Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance:Volume14 Prologue

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Dawn's rays were shining upon Winter Gulf Castle's terrace—

Kamito could only stand there in shock, staring in astonishment.

His gaze was fixed firmly upon the girl standing behind Claire.

Long and beautiful hair that seemed to meld with the darkness of night. Dusk-colored eyes that reflected sunlight to produce a mysterious color. Clad in Elfim clothing, her delicate body exhibited beauty like that of fine glassware. Her clear skin was snow white.

Although she was not wearing her usual dress in the color of night, this was undoubtedly Restia's appearance.

Darkness Spirit Restia—Her true name was Restia Ashdoll.

She was the contracted spirit whom Kamito was supposed to have killed in that shrine of the Elemental Lords.

"...Are you really... Restia...?"

Breathing irregularly, Kamito approached her with unsteady footsteps.

Despite confronting that appearance of hers face to face, Kamito still could not believe it.

Indeed, she should have ceased to exist right before Kamito's eyes.

Before he touched her with his hand, he could not believe this was real.

His fingertips made contact with her slender shoulder.

In that instant, the girl with Restia's appearance shrank away in fear.



The unexpected reaction gave Kamito pause.

Her dusk-colored eyes seemed to—


A voice called out from behind him.

Kamito looked back to see Claire staring at him with mixed feelings.

"Claire, what on earth happened to her...?"

"Listen here, Kamito—"

In that instant, Claire spoke to Kamito hesitantly but paused.

Soon after, she continued as though mustering her resolve:

"This girl seems to have forgotten everything about us."

—That was the conversation that had taken place.