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Chapter 8: Ellis' Determination

Part 1


As Kamito opened his eyes, the image that he saw was the usual room of Claire's.

The warmth of the sun slipped through the curtains and brightened the room.

...Ah? I, why was I sleeping?

His memory was still in confusion.

He didn't know when he put on pajamas, or the bandages.

Next to his bed, there was a spirit stone, cracked after healing.

Just as Kamito was going to sit up—

"Hoo... Ah...!"

His flanks felt like it was burning.

Taking a closer look, the roll of bandages that were on his abdomen had formed a hard clot.

That's right—

The pain finally let Kamito remember what happened.

I was pierced by the Spirit...

The mirror spirit that went out of control through the power of the Spell Armament Seal.

The spirit that wounded Kamito, was finally annihilated by Velsaria.

With overwhelming destructive force, wiping it off the Earth.

The spirit that was completely destroyed, could never even return back to Astral Zero.

Complete eradication.

"The Academy's strongest Blade dancer— huh?"

Indeed a spirit's level that was on par with Ellis', that fortress was also insanely strong.

She was far stronger then she had been at the Spirit Blade Dance Festival 3 years ago.

...As I am now, will I be able to defeat her?

Clenching his left hand which used to hold that pitch black blade, asking himself.

The 3 years of emptiness, embarking on the journey to find her.

The reasons of defeat, one can have as many as he wants.

That "Kyōdouin"'s orphan — Jio Inzagi also said I've became weak...

That was because, Kamito unconsciously protected his companions.

If that is my weakness then—

... I have indeed became weak, heh.

Pushing back the burning pain, he finally sat up on the bed.

Kamito's uniform was hanging on the walls of the room. It had become so tattered that it was unrecognizable.

After judging that even washing it would still do no good, he left it there.

Using his hands to lean on the wall, he started walking wobbly.

He searched through his uniform's front pocket, and took out the present and chocolate.

Although the chocolate had already been flattened, but because Claire had finally made it successfully, he would gratefully eat it.

After making his resolve and placing it into his mouth, the sweet taste fully spread in his cavity.

"...Ah? This is surprisingly..."

Although there was a bit bitterness, it was quite good.

Compared to the coal cooking before, this was indeed a remarkable progress.

...She, essentially is a very hard working person, isn't she?

While she did some weaknesses, like often times when she had sudden mood swings, but as an honor student, her learning speed was extremely fast.

If she were serious, maybe she could have been an expert in cooking too.

Part 2


Suddenly, the room's door slammed opened.

The one who came in holding a pile of bandages was Claire.

"Y-You, what are you doing, ah!"

"Nm? Your chocolate, is pretty good. You practiced hard."


Kamito frankly praised—

Claire's face immediately reddened.

"T-That's obvious isn't it? I-I Practiced a lot... ah, not that. W-Why are you up, isn't your body still unable to move!?"

"Ah, no, just walking should be no problem, look... Ouch!"

Even with the slight movement of his wrist, his sides started to really hurt again.

"...Haaa. You really are a fool, your wound opened again right? Well, quickly sit there. I'll put some new bandages on you."

"Ahhh, sorry for bothering you..."

Claire started wrapping the bandages awkwardly—

And slowly told Kamito what happened after he fainted.

The two who had the Spell Armament Seals, were found unconscious in the forest.

It seemed like after being captured by the Knights they were jailed in the capital. After all, using Spell Armament Seals did not only just break the Academy's rule. They would also probably be tried by the Spirit Investigation Association.

The action Velsaria took that involved the public, did not cause any deaths, and since she only destroyed a small area of the street, she did not get any punishment.

Although the one who issued the ruling was Greyworth, this judgement might be what the Alfas Empire decided because they did not want to punish the Academy's strongest Blade Dancer, especially when the Spirit Blade Dance Festival was so near.

Ellis who helped Claire move Kamito back to the room, stayed in her room and never went out.

It probably was because she felt deep remorse that she had failed her responsibility as the captain, and didn't prevent the streets getting destroyed nor the students getting associated with the Spell Armament Seals.

"... How long did I sleep?"

"A whole day. The Valentia Holy Festival ended a long time ago."

