Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance:Volume11 Prologue

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Part 1[edit]

“Absolute Blade Arts — Final Form, Last Strike・Dual!”

There were the Demon Slayer in his right hand and the Vorpal Sword held in his left hand.

Crossing each other, the light and dark swords smashed Rubia Elstein’s sword.

At that moment her crimson sword broke.

Her overflowing incandescence flames swept over immediately.

“…Don’t tell me…”

It was a moment of stillness. Within the rampaging flames—

A sigh of despair leaked out from her mouth.

Or perhaps, she might be just simply gasping for oxygen.

In any case—

(—She wouldn’t get another breath.)

The exploding flames were fanned by the wind from the swords and winded into eddies.

In that instant, Kamito rushed further in—


He let the crossed dual swords fly.

It was a slash of great speed released at super point-blank range.

The sword tip of Vorpal Sword, glowing in the color of darkness, disappeared into her chest like it was being sucked in.


Her ruby pupils widened like she was saying impossible.

Even as she was facing such a defeat, her appearance looked noble and beautiful.

Beautiful—he honestly thought.

—However, that strong feeling was also something of a moment.

“Sorry. I’ll be taking back the title of the Strongest Blade Dancer.”

While the demon sword in his left hand was stabbed in her chest—

Kamito brandished the Demon Slayer held in a reverse grip.

Part 2[edit]

Within the whirling flames and winds, fragments of Laevateinn fluttered down like sparks.

Having received that close blow, Rubia’s body danced in midair and violently hit the ground.


What Kamito let loose was a blow that was not materialized and delivered only mental damage to the opponent. There was no damage to her physical body.

Although she would have trouble breathing, much less speaking normally,


(…Despite receiving that dual sword secret skill, she’s still conscious.)

While stabilizing his wild breathing, Kamito muttered within his heart.

She probably had most of her power drained out by Laevateinn.

Even so, having received that on one’s body and staying conscious wasn’t something ordinary.

When Kamito was entrusted the secret skill by Greyworth, he had completely fainted.

(So, this is the power of the Sacred Maiden…)

Areishia Idriss—The Sacred Queen that destroyed the Demon King thousands of years ago.

Rubia Elstein was the reincarnation that succeeded that power.

In other words, she was an existence that would have opposed Kamito, who succeeded the power of the Demon King. That power transformed a sickly girl, who had never properly wielded a sword, into the strongest elementalist.

In any case—

Kamito was looking down at Rubia gasping in agony while he calmly put down his left and right swords.

The blade dance had completely concluded. Although she had the power of the Sacred Maiden, having lost her elemental waffe meant that she no longer had the power to fight.

(…Well, it’s the same for me too though—)

The moment that air of tension was gone, his vision grew hazy and intense sleepiness assailed him.

(…Like I thought, releasing two elemental waffe at the same time was a little too much…)

Demon Slayer and Vorpal Sword. Both were extraordinary elemental waffe. Even if it was Kamito, wielding them both at the same time would certainly rob him off all his divine power.

The spirit seals on both his hands lost their glow, and at that moment.

Strength suddenly left from his knees and he tumbled over his steps.


Kamito was about to fall over as Claire in her ritual costume hugged him in a fluster.

“A-Are you alright?”

“…Yea. I just used a little too much divine power, that’s all…”

While he was wrapped in the texture of something soft-feeling, he closed his eyelids.

His consciousness grew hazy. However, only his hands that held both his left and right swords wouldn’t let go no matter what.

Even when Kamito fell as the Demon King, Est had sworn to be together with him as the "Demon's Sword". Then—


Since that day three years ago, she was the darkness spirit girl he had been pursuing all this time.

He felt like she would disappear again if he let his hand go—

He held the sword hilt with so much strength that his fist turned white.

“—Kamito-kun, relax. I’ll apply the healing magic now.”

Having dashed over, Fianna whispered that into his ear.

However, Kamito shook his head while he was in Claire’s arms.

“…N-No…It’ll be better if you don’t touch me now.”

“…Eh? W-Why?”

“I had once awakened as the Demon King. The Demon King’s power is the power of the reincarnated Ren Ashdoll—”

“In other words, it’ll cause a backlash with my divine power that’s cloaked in the holy attribute?”

“…Something…like that.”

Kamito made a light nod.

To begin with, Kamito’s body had a constitution that repelled healing magic.

Because of that, Fianna had to take a roundabout method of making direct contact with her skin to send her divine power in to boost Kamito’s own healing ability, however—

If she did that in Kamito’s current state of just having awakened as the Demon King, there was no telling what kind of effect it would have.

Even if it was an unlikely thing, he couldn’t let her face such dangers.

“But, at least get some non-magical emergency treatment—”

“I’m…fine. More importantly…”

Then, Kamito moved his line of sight somewhere in front after shaking his head.

At the heart of the spewing flames, Rubia was glaring at him while she raised a voice of anguish. It was remarkable that she still had not lost consciousness but that was just prolonging the agony on herself.

“Treat her first. Even if she was healed and recovered some strength, with her elemental waffe gone, she cannot be a threat.”


“…I…have…not lost yet …!”

Rubia groaned from the depths of her throat.

With stern flames filled within those ruby pupils of hers, she staggered about as she stood up.


“No, it is your loss, Rubia.”

Kamito coldly denied.

