Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance:Volume16 Epilogue

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As red as blood, the setting sun sank below the vast desert horizon.

Merged with Leviathan, Zohar stopped in the midst of biting into Mordis' city wall, looking like the remains of a city—

Swallowed in cocoons to supply divine power, the many citizens were all rescued by Rubia's forces and Fianna's healing team.

However, the people located at Leviathan's core region, in Scorpia's vicinity, were totally drained of divine power and had stopped breathing.

Even though exact numbers were unclear yet, at least hundreds of civilians were estimated to have been sacrificed.

Fianna was at the shrine, offering a requiem dance for the deceased.

Muir and Lily were found near the city wall, unconscious.

They had apparently come into contact with the moving Zohar during reconnaissance and ended up swallowed by tentacles. The only reason why the two of them remained unharmed was presumably because Leviathan disliked Muir Alenstarl's unusual ability, the Jester's Vise. This was Rubia's deduction.

—Returning safely from Zohar, Kamito's team was greeted by the fervent cheering of Mordis' refugees. All over the streets, praises for the Demon King and his princess maidens could be heard. A massive bonfire was lit on the plaza.

"...What a pain. Do I have to make another speech?"

At the command center of the Demon's Fist, where Rubia was present—

Kamito sighed in the middle of his report.

"Indeed. The refugees place their hopes in the Demon King."

Rubia said.

"Yeah, I know that..."

As the hierarch of the Theocracy, Sjora had unbelievably used a strategic-class spirit and tried to sacrifice her people. What kind of future lay in store for the Theocracy? Whether the refugees of Mordis or the residents of Zohar, everyone must feel quite unsettled.

"If only we could locate Saladia Kahn at least."

"A fair point. Currently, my subordinates are conducting a search."

The Theocracy's second princess, Saladia Kahn, was nowhere to be found in Zohar. Reportedly, just before Leviathan activated, someone had brought her out of prison, then went missing. Saladia was a trained elementalist and could not have weakened and died in such short time... Supposing she had taken the chance to escape during the turmoil, but if that were the case, it was quite baffling why she had not showed up in front of the rebel army that supported her.

"Since Saladia Kahn's whereabouts are unknown, why not simply become the true Demon King and rule the Theocracy?"

"You must be joking."

"Have you ever seen me make a joke?"

Staring squarely at Kamito, Rubia spoke.

Kamito shrugged and shook his head.

"Making me the true Demon King? I'll pass."

Picking up the Demon King's mask, Kamito turned around and walked out of Rubia's room.

In the passage outside, Claire and the others were waiting for him, dressed as the Demon King's concubines.

"Kamito, time to go..."

"Everyone is waiting."


Putting on the skull mask, Kamito draped the blood-colored cloak over himself.

The Theocracy had been liberated and successfully obtained the Dragon King's protection.

This news would soon shake the All Nations Conference at the Ordesian Empire.

...By the way, something bothered Kamito. It was Sjora Kahn's last moments.

—The revival of the true Demon King. What on earth did that mean?

Feeling a premonition of war and turmoil, Kamito the impostor Demon King made his appearance on the balcony.