"Is that so..."

Kamito glanced at the clock hanging on the wall.

"From last night, it has almost been half a day."

"Claire, although I'm late I am very sorry."

Kamito handed out the small box that was just taken out of his uniform and gave it to Claire.

"What is this?"

"Ah... That, is your present, Your birthday gift. Although it has already passed hasn't it."


Claire widened her ruby eyes.

"W-Why, How...?"

"Rinslet told me. Well, for a lady of nobility, it may not be anything of value."



In the end, Claire carefully untied the ribbons.

Inside the box, was the cat-like silver pendant that was carefully placed.

"T-This, isn't it the one I wanted...?"

"Before, weren't you always looking at it?"

"Ah, ah, but..."

Claire hugged the pendent in her hands like a treasure.

"This, should be pretty expensive isn't it? You aren't an aristocrat—"

"That is because I made an unreasonable request to Ellis, asking an advance for my payment."

"...S-So... It was like that."

Claire tightly clasped the pendent, and from below looked at Kamito—

"...Th-Thank you, Kamito"

And said that shyly.

Seeing an emotion that was usually never seen from her, Kamito's heartbeat could not help but beat faster.

...T-This person, putting on this expression, is simply too cute to be true—

"Hmph, as a slave you know quite some interesting things—" He thought he would hear something like that.

He totally did not expect she would frankly express her gratitude.

"Sorry, Kamito... About that, I was wrong."


Another line that was hard to believe also emerged. Kamito could not help but wonder about his ears.

"I-I'm sorry... that, I chased you out of the room. This was the reason why you went to work for the Knights right?"

"Ah, no, that is—"

Just when he was going to say it, Kamito quickly closed his mouth.

Although it wasn't entirely like that— but it was better to remain silent then.

"Yet I, didn't even listen to your explanation and got angry... Sorry."

Her red twin tails dropped down with no energy.

"No, It's my fault, at that time I didn't explain properly. I apologize."


Claire looked up with teary eyes and slowly got closer to Kamito.

"—Hey, are you people done?"

"Cough cough!"


The two hurried and separated.

"Fianna, when were you here!?"

"Probably from that moment when Kamito-kun said 'It's time for you to become more frank, even though you always say you hate it— but you actually want to do more exciting things with me right?'"

"Don't fabricate such an unlikely fact!"

"Y-Yeah! D-Doing more exciting things with... N-No!"

Claire who was red all over immediately got angry.

"Hoho, it's just a joke. Claire really, your face doesn't have to be that red."

"W-Wh-Why did you even come here! Ero-Queen!"

"Tomorrow's match has already been declared, that's why I came over here to tell you!"

"Who's our enemy for tomorrow?"

"Ah, our enemy is the team that's ranked first— Velsaria Eva's team~"


Claire's expression immediately froze."

"...The Silent Fortress, huh?"

"An enemy that we know we will soon encounter, as long as we continue to win."

Claire should have already realized this.

But, a power that can eradicate two strong high level spirits in an instant—

"—There's no problem."

Kamito picked up the Elemental Waffe sword that was placed next to the bed.

"I will defeat Velsaria. I will take her up personally."

"W-What are you saying!"

Claire fiercely glared at Kamito.

"With that kind of injury, how will you be able to join tomorrow's match?"

"That person will not be defeated with just you and the others."

"T-There is always a way... Let us not speak of Velsaria as an individual, their team is not mature enough. As it was just formed by pulling people from the Knights, they haven't even completed their—"

"The Silent Fortress is a tough opponent you know."

"That is..."

Even if Claire had a very straight forward personality, but as a Spirit Contractor, she also had the ability to calmly observe the situation.

Even with one reason, she wouldn't miscalculate the power difference between Velsaria and her.

But even if Fianna was an ex-Princess Maiden from the Divine Ritual Institute, which granted her the ability to do rituals, but once the fighting starts she would be no different from any other people.

While was true that her knight spirit was strong, but once you consider the inability to enter Elemental Waffe, the area of tactical fighting immediately lowers.

Additionally, in order to attack the flying fortress, a spirit that has long-range attacks was necessary.

