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Chapter 10 - The Demon King Is Summoned[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Around the spiral angel were glowing runes that resembled High Ancient.

This was language for altering physical laws in this world, rewriting them—

According to Est, the enemy was an Ophanim, an astral reconnaissance type.

Unlike the Dunamis angel where he had fought in a deadly battle, this was yet another type of angel.

"Claire, don't lower your guard just because it looks like that. This is a genuine monster."

"Yes. After all, Scarlet is shaking this much."

Flametongue held in Claire's hand was producing low rumbling that resembled ultrasound.

A spirit weapon like Est, Orlinde was reacting to the enemy's power.

"I am trembling in excitement, master."

"I know."

Hearing the proud contracted spirit explain, Claire smiled wryly.

"Est, how long will it take to decipher those runes?"

'—Yes, within sixty-four seconds.'

"Roughly a minute, huh?"

This was quite a tough duration. However, unless those runes capable of manipulating natural laws were deciphered, the attacks from elemental waffen would all end up nullified.

"Got it. A minute. I will buy as much time as possible."

'I will protect you, Kamito. Miss Sword Spirit can focus on analysis.'

As jet-black magic lightning erupted, Est responded to Restia.

'—Thank you, darkness spirit.'

Est brightened the silver-white blade and answered.

'Fufu, with the legendary sacred sword rely on me, I really cannot betray those expectations.'

"Yeah, that's right—"

Saying that, Kamito poured divine power into the Vorpal Sword.

In that instant, he felt a sting in his left eye, but...

(...Shut up, Ren Ashdoll!)

Unfazed, Kamito continued to release divine power.

This was not an opponent that could be defeated by conserving strength.

"Claire, I'll be the vanguard. Cover me."

"Yes, then allow Scarlet and I to make this thing run in circles."

With a swing of Flametongue from Claire, crimson flames instantly crossed the ground.

They were teammates for the longest time, working together ever since they started participating in the Academy's ranking tournament.

There was no need to discuss how to coordinate before a battle.

"Let's go—"

Allowing the divine power gathered in his feet to explode, Kamito kicked the ground hard.

Part 2[edit]

Listening to the sounds of combat behind them, Rubia and the rest of the group ran along the streets that had turned into a wasteland.

Unlike Ellis and Rinslet, who had gone through blade dance training at the Academy, and Rubia whose body was enhanced using cursed armament seals, Fianna and the four Queens were lacking in physical stamina.

Added to the fact that the ground had been dug up, they almost tripped and fell many times.

"We have to leave this place as quickly as possible, or else we will get caught up!"

Staying in the rear to protect the Queens, Ellis shouted.

Although she had not witnessed an angel's power first hand—

If what Kamito had said was true, then their surrounding could turn into scorched earth any moment.

Just then...

"...! Kyah!"

A Queen up ahead screamed.


Ellis widened her eyes.

A blazing wall of fire was blocking their path.

"...! What on earth is going on? Blizzard Breath!"

Rinslet chanted ice spirit magic—

However, the fire grew even stronger, instantly devouring the blizzard.


Seeing that, Rinslet was shocked.


"Fufu... Running is futile, little rats on the ground."

"Curse you—!"

Ellis looked up in the sky and shouted.

Only to see in the sky over the fire wall blocking them—

A cute girl dressed in pure white vestments, standing there.

"...! Why is there another Millennia Sanctus!?"

Stopping, Fianna bit her lip.

"How many of them are there?"

"Dear me, do know that I have always been one. All of me are me—"

Millennia Sanctus was holding a crimson greatsword enveloped in flames.

This was presumably the sword that had generated the wall of fire—

Just then—

"...! That sword, could it be—"

Rubia's voice was hoarse.

Her ruby-like eyes seemed to be burning. Her hair was lit with the color of flame.

The spirit seal on her right hand glowed intensely.

