Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance:Volume11 Chapter9

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Chapter 9 - The Last Night[edit]

Part 1[edit]

The sky was getting bright. Kamito's entourage returned to the castle at Ragna Ys.

Entrusting Iseria with Rinslet for now, Kamito returned to his room.

There was a mountain of problems he had no choice but to think about.

Even so, Kamito could not resist the onslaught of drowsiness and fell on the bed, catching up on lost sleep.

It really had been quite a while since he was last able to sleep so deeply.

...Several hours later, Kamito finally woke up from his nap.

"Ah, mmm..."


Every time he tossed and turned, he could hear cute sounds faintly.

(Hmm, a dream...?)

Still half asleep, Kamito cocked his head.

There seemed to be soft sensations on both of his arms.

(What is this? Feels so comfortable...)

Kamito absentmindedly grabbed what was in front of him.

Boing boing. Boing boing.

"...Mmm, Kami... to, that's..."

"...Stop... that, don't..."

As soon as he moved, a faint breath swept over his neck.

(...Wait, this is no dream!?)

Kamito suddenly opened his eyes—

"Oh dear, you're already getting up?"

Restia was looking at him mischievously.


Kamito's face instantly felt hot.

She was dressed only in underwear, accompanying Kamito in bed.

"W-What, w-what are you doing!?"

"I am your contracted spirit, Kamito. Isn't sharing the same bed only natural?"

Murmuring, she pressed her modest but bouncy bosom against him.

Her black hair draped over her face. The shoulder clasp of her bra was undone, looking especially seductive.

"Okay, let's continue sleeping."


She entwined her slender arm around Kamito's arm.

At this moment, his other arm was being tightly gripped.


"Kamito, please leave the darkness spirit."

Words like cold steel.

Shiny silver-white hair. Snow-white skin the color of fresh milk.

On the other side, the naked kneesocks sword spirit was also accompanying him in bed.


"Kamito is my master."

Est hugged his arm tightly. Her petite and cute chest pressed against his arm.


"Oh dear, Miss Sacred Sword, you should be the one to leave Kamito instead, right?"

This time, Restia pulled Kamito to her side, squeezing his arm between her cleavage.


"Fufu, Kamito, your body is stiffening up."

"Kamito, with me as your sword, isn't that enough already?"

Sweet whispers were delivered to his ears from both sides. Their exhaled breaths swept across his neck.

(Th-This is a spirit sandwich...!)

This sentence surfaced in his mind.

"Over here, Kamito."

"Kamito, don't be tempted."

Boing. Boing boing.

"N-No, this cannot continue...!"


"Kamito, the celebration is about to begin—"

The room's door opened.


Making an appearance—

Were Claire and the young ladies, shocked the moment they opened the door.

"Y-You, y-you, what are you doing, Kamito?"

"To do something so shameless in the Divine Ritual Institute's castle, how bold..."

"Th-The spirits are so sly!"

"...Kamito-kun, I cannot tolerate this."

Rumble rumble rumble rumble rumble rumble rumble rumble...!

"N-No, this is—

Embraced by two almost naked spirits in bed, Kamito tried to explain himself in vain.

Part 2[edit]

Evening. Having changed into a suit, Kamito was attending the victory celebration party held at the Grand Shrine.

Gathered in the spacious hall were nobles from the various countries, enthusiastically conversing about the Blade Dance.

After the earlier incident, Est had went back to sleep in sword form. Kamito leaned her against a wall.

After all, carrying a sword was not appropriate for a banquet. But if he placed her there, at least he could keep her in sight throughout his time there.

Restia had disappeared off who knows where again. Oh well, given how willful she always behaved, she was probably going to suddenly return again.

"Team Scarlet's male elementalist..." "Reportedly defeated Ren Ashbell-sama—" "Although he's a bit scary, should we go greet him?" "N-No way, once you approach, you'll be enslaved by his demonic qualities." "But he's a bit handsome..."

The young noblewomen were chattering nonstop as they watched Kamito from afar.

The members of the winning team were the guests of honor. Being the center of attention could not be helped—

"L-Let's go, Kamito."

"Oh okay..."

Arm in arm with Kamito, Claire passed through the crowds.

Her slightly bulging chest was touching his arm, causing his heart to race.

Claire's formal dress was plain yet extremely beautiful.

It was a simple dress with a rose decorating the bodice. The pure white of its base color offered excellent contrast that brought out Claire's crimson hair and ruby eyes.

