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Chapter 7 - Cross Fire[edit]

Part 1[edit]


The earth was shaking violently.

As Kamito and Ellis were rendered speechless, above them, a demon shrouded in crimson flames let loose a deep roar.

The atmosphere trembled and the sweeping gust of scorching air seared skin.

Gazing up at the massive demon overhead, Kamito groaned.


"What is it, Onii-sama? You don't want to play with Muir?"

The innocently smiling girl -- Muir Alenstarl.

A snake pattern was entwined around her right arm, glowing ominously.

This was not a spirit seal.

Rather, for this girl known as the Monster, this was the abnormal ability she was born with -- Jester's Vise.

In order to control this abnormal ability, a Cursed Armament Seal had been implanted.

"If you want to play, isn't it a bit late at night?"

"Ara, Muir likes playing at night."

Muir licked her lips.

"...Ellis, jump quickly!"

Kamito instantly yelled.

The giant demon flame spirit casually swung the flaming whip.

Accompanied by a massive boom, the rubble on the ground exploded and rained down as scorching lava.

(...W-What kind of strength is this!?)

Jumping into the air, Kamito swallowed hard.

The ground was split apart as if it had suffered an earthquake as well as becoming scorched and burned tragically.

Although there were similarities, the demon flame spirit's whip was closer to a blunt weapon like a club compared to Claire's Flametongue which included the traits of a slashing weapon.

...Even without a direct hit, getting swept in the wake of the weapon's aftershock was probably enough to kiss goodbye to this world.

If that kind of thing keeps being swung unhindered--

(How utterly terrifying...)

Moving along the slanting wall of the ruins, Kamito jumped repeatedly. As a first step, it was imperative to find high ground to seek refuge from the flames. Naturally, he realized that this would not last for long--


Ellis caught up to him using Flight magic.

Landing by Kamito's side, she glared at the demon flame spirit that dyed the entire dark night red.

"...What a terrifying spirit. Most likely, it is a tactical-class militarized spirit."

"Yeah. Muir is an expert amongst militarized spirit users."

Back when Kamito was teamed up with her at the Instructional School, her main responsibility was large-scale destruction.

In terms of pure destructive power, Muir's ability even surpassed Kamito.

"Fufu, as expected of Onii-sama. To think you escaped Valaraukar's attack."

Sitting on the demon flame spirit's shoulder, Muir laughed with delight.

--Suddenly, her merciless blue eyes were turned towards Ellis.

"Ponytail-neechan. Leave Onii-sama's side immediately. Within two seconds."


This was the gaze of a merciless murderer.

Feeling the immobilizing intensity of the killing intent, Ellis faltered for an instant. However.



"...I-I said I refuse!"

She glared back at Muir straight on.

No, not only did she do that--

"E-Ellis, what on earth are you doing!?"

"S-Shut up!"

Blushing, Ellis even went as far as to embrace Kamito's arm tightly.

"...I-I will never leave!"


Kamito's arm was sandwiched between her supple breasts.

...Despite the kind of situation they were in currently, Kamito could not help but feel his heart racing.

--At this time.

"Eh, I see--"

The air that was being surrounded by the demon flame spirit's heat instantly froze.

"You really want to die that badly, Onee-chan?"

Muir's blue eyes lost their luster as the Cursed Armament Seal on her right arm shone with red light.

Instantly, Valaraukar roared as if going mad.

"Very well. Before I play with Onii-sama, I will play my fill with you first."

Muir smiled innocently.

"I will string you up naked like a puppet, humiliating you nonstop in Onii-sama's view until you scream and beg in pain. Then I'll have you drawn and quartered. Finally, I'll incinerate you completely into ashes!"

Intense flames spewed out from the demon's black lava-like body.

The flaming whip traced out a red trail as it swung down, looking as though it was ripping the atmosphere apart.

Ellis instantly released Kamito and jumped from the ground.

"I am the witch who gallops across the blue sky -- Air Wings!"

Enveloped in wind conjured by spirit magic, she flew through the gaps in the scorching flames.


Kamito was just about to rush over--

Seeing Ellis turn her head back and gestured with her eyes, he instantly understood her plan.

(...She's deliberately provoking Muir.)

During this time while Ellis acted as bait, he was to defeat Valaraukar.

Because they had partnered up in the Sylphid Knights all this time, Kamito was able to understand immediately.

"...This is totally reckless."

That said, Kamito could not afford to waste this opportunity that she created.