A red akin to boiling blood—


Noticing something unusual about her demeanor, Fianna murmured in surprise.

As though resonating against the light from her spirit seal—

The deep red magic sword in Millennia's hand spewed crimson flames.

"Yes, this sword is the ultimate flame sword that brings about the world's end—Ragnarok."

Millennia Sanctus smiled and raised the magic sword.

"The elemental waffe of Fire Elemental Lord Volcanicus."

"Damn you—"

Glaring angrily at Millennia Sanctus, Rubia slowly spoke up.

She exuding murderous intent from all over her body.

"How dare you take that out in front of me—!"

Fire Elemental Lord Volcanicus.

She was the culprit behind why Rubia had become the Calamity Queen.

The grudge from turning Elstein territory into a sea of fire—

"Aha, what a touching scene, Calamity Queen. Be grateful to me. I shall use this flame, which had destroyed your homeland, to burn all of you lot into nothingness!"

The flame sword Ragnarok in Millennia's hand became bright red as though heated red-hot.

In that instant...

"Fahrengart style of the spear, secret technique—Storm Strike!"

Ellis launched Ray Hawk at the wall of fire towering before them.


Enveloped in a storm, the magic spear created an opening in the wall of fire.


The unexpected situation caused Millennia to frown.

"Rinslet, take the Queens and go!"

"Understood! Fenrir!"

Mutual understanding in Team Scarlet allowed Rinslet to react immediately.

She did not say anything extra. The fire wall's lapse was only temporary. Any hesitation would have wasted the rare opportunity to escape created by Ellis.

Right now, protecting the four Queens was the most important.


Enveloped in a blizzard, the white wolf was summoned out of thin air.

Fenrir took the four Queens with his mouth, waited for Rinslet to mount his back, then leaped across the narrowing gap in one go.

"Little rats with petty tricks, do you expect to escape just like that?"

Sneering, Millennia swung Ragnarok lightly.

A scattering of sparks turned into countless fire hounds, chasing after Fenrir.

"...! This is bad!"

Ellis exclaimed—

"Oh dear me, is this the time to be worrying about your companions, little miss?"

Millennia Sanctus jeered and slowly landed on the ground.

Stabbed into the ground, Ragnarok turned the stone tiles into scorching lava.

"Rubia-sama, please step back—"

Wielding her elemental waffe rapier shining with silver-white light, Fianna spoke.

Their formation was to have Ellis as the vanguard and Fianna covering from behind.

Although with only two of them, this was not reassuring, yet this was currently the best tactical formation available to them.


"You two, stand down."

Ignoring Fianna's voice, Rubia walked up to the front.


"The Fire Elemental Lord shall be mine to handle."

She glared at the sneering Millennia Sanctus.

No, it was the Ragnarok held in her hand.

Scorching flames surged out of the Calamity Queen's hands.

Part 3[edit]


With an ear-splitting noise—

The glowing spiral angel began to spin at high speed.

The glowing runes deployed around it gave off intense light.

"—It's coming, Claire!"

Issuing a warning, Kamito released divine power and closed in all at once.

The spiral angel stopped spinning.

From instinct, Kamito judged it to be an attacking motion.

Instantly, the deployed glowing runes gathered into a point and released a flash of light.

(...It's coming!?)

Kamito lowered his posture as though lunging at the ground.

This reaction could only have been performed by predicting an attack.

The lightning beam rushed past the top of Kamito's head from the focus point.

The air was torn apart. The heat wave from the beam scorched his skin.

Fired in a straight line, the lightning beam's trail disappeared in the sky far off in the distance behind him.

Had it touched any part of him, his entire body probably would have been turned into ash.

Crushing stone tiles underfoot, Kamito rushed forward resolutely.

"O magic lightning of darkness, crush mine enemies—Vorpal Blast!"

The jet-black lightning erupting from the demon sword's blade rained down on the spiral angel.


K... iiii... iiiiiiiiiiiiii—!