(...Damn she's really cute when she's not talking.)

Kamito blushed, turning his gaze away from the boldly open neckline.

The Blade Dance participants had all gathered to the center of the great hall.

There were a few familiar faces but Team Inferno was nowhere to be found.

Kamito was thinking he might be able to see Muir—

"Oh, isn't this Kamito?"

At this moment, greeting without reserve was—

"Ah, hi, Shao—"

It was Shao Fu of the Four Gods. Despite being on opposing teams, their relations were enough to converse without reserve.

Shao was wearing a traditional Quina Empire outfit with a bold, high-slit design.

"You're still wearing combat clothing for a celebration?"

"This isn't combat clothing. It's formal attire."

Shao smiled wryly and shrugged.


"Oh well, it does resemble what I wear during blade dancing, so calling it combat clothing isn't wrong. However, the fabric is a bit different."

Saying that, Shao flipped her skirt hem to display her outstretched leg.

"...G-Girls should pay more attention in this area!"

Kamito frantically reminded her.

"Girls... To think that's the first time someone referred to me that way."

Shao muttered with her face all red in response.


"Muu, Shao! Bring me some of that cake over there!"

From a distance, the voice of a slightly familiar imperial princess was heard.

"Oh, Linfa-sama is calling me. So, farewell, Kamito. Should you visit the Quina Empire in the future, come visit the residences of the Four Generals' families. You are definitely welcome."


The two shook hands to say farewell.


For some reason, Claire was glaring unhappily from beside him.

"...My, aren't you close with that Shao Fu?"

"Well, after all, she's a good opponent, worthy of respect."


Claire pouted with displeasure.

"Is that really all? Kazehaya Kamito—"


Kamito turned his head towards the voice—

Only to find a noble lady in a lovely dress standing behind him.

"Y-You're Leonora!?"

"Hmm, how rude. Is this attire really that ludicrous?"

"N-No it's not...!"

Kamito frantically shook his head.

"It's just that I'm used to the military uniform of the Dragon Knights. Uh, it's a bit surprising..."

If he really had to give his honest opinion, Leonora in a dress was so beautiful that he could not help but gasp.

A bodice decorated with ribbons. A violet one-piece dress revealing her shoulders, completely accentuating the curves of her excellent figure without reservation.

At this moment—

Kamito suddenly realized something.

"...Say, are you not wearing that currently?"

"W-Wait a sec, what kind of question is this!?"

Claire was completely stupefied.

"...No, given this rare occasion, I wore the underwear you picked."

Leonora blushed as she replied.

"The underwear I picked... Y-You mean the swimsuit?"

Probably, she meant the swimsuit she was wearing at the Water Elemental Festival before the final round.

Kamito remembered that it was a swimsuit that could be worn as underwear as well—

...Inexplicably, as soon as he became aware that she was wearing a swimsuit under the dress, he began to imagine all sorts of strange things.

"W-Why are you staring at my body! Pervert, what a pervert!"

Leonora glared at Kamito as if he were an insect.

"Y-You, y-you, even Leonora also..."

Rumble rumble rumble rumble... Claire's hair was standing up like flames.

"Hold on, don't jump to conclusions! I just wanted to thank you."


Leonora tilted her head in puzzlement.

"At the Lost Cathedral, you helped out Ellis and Rinslet."

"That was only to return your favor. There is no need for thanks."

"Even so, it still was a great help. Thanks."

Kamito extended his hand—

Then Leonora shook it without hesitation.

Her expression relaxed.

"...How funny."


"Before encountering you, I never could have imagined I would shake a man's hand."

"I-I see..."

Her direct gaze caused his heart rate to rise.

"I look forward to a future blade dance with you again."

Saying that, Leonora turned her heel and left.

Seeing her majestic and gallant figure, Kamito could not help but stare mesmerized—

"Seriously, what are you gawking at? Let's go."

Hence, Claire resolutely dragged him away.

Part 3[edit]

Offerings to the Elemental Lords were enshrined in the depths of the great hall. An altar was set up there with the five Queens performing a solemn dance currently.

"A chance to see the Queens' dance performance is quite precious. Kamito, you should pay attention and watch carefully."

"Yeah. Reicha is very pretty too."

Dancing in front of the flames, Reicha looked completely different from when she was talking to Kamito's group.

Kamito exclaimed in earnest as he watched.

"...~T-To think you would ogle the Queens with such indecent eyes, what a pervert!"