Kamito adjusted his grip on the Demon Slayer in his hand.

"--We're up, Est."

He infused all his divine power into the blade.

As if illuminating the entire dark night, Terminus Est gave off dazzling brilliance.

The energy exhausted during the battle with the Forsaken Spirits had almost recovered completely.

Slicing through the flames, Kamito rushed forward towards the roaring demon flame spirit.

Being able to head straight forward was a good thing, seeing as the surroundings had turned into a sea of fire. Running along the ruins that provided a foothold above the ground surface that was being devoured by flowing lava, he searched for a path to approach.

A casual swing of the flaming whip struck the ground, pulverizing the ruins.

Whether it was due to madness brought on by the power of the Jester's Vise or the original spirit itself was unstable, the demon flame spirit's skill with the whip was extremely crude and hence it was very easy to predict its trajectory.

Compared to Claire's splendid whip techniques, it was as far apart as heaven and earth.

(That said--)

The whip's overwhelming destructive power completely pulverized the surrounding territory, almost making up for the crudeness of technique. Even if one escaped the whip's direct attack, a grazing blow from the super high temperature flames produced would cause fatal injuries.

"This reminds me of the time when I soloed an archdemon class spirit..."

Wiping the sweat off his brow, Kamito groaned.

Striking down incoming masses of flying lava, he closed in.

If he did not hurry -- amidst these intense heat waves, Ellis could not endure for long.

Or perhaps, even before that, Muir might recover her calm rational judgment.

This was Kamito's second time fighting the Instructional School's Number Two, Muir Alenstarl the Monster. The first battle happened back at Ragna Ys--

She was commanding the powerful annihilation spirit Tiamat that time.

(Although I barely pulled through last time...)

It was because Kamito's combat style was well-suited to countering spirits geared towards wide area damage.

In terms of pure power, Muir was superior. Furthermore, this Valaraukar was most likely a militarized spirit intended for single combat.

In a direct confrontation, it was not just troublesome for one would be overwhelmed by its strength.


(...Back then, Muir didn't seem like she was serious in wanting to fight me.)

Valaraukar roared as raging flames spewed forth from all over its body.


Kamito instantly halted and stabbed the Demon Slayer into the ground.

Immediately, an intense shockwave reached Kamito.

Heated by the flames, the air swept forth like a storm.

"Guh... What is this power..."

Holding on for dear life to the sword stabbed into the ground, Kamito looked around for Ellis' position.


--He found her instantly.

Struck squarely by the shockwave in midair, Ellis was now falling towards the ground.

Below her, the ground had already turned into a sea of lava.

(...I must make it in time!)

Pulling his sword out, Kamito performed a rolling maneuver and rushed forward.

--At this moment, the whip swung down, forming a barrier of flame to obstruct his path.

"Don't interfere, Onii-sama. Muir is currently playing with that Onee-chan."


Sitting on the flame demon's shoulder, Muir giggled.

"...Kamito, I am fine!"

Ellis' voice came from the other side of the flame barrier.

...It looked like she managed to use Flight magic in time to avoid the dangers of crashing down.

Kamito breathed a sigh of relief.

"Ara, how resilient, Onee-chan."

Muir's gray-colored hair began to stand on end from anger.

Kamito did not fail to notice her slightly trembling hands.

(She's over straining herself...)

Muir's abnormal power -- the Jester's Vise, had a critical shortcoming.

Namely, duration.

Commanding such a powerful militarized spirit also placed an extraordinary burden upon Muir herself.

If the spirit did not break first from her usage, Muir would suffer the fate of destruction herself.

(...At most three, no, five minutes or so.)

Running around as he stalled for time -- suddenly, this thought occurred to Kamito.

(...No, that's not going to work.)

Instantly, he shook his head to reject the idea.

...Retreating under such circumstances was impossible.

Escape routes were all sealed by the collapsed ruins and the barrier of flame. Ellis probably could escape using flight magic, but fleeing while dodging the flaming whip was very difficult.

"This leaves breaking through by force only."

Kamito readied the Demon Slayer in a stance and slashed towards the barrier of flame in front of him.

These were not the same flames as the ones Claire usually used when going easy on someone.

Instead, these were super high temperature flames that turned everything into charcoal on contact.

Kamito charged towards the flame barrier.


Muir cried out anxiously.

Was she staying wary of Kamito's apparently reckless behavior or was she worrying about his safety--

In any case, Kamito continued to accelerate nonchalantly and infused divine power into the sacred sword's blade.