The angel deployed glowing runes around it again, producing a weird noise akin to metallic friction.

The magic lightning of darkness, capable of destroying everything, was easily deflected by the angel's barrier.

This was absolute defense for nullifying the power of spirits, interfering with natural laws of the world.

(...! Sure enough, it doesn't work, huh?)

Kamito had expected the angel's defense to relax after a powerful attack.

The spiral angel floated up lightly.

Then six points of light began to contract at the same time.

(...! Carpet bombing next!?)

Discerning the lightning beams' trajectories, Kamito realized dodging was impossible.

In that case—

(—Est, can you hold up!?)

While jumping to the side, Kamito shouted in his heart.

...But all he got was silence.

(Huh, E-Est...?)

'It's useless, Kamito. Miss Sword Spirit is currently focused on analyzing the barrier.'

"...No way!"

Hearing Restia's voice, Kamito groaned in despair.

'Didn't we agree to buy a minute of time? Very well, let's go—'


Just then—

"Dance, a rondo of flames, O flourishing blossoms of scorching flames—Flare Rose Garden!"

Claire's stern voice was heard.

The spirit magic poured into Flametongue was released—


Detonation. Centered on the angel, the entire area exploded.

By striking the focus points of the lightning beams, Flametongue had detonated them.

"Claire, you saved me!"

"Scarlet and I will take out the attack's origin points."

Jumping onto a collapsed building, Claire brought back Flametongue with a swish.

"Kamito, keep moving to act as a diversion."

"...Got it. I'll try to draw its attention as much as possible."

"B-But, don't overdo it!"

Saying that, Claire hastily added.

"Yeah, I'll be fine."

Chuckling wryly, Kamito readied the Vorpal Sword.

(Time until Est completes analysis, thirty-four seconds to go. Thirty-three, thirty-two...)

While focusing on the battle at hand, Kamito also kept an accurate countdown in his mind.

...As long as he persisted, a chance would come.

...i, iii, iiiiiiiiiiiii—!

The strange noise was heard again. Burning flames were instantly erased.

This time, runes with a red glow were deployed around the spiral angel.

(—The pattern is different from just now!?)

Of course, Kamito could not understand what the runes meant.

But at least he knew that the incoming attack would be different from before.

The glowing runes reached the ground and deployed in a circle.

"It's coming, Claire. Be careful—"

"What's coming?"

"Who knows—"

"W-What... Eh, kyah!"

"Claire, hold on to me!"

Kamito hurried to Claire's side and pulled her by the arm.

Picking up her kitten-like body in his arms, he jumped on top of rubble.

"Hwa... K-Kamito!?"

Claire instantly blushed to her ears. Her eyes became moist.

Just then, the ground under Kamito's feet turned into mud. His body instantly sank down.


Kamito released concentrated divine power in one go, jumped again, leaping on top of a building.

Centered around the spiral angel, the surrounding buildings slowly sank into the ground.

"W-What is going on...!?"

"This area's properties has been rewritten—"

Putting Claire down on a roof, Kamito looked down.

The road paved with stone tiles had turned into pitch-black mud, devouring everything.

"T-This is so crazy..."

Stunned, Claire grumbled softly.

"This is nothing..."

Still gripping his swords tight, Kamito wiped sweat off his brow.

Soon, the glowing runes vanished and the bottomless swamp turned back into the original ground.

Glowing with rainbow colors, the spiral angel began to slowly spin in one place.

(But it seems a bit odd...)

Suddenly it occurred to Kamito.

Compared to the Dunamis angel he had fought at the Academy, this angel seemed more defensive in action.

Of course, its power was still nothing to laugh at, but—

(It's almost like it's waiting for something to arrive...)

Thinking that, Kamito then noticed.

Apart from the barrier deployed around the angel—

Runes had been spinning inside the spiral this whole time.

(...What's going on? What is it doing?)