"Y-You're the one who asked me to watch!"

"I didn't ask you to stare in obsession!"

He ended up causing Claire to sulk and pout.

At this moment.


Someone hugged Kamito from behind.


Hugging him was Mireille in a cute one-piece dress.

The Laurenfrost family's third daughter was gazing up at Kamito with lovely deep blue eyes.

"Onii-sama, you brought back Onee-sama's Fenrir, right? Thank you!"

She hugged him tightly again.

"Nah, saving Fenrir was thanks to Rinslet's resolve."

Kamito smiled wryly and lightly caressed her platinum blonde hair.

Stroking, stroking.

"...Hua, Onii-sama is really..."

Mireille partially closed her eyes in comfort.


Claire's displeased voice could be heard from beside him.


"Seriously, Mireille, so you ran over here."

Rinslet hurried over in her formal dress.

"Rinslet... So pretty."

Kamito could not help but exclaim.

Rinslet was wearing a blue dress with a mature design exposing the shoulders.

Her dazzling platinum blonde hair shone like bright starlight in the night sky.

"W-What are you talking about, Kamito-san!?"

Her face instantly turning bright red, Rinslet looked as though she was going to emit steam.

"Fufu, this is great, Onee-sama. And here was Onee-sama, talking about Onii-sama nonstop ever since she got back to the room this morning—Kyah!"

At this moment, maid Milla appeared without notice and pulled Mireille away from Kamito.

"So annoying, Milla is so stubborn. But I'll have you know that when Milla makes Onii-sama's bed, she sniffs the sheets... Mugugu."

"Mireille, you need some strict schooling."

"Mugugu... Muu~"

The muffled Mireille was dragged off to somewhere unknown.

"...Milla has become quite a capable maid."

Kamito nodded for a while, greatly impressed.

"Say, where's Carol?"

Then he realized that Rinslet's maid was missing.

"Carol stayed in the room. Together with Iseria-sama."

"...Really? Speaking of being with Carol, that feels worrying."

Kamito began to worry and mutter.

"...Ahhh, free at last."

At this moment, Fianna walked over with a haggard expression.

"Thank you for your hard work. Sorry to shove this troublesome task to you."

"Don't mind it. Just reward me with La Parfait cookies."

"...Yeah, got it."

Claire shrugged.

Fianna had gone over to where the Ordesia Empire's nobles and VIPs were gathered in order to greet them as the team's representative.

This was supposed to be the job of the team leader, Claire, but there were many nobles who viewed her with disdain as the Calamity Queen's sister. Hence, the imperial family's Fianna went in her stead.

The one tasked with this responsibility, Fianna was dressed in an extravagant dress sewn with silver threads.

She had a silver bracelet on her slender arm. On her head was a gemmed tiara.

"The way you look is really like a true princess."

"I am a true princess originally. Say, were you trying to praise me?"

Pressing a finger to her cheek, the princess inclined her head.

"...Hmm, K-Kamito, you are here."

This time, Ellis appeared.

She was wearing a black dress that boldly exposed her back.

Combined with her hair let down, she exuded even more mature airs than usual.

As soon as she met gazes with Kamito, Ellis turned her eyes away in embarrassment.

...Somehow, the way she acted felt a bit strange.

"Ellis, what's the matter?"

She looked down and fiddled with her fingers awkwardly.

(Ellis' grandfather... is Duke Fahrengart, right?)

He was the head of the Fahrengart family as well as being the Empire's premier military consultant.

An exalted noble who commanded the Ordesia Imperial Knights.

"Could it be that Duke Fahrengart was not satisfied with the victory?"

"U-Um, not that, but..."

Ellis stammered.

"Seeing your performance in the Blade Dance, grandfather sees you as, uh, a s-suitor for a marriage contract..."

Her voice grew smaller and smaller... The last part was virtually inaudible.


Kamito perked his ears in surprise.

—At this moment.


He felt a sharp pain from the seal on his left hand.

"Kamito, what's wrong?"

"...Sorry, I'm going outside for some air."

"Huh? W-Wait..."

"I'm coming back soon!"

Parting ways with Claire and the girls, Kamito slipped into the crowd and disappeared within the blink of an eye.

Part 4[edit]

As though guided by the pain on his left hand—

Kamito walked over to the terrace outside the Grand Shrine.

The cold air of the night brushed against his face softly.

There was no one on the terrace.

(...A barrier for driving people away huh.)