"Absolute Blade Arts, Fourth Form -- Blaze Slash!"

With a vigorous intensity, he unleashed the attack in one breath. Turning himself into a tornado, he flew into the flames.

This was a special sword skill for countering the flame attribute by using the vortex of wind generated from the slash to sweep away the flames and absorb them.

Charging to the other side of the flame barrier, Kamito found Ellis waiting right there for him.

"Ellis, we're up!"


Holding Ray Hawk in her hand, Ellis flew into the fiery crimson sky.

"...Tsk, what a foolish Onee-chan. You will be struck down no matter how many times you try!"

Muir's Cursed Armament Seal glowed ominously.

With the release of the Jester's Vise's power, the flame demon began to rampage.

Its roar turned into a shockwave fired towards Ellis.

"--Evil wind, go forth and rampage."

Ellis' Ray Hawk gave off an intense flash of light.

The blades of wind cancelled out the shockwave and headed straight for the demon flame spirit.

"Something like that can't possibly work against Valaraukar!"

Muir was right. The wild blades of wind were all deflected by the skin of lava.

As expected, an ordinary attack could not harm the spirit.


"Of course I know that!"

Ellis' attack was simply a smokescreen.

During this time, Kamito had closed in on the flame demon by traveling along the ground.


Leaping along the ground, he swiftly approached beneath the legs of the demon flame spirit.

Like an axe for chopping a great tree, the Demon Slayer was swung.

In the next instant.

"Absolute Blade Arts, First Form -- Purple Lightning!"

Kamito unleashed a sword technique for localized destruction, exploding at Valaraukar's ankle.


Losing balance, the demon flame spirit's massive body swayed as if about to fall.

Even though it was a tactical-class militarized spirit, this result was perfectly reasonable after suffering an attack from the strongest elemental waffe of the steel attribute, Terminus Est.

Roaring angrily, the flame demon collapsed upon its knees on the burning ground.

The tremors produced caused surrounding ruins to collapse one after another.

To avoid being flattened by the gigantic body, Kamito swiftly disengaged. Distancing himself, he readied his sword once more.

"Muir. I'm sorry but we can't stay and play with you any further."


Muir's blue eyes gazed calmly at Kamito.

The ash-gray twintails fluttered in the wind blowing against her.

"I see, so Onii-sama too."


"Onii-sama too, hopes to play with Muir."


The light vanished from Muir's blue eyes.

Instantly, the kneeling demon produced an intense flash of light from its mouth, engulfing Kamito's body.


Ellis' shout sounded like a mournful scream, however.

"...Guh, I never expected it to have an attack like that...!"

Seeing Kamito emerge from the debris, Ellis instantly breathed a sigh of relief.

After all, it was an attack made by the spirit before it regained balance, hence Kamito managed to evade successfully at the very last moment.

Despite the pain from burns causing him to grimace, Kamito continued to grip the Demon Slayer tightly.

Valaraukar propped up one knee, intending to stand up again.

--The only chance was now.

"...Escaping will not work, Onii-sama. If you are unable to move, then just promise you will never ever ever leave Muir's side again."

Branded upon Muir's arm, the Cursed Armament Seal bled profusely.

...From the way it looks, she was being devoured by her abnormal power and gradually going out of control. If she continued to use the Jester's Vise's abnormal power in this manner, she could die in the worst case scenario.

(...As if anyone was going to let that happen!)

Kamito made a flying leap.

Valaraukar's flaming whip proceeded to sweep the scorching hot land.

Fragments of debris flew and scattered. --However, Kamito had long departed from that location.

In that instant, Kamito had sneaked his way into the bosom of the demon flame spirit who was kneeling on one knee.

(--This next strike shall determine the victor!)

From the ground, it was impossible to launch an effective attack against the gigantic demon flame spirit.

However, Kamito was confident.

"Kamito, catch!"

From midair, Ellis aimed beside Kamito's feet and threw Ray Hawk.

Enveloped in a vortex of wind, the spear tip penetrated the ground unerringly.

This was the perfect opportunity created by the tacit understanding within the team's vanguard combo.

"I'm sorry, I'm borrowing this!"

Kamito stepped onto the shaft of the spear that was embedded into the ground at a slant -- In that very instant.

"--O Storm, release thy power!"

Ellis chanted the words of release.

Boom -- !