'—Kamito, angel analysis complete.'

Just then, Est's voice interjected into Kamito's mind.

Words of High Ancient flowed rapidly around the Demon Slayer's blade.

"Good job, Est!"

'Yes, Kamito. I shaved off approximately seven seconds.'

With an unemotional voice, Est declared a little proudly.

"Now we can finally counterattack."

"Yes, it's not my style to keep taking attacks."

'Sharing data with hell cat spirit.'

Resonating, the Demon Slayer and Claire's Flametongue began to glow.

"I don't know why, but this angel doesn't seem that strong in offense. It's much easier to handle than the Dunamis angel I met in the Academy."

Just as Kamito was about to counterattack...

'—Wait a moment, Kamito.'

"Whati is it?"

'The existence density inside the angel is rapidly rising.'

The silver-white blade flashed intensely.

"...Sorry, can you explain more clearly?"

'The angel seems to be summoning something inside it.'

"...What did you say!?"

The spiral angel that continued to spin gave off blinding light.

The spiral unraveled then vanished into thin air—

Something enveloped in light appeared at the same spot.


Kamito could not help but gasp.

It was a human figure.

A tall human figure, dressed in a jet-black cape whose shape kept shifting like a shadow.

His entire body was shrouded in dark miasma. Behind that mask, shaped like a skull, was a pair of blood-colored eyes glowing ominously.

That image was almost like—

"...What the hell!?"

The strongest and most vicious being in the history of the continent—Demon King Solomon had appeared.

Part 4[edit]

"Aha, what a sense of humor, Calamity Queen!"

With her back to the blazing wall of flames, Millennia Sanctus laughed, the corners of her lips curling.

"Having lost your power, what could you do now?"

"Lost my power, is that what you think?"

Rubia extended her right arm, enveloped in flames.


"—O ancient and unruly flames, take residence in my hand and turn into a sharp blade!"

Instantly, a scorching weapon with graceful curves appeared in her hand.

Its shape was very similar to the weapon known as the katana that had existed throughout the ages in a far eastern country.

"Is that an elemental waffe!?"

Fianna widened her eyes, exclaiming in surprise.

The elemental waffe Laevateinn should have been destroyed during the final round of the Blade Dance.

Also, Rubia was supposed to have lost the power of the spirit contract.

"Eh, how interesting. Why do you have an elemental waffe?"

"It is not an elemental waffe."

"What did you say?"

Rubia readied the blade she had summoned out of thin air.

The blade left an after-image of blue flames wherever it swept past.

"Militarized spirit Kagutsuchi, an experimental model I had Vivian Melosa create."

"M-Militarized spirit...?"

Hearing that, Fianna was stunned.

Militarized spirits were meant to be spirit that could be employed without establishing a spirit contract. Normally speaking, they were impossible to turn into elemental waffen.

Even for the Ordesia military, relevant technologies should still be at the research stage.

To think that Rubia had actually implemented it?

"Similiar to my esteemed sister's Elemental Panzer, huh...?"

"Yes, the theory is quite similar."

Rubia replied.

"Although swordplay is not my specialty, at least I am better than you, cardinal."

She glared sharply at Millenia Sanctus before her.

The cursed armament seals branded all over Rubia's body gave off ominous light from under her military uniform.

The blue flames on the blade began to burn intensely.

"Rubia-sama, no—!"

Fianna could not help but cry out in alarm.

Using so many cursed armament seals at the same time was tantamount to suicide.

"I care not. I am but a moving corpse."

"Ho... Aha, ahahaha, to think I thought it would be something else, unbelievable, a militarized spirit!?"

Millennia Sanctus mocked coldly.

"You intend to cross blades with this Ragnarok with something like that?"

The ultimate elemental waffe in Millennia's hand spewed crimson flames.

The sword was swung.

A giant mansion was sliced diagonally. The top portion slowly slid down.


