your toys, Vivian Melosa."


From that voice coming from nowhere, Vivian Melosa— felt a chill on her back.

"Is that you!? The Dusk Witch!?"

"Hmph, how nostalgic. My good-for-nothing student."

Greyworth Ciel Mais slowly walked out from the deep forest.

"...! Why—?"

"Executing such an action that attracted people's attention, everyone would have noticed. And yesterday after the 2 girls went out of control, we did a little research. We realized that the Cursed Armament Seals were the same as what you studied back when you were still a student. Looks like you still haven't improved from the past~"

Like a teacher lecturing a student, Greyworth kindly said.

"I still can't believe that you actually started to take action because of those negligible students—"

"Hmph, the last time I was sent here was a few years ago. For me to come back here to rule out the nasty pests, it seems like it is destiny."

Vivian Melosa immediately held her breath, and her body started to shake from fear.

"Next, for you to attack my important students, it is necessary for you to take some punishment~"

—At the same time, Greyworth's right hand started to glow and compress into a pitch black matter.

From this weird condition, the one that was appearing could not be a contracted spirit— it was a demon.

"Its been a long time since you had food, Earl, go ahead and enjoy yourself~"

Greyworth licked her devilish lips.

"Ah... Ahh... Ahhhhhh..."

Vivian Melosa cried out from her throat.

From being scared, it completely turned into a state of panic.

Looking at her trying to crawl away to escape—

"—Don't try to escape~ The punishment is necessary!"

"Heh, Ah, Ahhh..."

The pitch black did its final assault.

*Ka* *Crack* *Chouk* *Gulp*...

The sound of chewing echoed throughout the forest.

"Ara Ara. I still needed to handle the final situation, such an idiotic disciple~"

She then playfully touched her glasses, and slowly walked away.