An intense cyclone instantly began to blow, shooting the spear out from the ground with explosive force.

Standing upon the spear shaft, Kamito flew high into the sky. Then the instant Ray Hawk flew above Valaraukar's head, Kamito leaped from the spear.

"How could this be possible...?!"

Muir stared wide-eyed.

"Muir, let me tell you. This is called a team battle."

No matter how powerful a militarized spirit was, there were limits to solitary power.

Kamito raised the Demon Slayer in midair.


"--Bursting Blossom Spiral Blade Dance - Eighteen Consecutive Strikes!"

The Absolute Blade Arts' anti-spirit technique was unleashed explosively.

Crushing, piercing, slashing, slashing, slashing -- an eighteen-hit combo was delivered in flowing succession.

With each intense eruption of sparks, the demon flame spirit's body was split open.


When the final slash landed on the dead center of its skull, in that very instant--

Valaraukar's gigantic body immediately crashed towards the ground.

However, it was not yet completely destroyed. Such astounding endurance.


Panting heavily, Kamito supported himself using the upright sword against the ground.

The strain on the body from using the Absolute Blade Arts was extraordinary.

--At this time.

"No way..."

Amidst the sea of flame, Muir murmured, her face all pale.


"Muir's spirit, how could it lose -- Guh..."

The pallidity of her face was most likely not only due to the shock of losing to Kamito.

(Starting from when she first started controlling the demon flame spirit, over five minutes have already passed...)

Prolonged usage of the Jester's Vise caused Muir's body to reach its limit.

Bright red blood dripped continuously from the Cursed Armament Seal branded on her right arm.

"It's not over... It's not over yet, Onii-sama."

"Stop it. If you continue like this your life will be in danger."

Kamito shrugged slightly, then--

He caught Muir in both arms as she looked like she was about to collapse.


Muir's body was instantly drained of all strength.


"...Muir, I'm sorry. For leaving you alone all this time."


He heard Muir's gasp by his ear.

The Instructional School's Monster -- Muir Alenstarl.

Having lost her spirit, she was just a common little girl.

(...In the past, I never noticed this fact.)

He lightly stroked her ash-gray hair.

"Ah, oooh..."

Muir curled up her body as if feeling ticklish.

"...Onii-sama, that's no fair. To think you would do this."

Muir pouted sullenly.

Kamito turned his gaze to her right arm, only to find that the Cursed Armament Seal's glow had vanished.

Part 2[edit]

"...Muir, I told you so already."

In a tower far away from the battlefield of swirling flames of conflagration.

Lily Flame bit her lip hard.

She had stayed in this location all this time, watching over Muir's blade dance.

Providing reinforcements was impossible. Spirits driven by the Jester's Vise into a rampage were unable to distinguish friend from foe. For a demon tree spirit whose weakness was fire, even approaching was impossible.

Failing to stop Muir could be considered a major blunder.

After Cardinal -- Ren Ashbell, Muir was Team Inferno's next strongest combatant. The original plan was to send her against elementalists of Leonora's level or above.

(With this, Cardinal...)

Of course, Lily never expected her lord to be defeated in battle.

Whether the Knights of the Dragon Emperor or the Sacred Spirit Knights, neither of them were her match.


(...Cardinal's body cannot fight for long durations.)

Lily had noticed this weakness she was hiding.

Precisely because of it, she handed over the responsibility of annihilating enemy teams to Muir during the Tempest.

(Should I take Muir back, no--)

Although Kamito was injured all over already, defeating him was impossible.

That was how vast their difference in level was.

Absolutely impossible to alleviate, an overwhelming difference in power.

(Now is the time to abandon Muir and report back to Cardinal--)

--Suddenly at this time.


A presence was felt from behind.

"...Who is it!?'

Lily called out and threw a knife into the darkness--

"Fufu, isn't this a little rude against a fellow teammate?"

"You are--"

The girl appeared casually, playing with the knife she had caught.

Her blue hair seemed especially vivid against the contrast of the night. An exotic foreign outfit that exposed her lightly tanned complexion.

Bright red lips were shaped seductively in a smile of mockery.

"Sjora Kahn--"

Lily groaned in her throat.

The Theocracy's princess gave off an atmosphere with an inexplicable sense of dissonance.

(...What is this?)

There was a bone-chilling sense of intimidating presence.

(...I am feeling afraid?)

The witch was not like this previously.

Although she was unpleasant, she never gave off such an ominous aura.

