Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance:Volume4 Epilogue

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"No way, why......"

Muir Alenstarl who had lost the annihilation spirit Tiamat—

Was standing stock still in the mud in shock.

That appearance was akin to a girl who had just dropped her favorite toy in the river.

The Monster that had been trying to kill Claire and the others until just now was nowhere in sight.

"Nii-sama was supposed to stay weak forever and ever......"

"Muir, I may have really become weak."

Kamito thrust his sword into the ground and held his hand out to the frightened Muir.

Muir tilted her head to the side.

"But now I have those around me who convert that weakness into strength."


Muir blinked her eyes—

"Wh-What's with that......"

Sulkily, she averted her eyes.

"I hate nii-sama. I hate you."


And then.

His heart squirmed.

"......Aguu, ahhhhhh!"

Instantaneously. His entire body felt like it was burning up and intense pain ran throughout him.

With an anguished cry, Kamito fell to the ground.


Claire pulled the collapsed Kamito back up.

"......Wait, what's going on exactly!?"

"......It's nothing......"

"Idiot, there's no way that's true!"


"Kamito, what's wrong!"

Rinslet and Ellis, along with Fianna, all hurriedly rushed to his side.

"—Show me."

Fianna unbuttoned his shirt with a serious expression.

And then—

"......What is this!?"

Upon seeing Kamito's unveiled chest — she became speechless.

Roughly around his heart's location, an ominous black pattern was engraved.

"No way, a Cursed Armament Seal......!"

"What did you say!?"

Anxiety flashed across all four of their faces.


"That woman, doing such things without asking me—"

Muir stood while biting her lips.

"......That woman? You, do you know anything?"

Claire sharply inquired and Muir flinched before shaking her shoulders.

Without her militarized spirit, she was now just a normal powerless girl.

"......Gu, ahh, ahhhhhhhh!"

Kamito vomited and tore at his own chest.

"It's dangerous at this rate. We need to report this to the Divine Ritual Institute quickly!"

"Got it!"

Ellis stood up and summoned her flying wind spirit—


"—Move aside."

A quiet voice resounded.


The location the voice came from — everyone looked towards that spot.

There stood Est who had returned to human form.

Coldly shining silvery white hair.

Mysterious violet pupils.

Est's profile lit by the moon gave off a godly feeling.

In the face of that beauty—


Kamito forgot about his burning pain for a moment.


Est whispered.

With small, cold fingertips, Est touched Kamito's jaw and,

"I am your sword. Therefore—"

On Kamito's lips.

She planted hers.


Dizziness. His mind was attacked by a sweet drunken feeling.

He could only widen his eyes in shock.

The warmth of the touching lips.

The softness of the touching lips.

The silvery white hair caressing his cheeks.

Small fingertips were wrapped around his back.

Those delicate limbs which seemed like they could break at any moment.

The heat from those fingertips. Or possibly coolness.

He was wrapped in those strange and gentle sensations.

He felt his entire body relax.

Their lips parted lightly.

But the hair upon his cheeks did not part.


And then—

STnBD V04 256-257.jpg

"Good bye, Kamito."

Est's body disintegrated into many light shards and disappeared into thin air.