With noises of destruction one after another, a massive dust cloud floated into the air.

"Thank me for my mercy. I shall grant you swiftness, burning you three nice and clean. So clean, not even ash will be left!"

The remains of the collapsed building turned into a rain of fire, falling upon Rubia.

" "Rubia-sama!" "

Fianna and Ellis hastily tried to rush over, but were blocked by the burning debris.

However, Rubia stood calmly amid the pouring rain of fire.

Her crimson hair, aflame in appearance, fluttered wildly in the wind.

"Cardinal, you are not worthy to hold that weapon."

Rubia slowly spoke.

"—Someone like you cannot use those flames."

The spirit seal of fire branded on her right hand gave off blinding light.


For an instant, Millennia's body froze as though shocked.

"No need for you two to intervene. I shall handle this."

Turning her head to look back, Rubia said.

"Oh my, your words are killing me with laughter. Calamity Queen."

Head lowered, Millennia spoke.

"Very well. As you wish, I will burn you into charcoal!"

With her face filled with anger, Millennia swung Ragnarok.

A snaking dragon of fire swept over the ground, melting stone tiles as it charged forward.

In response, Rubia—

She stabbed her Kagutsuchi into the ground.

"—Not even time can escape a frozen fate, conflagrating flames of absolute zero—Frost Blaze!""

The secret passed down the Elstein bloodline.

The otherworldly flame capable of freezing even the strongest flame in Astral Zero.

"Have you forgotten this flame, Volcanicus?"

Amid the freezing blue flames, she said.

"—In that case, I shall make you remember!"

Part 5[edit]

—Demon King Solomon.

The most powerful elementalist in history, who had brought terror and chaos to the continent a thousand years ago.

Seeing him appear before their eyes—

"...Say, what the hell happened?"

Kamito asked Claire behind him.

"What makes you think I can explain clearly..."

Claire's eyes were equally filled with doubt and confusion.

The appearance displayed before them was just like the Demon King of legend.

(...Say, I've seen both that mask and the cape before.)

...Unmistakably, this was the real Demon King.

The being before them was exuding an oppressive aura, enough to convince Kamito beyond doubt.

The Demon King landed lightly on the ground. Dense miasma of darkness instantly spewed forth from his entire body.

"Est, what happened? What did the angel do?"

'—A summoning of past temporal coordinates, Kamito.'


Kamito's reply was a question mark.

'A rewriting of the world's laws, invoked by the angel's authority. Extracting coordinates from the time axis of this world, then materializing it—'

"Uh, in other words, what do you mean?"

"In other words, the Demon King existing from a thousand years ago was summoned here in his entirety?"

Through Ortlinde, Claire had heard Est's voice and responded.


"...So absurd—"

Kamito grumbled.

(...Summoning the Demon King? That's ridiculous.)

Demon King Solomon was the reincarnation of the Darkness Elemental Lord's power. If the Demon King before his eyes was the real thing, it meant that the angel had summoned that power along with him.

This ability was practically the same as a miracle. No wonder the Holy Lord wanted it so badly.

The angel's behavior focused on defense in order to buy time, huh?

—Suddenly, his left eye began to sting.

Perhaps the appearance of a being possessing the same power was causing her to react.

"Summoning the most powerful being recorded in the history of this world."

Holding Flametongue, Claire jumped down to the ground.

Kamito followed, facing off against the Demon King in front of him.

His gaze met with that of the two eyes behind the skull mask, glowing red.

Suddenly, Kamito recalled the young man he had met in the Demon King City.

"...Oh, ohhhh... Oh, ohhhhhhhhhhh...!"

With a weird growling sound, even denser miasma of darkness filled the surroundings.

That voice of hatred seemed to be cursing all of creation.

The Demon King slowly extended his right hand.

"...! Incoming!"

"Burn all... souls, black thunder—Hell Blast."

—The magic lightning of darkness released from the Demon King came as a raging torrent.