(What on earth...)

The witch walked over to the edge of the tower and looked at the burning flames afar. Jeering, she said:

"Looks like that little lass has no idea how to use Valaraukar properly."

"What are you talking about--"

"Watch carefully and quietly. I shall show you the real way to use that thing."

Sjora raised her hand lightly and drew a magic circle in the air with her finger.


Lily's eyes widened in shock.

It was a complicated three-dimensional magic circle -- primitive magic once used in ancient times.

"--Awaken, ghosts imprisoned in the city of demons. Hereby revive from flames of conflagration."


The demon flame spirit roared again just as it was about to exhaust its strength.

Part 3[edit]

Just as Rinslet was wondering how long the underground ruins extended until--

"--It's here."

Leading the way in front, the girl suddenly stopped.

Rinslet tilted her head.

"...? This is just a wall."

"These ruins have a number of secret doors protected by magic."

The girl pressed her hand against the wall and murmured something softly.


At first, Rinslet thought it was a spirit language incantation but then again, it did not seem like it.

Rinslet had no idea, but this was precisely the High Ancient language that was taught only to high ranking princess maidens.

Very soon, the designs carved on the stone wall glowed with blue-white light. Accompanied by a low rumbling, the wall opened up.

Although there was still a flight of stairs beyond the door, at least a faint source of light could be seen somewhere in there.

These steps really seemed like they would lead to the surface.

(...Looks like fire light, actually.)

An intense blade dance was probably in progress on the surface.

"You can reach outside by continuing along here."

"What about you...?"

"...I already said. I cannot go outside."

The girl displayed a dream-like smile and pointed her finger towards the passageway.

Instantly, with a popping sound -- something resembling a blue-white electrical current burst.


The girl frowned due to the pain.

"Why would this..."

"It's okay, after all, I already gave up."

"N-No way, how can this be acceptable!?"

Rinslet held the girl's hand. For her to be imprisoned in a place like this when she had lost her memory and knowledge of her true identity, it was completely unacceptable.

"R-Right! One of my teammates is a princess maiden specializing in ritual magic. If she were here, perhaps she could release the seal that binds you!"

"...Thank you, Miss Princess Maiden of Ice."

However, the girl quietly shook her head.

"Your pancakes were very delicious. Although as a spirit I don't suffer from hunger, I do wish for a tasty treat once in a while."

She smiled once more.

"Miss Spirit..."

Rinslet bit her lip hard.

"Miss Princess Maiden, you are a person with a good heart. Hence I shall make an exception and tell you my name."

"...Name? Didn't you lose your memory?"

"All I remember is my name. --This is my only treasure. Hence I will only tell it to precious friends. Amongst humans, you are the first one."

As if about to reveal a great and important secret, she drew her tiny lips close to Rinslet's ear.



"Iseria Seaward. That is my name."

"This name, could it really be!?"

Rinslet's eyes widened greatly--

But as soon as the girl withdrew from Rinslet, her figure vanished into the darkness.

Part 4[edit]


The roaring caused the ground to shake.

Amidst howling flames, Valaraukar's gigantic body slowly stood upright.

"Impossible, why would this happen...!?"

Held in Kamito's arms, Muir muttered in shock.

Muir's right arm's Cursed Armament Seal did not react.

In other words, the demon flame spirit was not currently under her control.

"...Has it gone out of control?"

Ellis swiftly released defensive wind magic.

Blowing away the surrounding flames, the flame demon's appearance was fully exposed.

As jet black flames spewed out from all over its body, the demon flame spirit stood up.

The scorching flames charred the dark night, smoking the ground black.

(...Th-That's not right.)

Kamito noticed.

(Those aren't even flames at all...)

Pouring out from the demon flame spirit's gigantic body was--

Lamenting swarms of ghosts.

"...Just what is going on?"

As if answering Kamito's doubts--

"Kamito, the demon flame spirit has been possessed by Forsaken Spirits."

Est spoke up, having returned to human form without him noticing.

"...Possessed? A militarized spirit of that level?"

"Yes. That demon's body is likely possessed by thousands of spirits at least. --With so much hatred and resentment accumulated, no spirit can resist no matter how strong."

"...To have thousands of them!? Why would there be so many spirits--"

"Now that you mention it, Valaraukar did devour massive numbers of that type of spirit."

In response to Ellis' shocked exclamation, Muir replied.

"...Est, is that Valaraukar one of those spirit weapons you mentioned earlier?"