The only one that could attack air units in Team Scarlet was only Claire's magic. But, it was impossible to just rely on magic to destroy the armor mounted on the fortress.

But, if I was to be a forward, we could at lest adhere to five minutes.

Towards Kamito who was making an attempt to get out of bed—

*Squeeze squeeze*

"Yeah, even if Kamito-kun's body is firmer and stronger, participating in tomorrow's match is impossible~"

Fianna used her soft chest to press him back.

Due to Kamito blushing because of the touch of something really soft, Claire fiercely glared back.

"Thats right~ the injured you would just give us more trouble."


Although he felt really unwilling, but he couldn't find any words of rebuttal.

Indeed, letting Kamito who was seriously injured to join the battle would just be a hinderance.

"Then, Team Scarlet is forfeiting?"


Kamito who was asking it also understood, that there was no other way.

Once you forfeit a match, as a punishment your ranking would significantly drop.

Knowing that, if they don't defeat the top team, the chance of getting their 6th placed team to the top 3 would almost be 0.

Part 3


A heavy atmosphere filled the room, and at this moment—

"Fuu, I understand what you all were saying~"

An elegant voice came from outside the room.

Accompanied by the waving blond hair, Rinslet entered the room.

Following closely behind her, was her maid Carol.

"Rinslet why did you come over here!?"

"Seems like there is in need of my power~"

Disregarding Claire who is actively protesting, Rinslet bluntly walked over.

After stopping in front of Kamito who is still sitting on the bed, she elegantly moved her long hair.

"As long as it is me, I can definitely shoot down the flying fortress for you!"

"Ojou-sama is trying to say that she hopes to join Claire-sama's team~"

Carol simultaneous translated what Rinslet said.

"Is that right, Rinslet?"

"...N-No! It's, just that..."

Rinslet, being flustered, asked for Carol's help.

"Haha, ojou-sama really is not good at expressing the truth~"

Using her hands to cover her mouth, Carol gently laughed.


Suddenly, Kamito stood up and grasped her shoulders.

The slender shoulders of hers suddenly trembled.

"Ah!, w-what! You are too violent... I'm not ready yet!"

Her voice sharpened as she protested. But, Kamito did not let go.


"Ah, whe..."

Being stared straight at by Kamito, Rinslet quickly quieted down.

Blushing, she nervously grabbed her skirt's corner.

"T-Thats troublesome... If I am being stared like that, I-I would become strange..."

"K-Kamito, what are you doing!?"

"Kamito-kun, no matter how you argue, you are being too bold!"

Ignoring the shocked Claire and Fianna—

"Please, Rinslet. Join our team."


Rinslet stood there shocked. Claire also widened her eyes.

Rinslet's Elemental Waffe— "Freezing Arrow", is a long range attacking weapon. Under the situation that Kamito is not allowed to enter tomorrow's match, they need her to urgently join.

But, if we let Claire who is always arguing with her to ask, this ojou-sama would never put down her pride. So, Kamito intervened and asked himself.

Rinslet then—


Like a bride that was getting proposed to, she bluntly agreed.

"I-If Kamito-san says so..."

Reddening, she used her fingers to play with her hair.

"Is that fine, Claire?"

Claire sighed.

"True, this is after all the undefeated "Silent Fortress". And one day we will need ranged support that has sufficient power."

"W-Wait, don't misunderstand. I only joined your team because Kamito-san requested it."

"Now, now." Carol slowly comforted the furious Rinslet.

In any case, now we will be able to carry out anti-air attacks from the ground.

...Now if I joined, our power would be more balanced.

Claire also seemed to have also considered the same thing with Kamito.

"If only we can have another person to take on the position as forward..."

She said it with a troubled expression.

Just then, there were knocks on the door.


Everyone looked at each other... Having visitors coming to this room is very surprising.

Claire went over and opened the door.

The ones who were standing outside the door— were surprisingly 2 people.


Claire who was holding the door handle widened her eyes.

"Claire Rouge, there is something I want you to do."

"...Although it is clear, that we do not have the qualifications to ask for something."

Those people were Ellis' teammates who were still supposed to be in the infirmary.

Rakka and Reishia from the Sylphid Knights.