Guided by his left hand, he went directly to the terrace.

Suddenly, on the railing—

The black winged angel in the dress of darkness descended lightly.

"Sorry for calling you out in the middle of the celebration, Kamito."

"No, I was thinking of getting some fresh air actually."

Kamito leaned against the railing.

"Is it okay for you to appear in this kind of place?"

The Sacred Spirit Knights led by Luminaris were inside the Grand Shrine. Since they were targeting Restia, appearing here might be dangerous.

"No problem. The Holy Kingdom of Lugia cannot make their move in a densely crowded place like here."

"That's true."

"Also, should anything happen, you'll protect me, Kamito."

Restia got down from the railing and drew near Kamito's face.


"Kamito, have you reached a conclusion?"


What conclusion? —He did not ask this question.

"Very soon, you will be having an audience."

"...I know."

The answer was already decided.

Assuming Iseria Seaward's words were true—

Destruction would one day come to the world unless the Elemental Lords were liberated from that darkness.

However, it was true that he still could not dispel his confusion.

(...I am afraid.)

Afraid of losing something precious again.

(...I am not as strong as Rubia Elstein.)

He did not have the resolve to give up everything for the continent's future.

"...It's worrying. Will the Demon King's power awaken again?"

The Demon King's power was suppressed by the Darkness Queen, Claire, for the time being.

But Rubia had said that the Demon King's power had not vanished.

Tempted by Ren Ashdoll's voice again, Kamito could end up losing his reason.

"—Don't worry. You have me here."

Restia placed her hand on top of Kamito's hesitating hand.

"Kamito, no matter what decision you make, I will stay with you."

Her sorrowful dusk-colored eyes stared at Kamito.

"—So, you must make a decision you won't regret."


Kissing him lightly on the cheek, she took off.


Leaving black feathers under the night sky, the darkness spirit flew away.


The moon was obscured by clouds.

—The moment to make a decision was approaching.

Part 5[edit]

(...A decision I won't regret, huh.)

On the way back from the terrace—

"Kamito... Hey, Kamito."


He suddenly found his collar grabbed from behind.

"...Jeez, where did you go?"

It was Claire... Apparently, she came to search for him.


"You were talking with the darkness spirit, right?"

Saying that, she looked towards the terrace.

As expected of a Queen's younger sister, her senses were rather sharp.

"Yeah, you're right."


After he admitted honestly, Claire pouted slightly.

"Hey, Kamito—"

Suddenly, she drew her face near.


Recalling the kiss just now, Kamito wavered to some extent.

"I don't have a partner. Let's dance?"

"You're pretty cute when you don't speak. I'm sure you could find a couple of partners—"

"There's no one I want to dance with, idiot. B-But... I-If it's you, I guess it's fine."

She glanced up as she murmured.

"...Then I'm really honored."

"O-Okay, lead the dance."

Claire held both of Kamito's hands and leaned her petite body close to him.

Kamito's heart was pounding uncontrollably. Due to his height, he was catching a top view of her slightly bulging chest beneath the dress.

"I don't know any proper dance steps."

Turning his gaze away, Kamito put one hand on her waist.

"Fine, I'll take the lead then."


Claire took over the job of leading the dance without any fuss.

As expected of a daughter from a noble family. Her dance steps were quite flawless.

Through intimate skin contact, sensations of body warmth and a feminine body's suppleness were transmitted.

Kamito found it difficult not to feel conscious of it.

At this moment—

"Kamito, listen to me—"

Claire whispered by his ear.

"That matter... I have already committed to my decision."

"...Is that so?"

Kamito nodded lightly.

"Nee-sama intended to save the continent's future on her own. Although her method was wrong... I want to inherit Nee-sama's will."

"...If you fail, you lose your life."

"I know."

Claire nodded with a serious expression.

They stopped in a corner of the great hall.

"But it's already decided."

She released her hand lightly and turned her head.

Over there —

Was the trio of Fianna, Ellis and Rinslet.

Everyone nodded with an expression of resolve.


"—Let's liberate the Elemental Lords and save the continent."

STnBD V11 233.PNG

Claire declared without hesitating.

(...Yeah. My teammates. This is the way it is.)

Kamito smiled wryly.

Serious, prideful, magnificent, very dazzling.

They were quite attractive—girls.

He could not help but feel proud of having fought together alongside them in the Blade Dance.

Facing them, Kamito—


He made a slight nod.

—His decision was made.