"Yes. Although it is not within my memory, based on the fact that so much resentment from the Forsaken Spirits has gathered, it is very likely true--"

Est nodded lightly.


Black flames swirled intensely. The one-armed demon no longer looked anything similar to its original form.

It currently resembled a seething mass of hatred.

Suddenly, Kamito recalled the image of a monster of darkness.

Nepenthes Lore -- despite the fact that the demon flame spirit standing upright before their eyes was far more massive than that monster, the impression they gave off was surprisingly similar.

"Kamito, we have to get out of this place."


Hearing Ellis' sharp call, Kamito nodded in response.

Carrying Muir in his arms like this, he turned back.


He suddenly halted in his steps.

Without them noticing, innumerable swarms of ghosts had gathered in the surroundings.

"This is terrible..."

Perhaps they had resonated with the resentment released by Valaraukar and gathered here.

"Breaking through is impossible, right..."

After all, contamination resulted from mere contact and severely depleted divine power.

Even if a break in the encirclement could be opened up for an instant, it was still quite hard to find their way when the density of spirits was so high.

In their current state with Muir incapacitated, Kamito did not dare do anything rashly.

...Come to think of it, flying in the air would be even more dangerous.

If one were to be dragged into that darkness, there would be no coming back alive.


Kamito turned towards her.

"W-What!? W-Why are you suddenly staring at me like that...!"

"I entrust Muir to you. I will go defeat that demon flame spirit."


Kamito gently laid down Muir from his arms.

"...Can you stand on your own yet?"

"What does Onii-sama take Muir for?"

Tossing her ash-gray hair, Muir shyly averted her gaze.

"Furthermore, Muir does not need the protection of that busty Onee-chan over there. Even without a spirit to command, Muir has no trouble protecting herself."

"...Ooh, th-this has nothing to do with chest size, okay!?"

"--Say, this isn't really the time for leisurely chatting."

Kamito turned towards the demon flame spirit.

The black flames spewing out from Valaraukar burned even more intensely

...Burning to this extent, it was only a matter of time now.

"--Est, I am relying on you. Please lend your power to me again."

"Yes, Kamito. But--"

Despite nodding, Est still gazed at Kamito with a worried expression.

...Kamito knew very well what Est wanted to say.

Currently, his right arm was hurting intensely. The muscles in his entire body were screaming.

The anti-spirit technique of the Absolute Blade Arts, the Bursting Blossom Spiral Blade Dance, had exploited his body to the limit.

This move was only supposed to be used roughly once a day at most.

Furthermore, it was a skill meant to be used when dual wielding.

Using it one-handed caused even greater strain on the body.

(Am I able to use it one more time...?)

Kamito clenched his right fist.

Otherwise, there is--

(--The Absolute Blade Art's secret technique, Last Strike.)

Inherited from Greyworth, the strongest sword skill that could even defeat the Bursting Blossom Spiral Blade Dance.


(...No good. That is a countering sword skill for use against an elementalist. It won't work against that demon flame spirit.)

Besides, Kamito still had not learned that secret technique completely.

Trying to use it here was far too risky.

"Do you want to use Flight magic to get close and decide the battle in one strike?"

Faced with Ellis' suggestion, Kamito shook his head.

Ellis aside, Kamito had no ability to control Flight magic.

Although rushing over in a straight line was possible, doing that will surely result in getting struck down by that flaming whip.

"But there is no way to approach the demon flame spirit from the ground."



The black flames surrounding Valaraukar were burning intensely.

As soon as he touched those flames, Kamito's body would be contaminated and he would no longer be able to sustain Est.

"What should I do--"

Suddenly, at this moment.

Filled with an aura of disaster, Valaraukar's eyes focused on them.


Accompanied by a sound of spiteful resentment that sounded like it came from underground, its mouth glowed with the color of intense scorching heat--

"--It's coming!"

Just as Kamito yelled out.

A heat beam was shot.

Mere protective magic of wind was nowhere enough to defend against the overwhelming raging torrent of flame.

"...Get down!"

In a hurry, Kamito wrapped his arms around the three girls and jumped, pushing them all to the ground. Although it was not too effective, at least it was better than being bathed in flames.

"Freezing fangs of ice, go forth and pierce -- Freezing Arrow!"

Numerous arrows of ice flew in from afar, striking the heat beam.

A massive explosion occurred before their eyes.


The violent wind swept up debris, blowing Kamito's body away.