Part 4

Inside the dark room where all the curtains were pulled up—

Ellis was crying alone on her bed, not caring for anything.

Staring at the memory that was sealed in the spirit stone.

Inside was, a young Ellis dreaming of Velsaria.

For the first time, she didn't attend the Knight's meeting in the morning.

What she is wearing right now is not the school uniform, but pajamas that were printed with polka-dots.

Her hair was also not tied up, letting the long hair scatter off in directions on her bed.

You are not a knight.

Velsaria's words repeated in her brain.

It may be just as what onee-sama said...

In the dark, Ellis firmly grasped the bed sheet.

...It's the truth, in the end, I couldn't protect anything.

The people that were happily enjoying the festival.

The students that were transplanted with Spell Armament Seals.

And also— her important partner that was with her.

Kamito who joined her from kindness, also sustained serious injuries.

Everything that happened was because of me. If only if I was more powerful, nothing would have happened—

The seniors who agreed to join Velsaria and left the Knights, were also her fault.

No one would want to be with a captain that has no power, and would only speak of dreams.

"...I do not, have the right, to call myself a Knight—"

"Yup, the current you really does not have the right to be called a knight, Ellis."


Ellis immediately let go of the bed sheets.

"Claire Rouge?"

"Sorry, but I melted the lock."

After saying that, Claire bluntly entered the room.

"W-Why are you here, and what was the meaning about I had no right of being a knight!"

"Heh~ So you still have the strength to be furious. I feel at ease now."

Claire went next to the bed, hands on her hips, and lowered her head while looking at Ellis.

The normal Ellis would stare back immediately, but—

She looks like as if she is being forced and looked away.

"...H-Has Kamito awakened yet?"

"Ah, he even said weird things like he would like to join tomorrow's match."

"What—? With that kind of injury?"

"Yup. And our enemy is the Academy's strongest 'Silent Fortress'."

"That's crazy, what are all of you thinking of!?"

Ellis grabbed on to Claire and stood up.

"You still don't understand onee-sama's power?"

"Ah, She is a very powerful spirit contractor, but she is not invincible."


Ellis frowned.

Velsaria Eva Fahrengart is the strongest in the Academy.

That fact, is a truth everyone knows.

"Three years ago, Ren Ashbell defeated her."

"But that's because— She is the strongest blade dancer. The level is too far apart!"

"True. But, to defeat Ren Ashbell is our current goal."


To Ellis who never ever thought she would hear those words— she was speechless.

...To defeat Ren Ashbell!?

"How is that possible—?"

"It is possible. More precisely, it will be possible~"


Claire was serious.

She was seriously thinking of— defeating the strongest blade dancer.

"I will continue to win in the Spirit Blade Dance Festival, then I will make my 'wish'. whether it is the Silent Fortress or the strongest blade dancer, whoever gets in my way shall be brought down."

Looking straight at Ellis, was an eye that was burning silently.

A small flame was then ignited, inside Ellis' heart.

"M-Me too..."

"Ellis, will you bring that resolve and join the Spirit Blade Dance Festival?"

Claire seized Ellis' collar.

"Your dream of being a knight, is it only to this level?"


Ellis pushed Claire's hands away.

"I am... I am a knight of the Fahrengart!"


A strong wind was formed in the room.

The bed sheet on the bed flown away, the items on the desk flying in the air.

Curtains ripped apart, A strong sun ray was fired into the dark room, brightening everything.


After the wind settled—

"Looks like the wind has started blowing again~"

Claire smiled.

Then, she pointed at Ellis.

With her other hand on her hips—

"Ellis, join our team!"


Ellis asked, still shocked.

"Allow me... to join Team Scarlet?"

"Correct. With you with us, we can win against the Silent Fortress."

Claire spoke with a serious tone.

However, Ellis firmly shook her head.

"Sorry, I cannot accept that. I already have companions to fight with—"



After hearing the noise that echoed in the room, Ellis looked over—

"Y-You guys!?"

Standing there, was a girl with short hair, and the other one with braiding.

Her teammates Rekka and Reishia.

"...You escaped from the Infirmary?"

Part 5

They should still be recovering.

They should not have been allowed to come this far out.