“As I recall, you did say that the Sacred Maiden is the opposing existence to the Demon King. In other words, that means if my Demon King powers grow, your powers too would increase by my growth. Am I wrong?”

…She did not reply. The same ruby pupils as Claire’s just glared at Kamito loathsomely.

“But your plans failed. I had shut out the power of the Demon King that was beginning to awaken. Which means—”

Taking a light breath, Kamito concluded.

“Your Sacred Maiden powers that made you the Strongest Blade Dancer also got shut out at the same time, right?”


He probably hit the mark. Her shoulders trembled weakly.




“It doesn’t…mean that the powers of the Demon King have completely vanished yet!—”

A blue flame was created in Rubia’s right hand.

Frost Blaze—A heretic flame that was disconnected with the logic and laws of this world.

“…The two of you, get away from me!”

Kamito shouted and wielded both his right and left swords.

But, at that moment, a sharp numbing-like pain ran throughout his arms. It was the repercussion from releasing the secret skill of the Absolute Blade.

The nerves in his arms were paralyzed and Kamito became defenseless for a moment, when—

“Awaken once more now, Kazehaya Kamito. Otherwise—die.”

She let loose the absolute-zero blue flame that would even freeze one’s soul at Kamito.


Claire stood up and jumped out before Kamito.


“O’ true flames, carved in blood of ancient times, dwell in my hand and devour flames—”

As she quickly spun the words of an aria in the spirit language, crimson flames were clad over her hand.

Kamito widened his eyes. It wasn’t Claire’s specialty of spirit magic flames.

Those were heretic flames that would oppose Rubia’s flames.

“Those are the flames that return all to nothing—End of Vermillion!”

Those dignified words trembled the atmosphere, and the crimson flames were released.

The raging flames of demise collided into the Frost Blaze Rubia released in midway—


The explosion that would normally happen from a collision between two spirit magics didn’t occur.

The crimson flames Claire let loose burned out Rubia’s flames in an instant.

Having greedily devoured the blue flames, Claire’s flames stayed at that spot for a while—

And, eventually disappeared into nothing, without leaving any traces behind.

(This is Claire’s Flame-Burning Flames…)

Kamito gulped. He had heard about it but this was the first time he saw it himself.

“…Tch, falling as the Darkness Queen has awakened your nature…”

Rubia muttered in astonishment.

“…Nee-sama, just stop it.”


Claire promptly put her hand down and stepped forward.

“I will definitely not let Kamito be the Demon King.”

The Elstein sisters confronted each other.

Within that tensed atmosphere, eyes of the same ruby pupils glared at each other.

It seemed like Rubia’s eyes wavered for a mere instant but—

“…Don’t…get in my way, Claire.”

Leaking out from her lips were dispassionate words of farewell.

“I…have to save this world. That’s the responsibility of those knowing the truth.”

“The truth…”

Claire widened her eyes in surprise.

“Yes. I came here to hear the truth from your mouth, Nee-sama.”

Having seemingly made her resolve, she nodded and, just like that, she walked on straight towards her sister.

“—The truth four years ago

“Claire, it’s dangerous—”

At the same time, Kamito gave a warning.

Absolute-zero flames again were created on Rubia’s hand and they were blazing violently.

However, Claire did not falter. Keeping her arms defenselessly lowered, she drew closer towards her.

“…Tell me, Nee-sama. Why did you rebel against the Elemental Lord that day?”

“It has nothing to with you.”

“There’s no way it has nothing to with me. After all—”

“Shut it!”

“After all, Nee-sama—”

“… I said shut it!”

The absolute zero flames were released from Rubia’s fingertip.


With a shout, Kamito frantically reached out his hands but he didn’t make it.

Just as the surging blue flames were about swallow Claire whole.

“—Nee-sama, as far as I’m concerned, you have always been my beloved sister.”


Rubia’s eyes of ruby pupils widened in shock.

Without even thinking of dodging the flames, Claire plunged right into Rubia’s chest.

“…Why…didn’t you avoid it?”

“I believed in you, Nee-sama, that you really wouldn’t hit me.”

Claire gently held Rubia’s wounded body close to her.


“…Nee-sama, just stop all this…”

Her muffled voiced changed into a tearful sobbing in an instant.

Having lost her ability to move, Rubia stood still with a puzzled expression.

“—Looks like you’ve reached a conclusion, Rubia.”

Kamito calmly told her.


After a short silence, she—

“…It would seem that way.”

Looking up at the empty skies, she muttered with a sigh.

“I don’t have much time remaining. Now that I’ve failed to awaken the Demon King here, the means to kill the Elemental Lords no longer exist—”

(…Time remaining?)

He got concerned with those words she casually said but—

There was something that he had to ask her first.

“Tell us. You said something like your goal was to remake this world into a world without spirits.”


“You were once a Queen but why would you try to kill the Elemental Lords?”


Claire gently raised her crying face.

“Please, tell me the truth. The reason why you had to betray the Elemental Lord.”


Her lips slightly trembled and she forced out a small sigh.

“You guys will never believe it. Even I couldn’t believe it until I saw it with my own eyes. That such a thing exists in this world—”

“I believe you, Nee-sama. Regardless of what others say.”


Rubia’s pupils wavered.

Claire looked straight back at those pupils of hers.


Rubia took another breath and her lips quivered slightly.


“Four years ago, the reason I rebelled against the Elemental Lord was—”

She calmly opened her mouth.

That the Elemental Lord had gone mad.