(...Just now, could that be!?)

Steadying his shaken consciousness, Kamito turned his gaze towards where the arrow was shot from.

"Phew, what perfect timing!"

--Over there.

On top of the collapsed ruins was a lovely lady with long platinum-blonde hair fluttering in the wind.

Her hand was holding an elegant shining arrow of ice.

Her pose was the very image of a valkyrie from paintings.


Kamito yelled with his eyes staring wide open.

"Where on earth did she appear from!?"

The surrounding area was supposed to be heavily surrounded by swarming Forsaken Spirits.

"Hmph, I was thinking I could finally leave those underground ruins, only to discover a sea of flames after getting out, and even got chased by these inexplicable spirits, I've had enough of all this!"

Rinslet snarled angrily with her hand at her waist.

"I-I see..."

...Apparently she had suffered in various ways in some place Kamito had no idea of.

--However, let's put that aside for now.

(With this, we finally have a chance for victory...)

"Kamito!" "Onii-sama!"

From amongst the rubble, Ellis and Muir crawled out.

"Seriously, w-why did you have to overextend yourself like that!?"

"...Sigh, Onii-sama is always like that."

Ellis pouted while Muir sighed.

"Now that we have converged with Rinslet, perhaps we have a chance."


Hearing that, Ellis turned her gaze over towards Rinslet.

She was currently breaking up swarms of ghosts using her bow and walking over here.

"It's just one person more. Nothing's going to change."

Muir frowned in exasperation, but--

"That's not correct."

Kamito shook his head.

"Increasing from two to three people raises our team's power to a whole different level. Our Team Scarlet, that's the kind of team we've got."


Ellis readied Ray Hawk.

"Kamito, put your hand--"

Standing beside her, Kamito held Est's hand once more.

"Let's go, Est. Once again, please lend me your power."

—The Dispassionate Queen of Steel, the sacred sword that destroys evil!

—Now form a sword of steel and be the power in my hand!

As the release of the elemental waffe was chanted, Est's figure instantly dissipated into the air as particles of light--

The Demon Slayer -- Terminus Est appeared in Kamito's right hand.

"Huff, huff... Kamito-san!"

Rinslet arrived, out of breath.

"We're going to end this in one strike, okay?"

"Yes!" "My thoughts exactly!"

Ellis and Rinslet nodded simultaneously.

Valaraukar roared and prepared to fire off another heat beam.

"--I won't let you succeed!"

Instantly, Kamito kicked the ground and sprinted.

Wielding the Demon Slayer horizontally, he charged towards the roaring black flames.

"Rinslet, we will open up a path!"


Rinslet readied her bow elemental waffe and stretched the bowstring to its max.

Softly chanting a spirit language incantation, she infused the maximum amount of divine power into the arrow.

--Capable of piercing the scales of dragons, O Sword of Sagacity!

--Now turn into endless blades to vanquish mine enemy!

This was a high level magic skill for multiplying the power of Freezing Arrow at the cost of a longer activation time.

The same instant Rinslet released the arrow--

Innumerable shining blades of ice rained down upon the black flames.

At the same time, Ellis also swung Ray Hawk.

--Rampaging demonic wind, you are the one who covets severity, you are the embodiment of absolute tyranny!

--In accordance with your greed, sweep away mine enemies!

As a rumbling vortex formed, a great howling tempest rampaged.

" "O Winds of Ice, perform a dance of madness -- Ice Storm!" "

This was a combination magic skill that made use of the mutual interaction of ice and wind attributes.

Strong gales infused with cold air instantly froze the black flames, shattering them -- !


Kamito rushed forward head on.

He poured all his divine power into the Demon Slayer, causing it to flash with silver-white radiance.

This was the only chance.

But it was enough.

The decisive opportunity created by the two girls was definitely not going to be wasted.

Kamito took a flying leap and landed on the giant body of Valaraukar that was akin to lava.

From the knee to its arm, then from its arm to its shoulder -- and finally from the shoulder to its head, Kamito leaped three dimensionally.

As he slashed apart the black flames and lamenting ghosts spewing forth from its body--

"--I'm sorry but you'll have to rest in peace this time."

Kamito whispered in midair.


"Absolute Blade Arts, Destructive Form -- Bursting Blossom Spiral Blade Dance - Twenty-One Consecutive Strikes!"

Unleashing the Absolute Blade Arts, the demon flame spirit was smashed to complete pulverization.