Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance:Volume5 Prologue

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He was watching a dream.

An extremely vivid dream― to the extent that he understood that he was within a dream.

The flashing of swords. The clashing of blades.

While walking down a corridor dyed red with the blood of countless soldiers―

The one swinging a sword of shining light, was a girl with beautiful golden hair.

Flowing movements like that of the blade dance, cutting down all sorts of spirits that came at her.

The girl's figure gave off a sense of deja vu.

Up till present times, there were many existing artworks of her, like portraits, sculptures and paintings.

Areishia Idriss.

The Sacred Queen who had once overthrown the Demon King.

(......Why did I dream of her?)

Here he did not have a physical body that he could move, only his consciousness drifted through this clear dream, bearing that question.

From when exactly was this dream from?

Furthermore― whose dream was it?

In the midst of his clear consciousness― eventually, he reached that moment that was recorded in history.

Defeating the last spirit, the girl slowly walked out the corridor, heading into the deepest depths of the castle.

Raising the sacred sword which was radiating light in the air with both hands, she raised her head, looking at the throne.

There, was seated a lone man, his composure calm.

The area around the throne was wreathed in dark flames, and thus his features could not be discerned.

However, who it was that was seated on that throne, was intuitively recognized with just a glance.

(The Demon King Solomon―)

In the past, he had brought calamity and destruction across the lands, the worst tyrant to have gone down in history.

Dominating the powerful spirits of the seventy-two pillars, the only existing male elementalist.

Ominous dark flames danced menacingly around him, as though threatening the girl.

However, the girl did not falter.

Because within her hand was held a sacred sword, empowering her heart.

"Evil Demon King, by the names of the Elemental Lords and my sacred sword, begone."

As the blowing wind sent her golden hair billowing, the girl dashed onwards.

Engraved on the blade of the sacred sword, in the language of the spirits, was a name giving off a silver light―

The instant I saw that name, I shouted out.