"We, hope that Captain could appear in the Spirit Blade Dance Festival."

While painfully coughing, Rekka said that.

Reishia also nodded.

"We decided it ourselves. We already know that we would not be healed before the festival... So—"

"Disbanding... the party?"

While having a stunned expression, Ellis looked at her 2 teammates.


"N-No, I will not allow that!"

"But, Captain—"

"Didn't we already promise! We decided to appear on the festival together!"

Ellis already didn't care about her appearance to others and cried like a child.

"We can't do it anymore. So—"

"We want to fight side by side... So carry our dreams with you."

"Rekka, Reishia..."

"Please, fight for us too."

"I would like to see Captain's blade dance. A blade dance that cuts everything blocking its path, like a gale."



Firmly bit her lips, clenched her fist.

Both sides refused to give up— A heavy atmosphere quickly filled up the room.

The first person who sighed, was Ellis.

"...I understand. You win."


The two girls squealed in happiness.

"—Claire Rouge."

Ellis looked back at the quiet Claire."

Not with the past face without any energy.

But with an expression that was filled with pride.

"I, Ellis Fahrengart, request to join Team Scarlet."

"Welcome, Ellis~"

Claire smiled happily and stretched out her right hand.

And Ellis returned by stretching out her left.

"I want to show that person, my honor."

Part 6

The strongest blade dancer— Ren Ashbell.

Three years ago, from that day they exchanged blows with their blades, Velsaria's life changed drastically.

On that day, her pride was struck and shattered.

Before that day, Velsaria always had the pride of the strongest Knight.

To the girl that appeared in front of her, she didn't underestimate her foe that was two years younger then her.

No matter who, As long as it is an enemy, she would try her best to strike it down.

That was her belief as a Knight.

With her full power she fought— But was defeated.

At that time, in her heart, Velsaria did not feel hatred.

More like a yearning to her.

Velsaria was not an exception, she like other girls, was also fascinated by Ren Ashbell's blade dance.

But what shattered her pride, was not the defeat itself.

But it was the eyes that the strongest girl cast at the loser.

In her pitch black pupils, what was shown—

Was not hostility, nor was it disdain— It was not an emotion.

In her eyes, Velsaria was not even recognized.

...Unforgivable. What she had done was unforgivable.

I must defeat the strongest girl, and let her 'acknowledge my existence'.

That was probably— in a sense, an emotion that was close to love.

Soon, I can fight her again in the Spirit Blade Dance Festival.

As long as I do that, anything is fine.

Midnight. Deep inside the "Spirit Forest"—

Velsaria was alone in the dark, trying her best to restrain her excitement.

At this moment, the bush behind her slightly moved.

"—You, you are there right?"

"Ha, as expected of you, you were able to detect my presence~"

A vivid laughter was able to be heard in the forest.

The one who appeared was— the Corpse Federation merchant, Vivian Melosa appeared.

"You were perfect yesterday, because of you I was able to collect a lot of data~"

"I knew it, it was you who implanted those Spell Armament Seals on them."

Velsaria emitted a strong murderous aura, the leaves started to fall.

"Yes, but, it was destroyed immediately. Even if it is the famed Areshia Spirit Academy, it is rare to find such a fine specimen like yourself!"

"Disappear. I told you to never appear in front of me anymore."

"Wa, you are pretty cold. I just came here to find how was the corruption rate of the 'heart'."

"I have no intentions to support your research. The 'heart' can already be fully controlled."

Vivian Melosa laughed out loud.

"Don't stretch it. A 'spell armament seal engraved on a heart'— the only person who could possibly control that is the Dusk Witch. If you just leave it like that, you will die in a few years~"

"Not a problem. As long as I live till the Spirit Blade Dance Festival 2 weeks later, it is enough."

"That is troublesome to me though. You are actually a specimen I took a liking to—"

In an instant, Velsaria released her Elemental Waffe towards Vivian Melosa.

With the strength of the compressed Divine power, it blew apart the trees in the forest, and blasted the dirt in front of her.

After the dust has settled, There was no one there. Only the dense darkness.

"...That damned witch."

Facing the empty space, Velsaria bitterly cursed.

*Thump*—, the 'heart' started hurting.